Art Of Conquest Mod Apk Latest Version 2023 (Unlimited Money)

Players can switch freely between five main races, Human, Dwarve, Lich, Rakan, and Sylvani, to satisfy their own preferences.
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We all know the games because millions of people love to play them in their free time. The art of conquest mod apk is an action game, and the action category is the best genre in the gaming industry. People of every age like to play this game because it contains an amazing story of the wonderful land. The players will get an empire, and they must expand it.

The dragons laid eggs, and after a specific interval, the kids will come out from them; you can get them from the game.

Lilith Games SG Pte. Ltd. developed this amazing game. 50M+ people have downloaded this game on their smart devices. Engage yourself in the adventurous life, get the dragon’s kids and raise them. Deploy them around your empire, invite your friends to the deadly battles, and effectively kill the enemies from your dragons.

Also, the players will get magical powers from this game and have a lot of fun with it. Moreover, the users will get unlimited money, and they can also discover a new continent.

Incredible Gameplay Of The Art Of Conquest Mod Apk

In this game, players are free to participate in the five main races Human, Rakan, Lich, Sylvani, and Dwarve. Initially, you will build your small empire, but as you progress in the game, you will expand it. Engage yourself in the endless epic battles and get high ranks by good performance in the battles.

Choose the legendary heroes, get destructive weapons and take the dragons with you into the battles. Then no one can defeat you, and you will conquer every mission in the game.

art of conquest age of airships

Enjoy a lot of challenges with a fantasy environment and enjoyable locations. Make your army, customize them and get everything for them that you want.

Moreover, the stunning graphics enjoy its player’s real every moment. If you want to increase your army, attack the other kingdoms after much preparation.

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Occupy other empires and join them in your team; otherwise, kill them. Can you become an excellent commander? You can use all the features without payment from the art of conquest apk game.

Fascinating Features

Enjoy massive Stages

This game has many daring battles, and your mission is to complete them. Many stages are present, and each stage has a different mission and location. If you are looking for the best action game, try it because it is a world-famous game.

Here six kingdoms are present to survive and dominate, enjoy special missions take part in the shadow of wars. Enjoy being the master of evil dragons and use them in wars to defeat your enemies.

Destroy Your Enemies

There are massive weapons and characters present; choose your favorite things and destroy the troops of enemies to spread your empire. Become a king of the whole world and rule over the people. Here the players can use all the facilities for good progress in the game and destroy their enemies.

This game gives you a small empire; your task is to expand it by occupying the other kingdoms. Play it effectively and reach the top of the leaderboard. Also, many potent soldiers will join your team.

5th anniversary of art of conquest

Build Your Army

To conquer the enemies, build a strong army and give the soldiers their deserved positions. Your well-trained army will feel every danger and kill the enemies. When you visit to enjoy amazing sights, you will see dragons’ children; you can bring them with you and nurture them well.

You are also the owner of horrible dragons, which follows your order. They are very helpful and make sure to win every war in the game.

Upgrade Heroes And Weapons

This game contains a diverse collection of active heroes and weapons. You are free to get your favorite heroes and the latest weapons. Every hero owns different magical powers and characteristics. If you want to add more powers to your heroes, use the upgrading option.

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After upgrading your characters and weapons, you will see new and amazing skills in them. Get adventure in the daring missions and destroy the rivals with easy game controls.

Enjoy Unlimited Money And Skins

Money is an important currency in the conquest game; the players will get it after winning the levels. If you fail in the battles, then you will get no money. Moreover, this game offers you a lot of superheroes, weapons, and more.

The mod version gives you unlimited everything, such as money, weapons, skins, and the art of conquest 2 mod apk (unlimited linari). You can decorate your superhero with different clothes, skins, and hairstyles. The users can upgrade everything to get better skills in them.

discover a new continent

Some Extra Features

  • Get Maps: The players will get colorful maps to see the locations of different empires and enemies. Search your opponents by seeing their locations from these maps and kill them.
  • 3D Graphics: This game has 3-dimensional graphics; players can enjoy real wars due to these original graphics. Participate in the combats and enjoy the genuine experience of these fights.
  • Unlock All Heroes And Levels: The mod version allows players to unlock all the levels and superheroes for free. The players can upgrade their players to get amazing skills and the art of conquest mod apk (unlimited all).


The art of conquest mod apk has numerous missions and an adventurous world. Conquer the six empires and become Nore’s emperor, get weapons, defeat your opponents, and occupy other kingdoms to expand your empire.

Get dragons and make an army to progress in the game. People will enjoy seeing the simple graphics of this RPG fighting game. Go deep into the game and get unlimited money and maps from it.


How can I get the additional features of the art of conquest mod apk?

To get countless features, download the modded version from our website.

Is the game free from disturbing advertisements?

Yes, the art of conquest game is free from all the disturbing ads, and users can enjoy it without problems.

What's new

Greetings, Commanders! This update introduces the new Airship Takeoff and Fifth Anniversary events, as well as other fixes and improvements. Don’t forget to download the new update! Main Updates: 1. Airship Takeoff 2. Fifth Anniversary 3. Shrine Battle Fixes 4. Reliquary Expansion 5. Prison Break Expansion 6. Kingdom Election tie-breaker rule change 7. Other improvements and bug fixes


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