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If you love to read fairy tales, a new fascinating world is waiting for you in the game away from home apk. Sisterly lust and Treasure of Nadia are famous released games. If you have tried these games, you will surely understand away from home. This game offers fascinating characters and self-explanatory graphics. The best feature of this game is that it is a multi-platform game that supports three devices: Mac, Windows, and androids.

If you are a beginner at this game, don’t miss this section because we are discussing the characters and mainly the walkthrough. In this game, there are three main characters; Eva, Cody, Lily, and you. All of these characters know each other and live in the same house. Tale starts when you fall in love with a classmate and build a strong relationship. Now it’s up to you what you do and what will occur in the future.

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Away from a home game is very long, consisting of 14 episodes. So, if you love to play the game for the long term, stay updated with the game as it doesn’t show the updates; you have to check regularly for updates. Each episode has its tale and ending, mainly depending on the character. Whether you want to convert the friendship into love, or you can leave the girl and select the other, it’s your decision.

Storyline Of The Game Away From Home APK

The storyline of the home apk game is w below. Read all the stories and pick up the main idea of the game. This will help you complete the missions and get the rewards. Let’s start; your father was a police officer.

He tells you to go to your aunt’s house with your mother, but it is twenty-five miles away from your house. But you have to face new challenges as it would start a new life. But this is not strange for your mother as she is very cunning and wants to get rid of this life.

away from home mod apk

A maid packs your luggage and comes with you to Eva’s house. You want to stable your life and get to know why your father has kicked you from Here; you will make new friends and also meet older friends. Your choices cannot affect the game; they will change the storyline. All the characters are animated. Away from home games will give you many options. Either you start a love story or break up with the old ones.

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Exciting Features Of the Game Away From Home APK

Amazing New Stories With 14 Episodes

Recently 14 new episodes were added to the game. These episodes have access to all devices, meaning you can watch all episodes on android, windows Mac and iOS. Each episode has its own unique story and characters. Away from home apk gives high-resolution results. While playing the game, you can hear different sounds. All the sounds are clear, and you can easily understand the language.

Use Cheats And Patches

You can also do it if you want to play the game while using the cheat codes and patches. But these are not available officially, and you cannot use them. However, if you know about the coding system, then use the custom coding system. Officially, tricks and patch files are not released by the developers. Download away from home and use the standard version of the game. However, when we get cheat codes, we will share links with users.

High-Resolution Graphics

The developers have worked on the graphics. They have done everything nicely. The results are the same whether you play this game on the Mac, PC or android. So, don’t worry if you have a low-storage device; it works efficiently on all devices. High-resolution graphics are the main reason for grabbing the attention of many people, including me. I love this game because of its colorful and clear graphics. Experience the new gaming world and watch beautiful characters.

No Ads

Ads from other parties are not allowed to pop up on the screen. Ads are annoying for most users when they are playing. Most users get off their mood after watching the ads on the net. The game away from home is free to play, and you don’t have to pay even a penny for its use. Some people think about how the developers earn if the ads are blocked. But this is not our concern. You need to download it and use it freely.

Pros and Cons of Away From Home Apk


  • no need to create an account, nor any subscription is required.
  • User-friendly interface and easy-to-use.
  • No need to log in or sign up for the account.
  • Easy to download; no bugs are present in the latest version.
  • Easy to access all the options.


  • It is not verified from the google or play store. Moreover, we cannot find this app on the Playstore or famous platforms.
  • It may be considered illegal in some countries.
  • Its size is too big, requiring 2.25 GB of free space on any device. But as we described above, it works smoothly.
  • Requires fast network connection; it does not work on slow internet.


I have tried to summarize all the information in the above sections. And I hope this will sort out all your confusion about the game away from home apk. It is a popular game with many enchanting characters and exciting stories. It is safe and free to download.

However, don’t hesitate to describe your problems in the comment box if you feel any discrepancies. There are many quests and missions that you have to cross. Every task is specific and includes one of the three main characters.


Is it necessary to root the device for downloading away from home apk?

No. You don’t need to root your device just for installation. It doesn’t require any permission to use the game. So, install it quickly and enjoy.

Why is the game away from home apk not working on my device?

There are many reasons why the game is not working on your device. Sometimes, you download the old version, which does not work. Or, you may not have copied the same link as given.

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