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Away From Home Apk is an adult roleplaying game where you have to choose your anime character and complete the missions.
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Indeed, hundreds of fighting and role-playing games are available online where players have to play a crucial role and encounter opponents to get victory & enjoyment. However, players get a lot of stress and worries because breathtaking missions need extra skills and working strategies. Do you want to enjoy simulation games in the role-playing category? If yes, install the Away From Home Apk on your phone and get rid of worries instantly.

Basically, this is a brand-new game where content is updated and interesting challenges are uploaded to boost the enjoyment of enthusiasts. Most adults believe that role-playing games are just created for wars and magical fights. But this game develops a new idea where users do not have to encounter enemies, just choose various options and lead towards interesting stories comfortably. Moreover, don’t forget to collect rewards after completing different tasks and missions.

Furthermore, this game is not available on the google play store because it contains various romantic scenes and stories. Meanwhile, the play store allows apps and games that follow guides and instructions. Don’t get worried about its updates, our developers have launched the away-from-home game download for android which is updated continuously. Besides this, players don’t have to be confused about its safety because our publisher has designed a safe and secure version with zero errors.

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Interesting Storyline

This game presents a mind-blowing storyline that allows enthusiasts to experience various conditions and learn how to manage their real-life problems. However, if you are a teenager, this game will be a wonderful adventure for you because it covers all the demands and dreams of an adult, In the beginning, players have a magnificent option to choose between hundreds of anime characters and modify their appearance. Just unlock beautiful elements from the store and look more attractive.

away from home all episodes

Meanwhile, the story starts with a teenager who has left his parental house and begins his new journey to learn how to survive successfully. In the Western tradition, adults leave their houses because they want to grow and seek to manage their responsibilities. However, it is not a negative trend. After leaving the parental house, the main character rents a house with his fellows in the away-from-home mod apk.

Furthermore, it’s a brilliant opportunity to engage with other females and face the problems of real life. There are many tasks, missions, and episodes that allow players to experience a new adventure and enjoy their life. Meanwhile, you are free to do everything which means there are no limitations and players can do whatever they want. Additionally, enthusiasts can start romance with ladies and fulfill their demands to get spiritual pleasure. Are you ready for this interesting adventure?

Classical Features of The Away From Home Apk

Premium Features Unlocked

Many features are locked in the official version wherever you download the original version of this fantastic game. In such paid versions, every premium item is locked and doesnt get unlocked without money. So players have to waste money. Are you suffering from the same problem? We recommend you download the away-from-home game apk from our website because here everything is unlocked for free. It doesnt matter whether it is paid or free, you can approach instantly.

Low Number of Google Ads

Usually, when players download games from the internet, they have to watch disturbing ads on the screen. No doubt, it spoils the complete enjoyment of players and causes discomfort for players. That is why various players stop playing the game and consequently uninstall it. However, feel free to block annoying ads on the patched version and enhance your gaming experience without any interruption. No need to spoil your fun and enjoyment, everything is granted for no cost!

Unlock Beautiful Characters

Characters are the most important part of the game which grab the attention of enthusiasts. That is why our publisher has designed dozens of awesome and gorgeous characters that look really attractive. Now players have complete authority to unlock their favorite character and enjoy his beautiful capabilities. Not stopping there, three female characters are available for those players who want to experience women’s problems. Furthermore, don’t worry about their dress because hundreds of costumes, rings, hairstyles, and shoes are offered now.

14+ Interesting Episodes

Basically, this game consists of 14 wonderful episodes where enthusiasts have to complete various tasks and missions. In the beginning, levels are much easier, but when you proceed, levels become challenging. For example, you have to leave the parental house in the first episode. In the second episode, get ready to experience different problems such as looking for money resources, renting a house, and others. No doubt, the away-from-home game download is loaded with interesting adventures, so keep finishing your episodes gradually.

Select Between New Options

This is not a role-playing game where enthusiasts have to conquer naughty opponents, this game is as simple as it can be. Many interesting options are available, your main objective is to choose an option and get a new level. Meanwhile, your decision-making can badly affect your life problems, for example, if you make a bad decision, you may face unexpected tasks and challenges in your life. Thats why be smart and clever in making decisions.

Enjoy New Slot & Card Games

Sometimes, players get tired of completing tough missions, so they want some entertaining activity to freshen their minds. In order to please customers, our developer has offered many card and slot games of different categories. These games will provide instant entertainment to players, doesnt matter whether you are worried or tired. Just install the away-from-home games and explore hundreds of game categories comfortably.


Many simulation games are downloaded by players but the Away From Home Apk is still a favorite among adults. No one wants to stop their entertainment, that is why our developers give proper updates about content. Moreover, adults can complete their hidden desires in this game such as romance and other activities comfortably. There is no restriction or limit for players!


Q: Is this game suitable for those under 18?

No, this game contains romantic content, so only 18+ adults can play this game.

Q: Can I download and install this app on my PC?

Of course, a PC version is available which allows players to enjoy this game on PC.

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