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- Unlock +100 super fun bees - Sell TONS of honey - Upgrade your bees and your machines
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Idle and simulation games are the most popular games on the google play store currently. So the player can get full enjoyment in the free hours without losing energy. There is no doubt that thousands of entertaining games of each category are available on the google play store. But the most famous one is Bee Factory Mod Apk. Moreover, this game is a massive attraction for participants worldwide because games from this genre are rare on the app store.

This game provides a perfect platform to enhance the management skills of a player. Moreover, you can learn various management skills that will help you in real life. Here you can complete different tasks with the help of your managing and tactical skills. Try to control all elements and become a master.

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Meanwhile, Green Panda Games is a well-known developer who created this adorable simulation game. Indeed, every player will appreciate the addictive features. In addition, the hacked version of the Bee Factory game provides unlimited coins, money, and vital elements without any cost.

Interesting Gameplay

Undoubtedly, bees are appreciated as the most hard-working creatures on the earth. They work together and show unbelievable unity in their work. Moreover, they collect honey and increase their colonies restlessly.

Meanwhile, have you imagined becoming a big boss of a bee colony? If yes, then the latest bee factory mod apk is a good game for this purpose. Here you will be transformed into a factory boss. At the start of the game, the player has to create a few bees, and later they will work automatically and generate honey.

unlocked all bees

Your primary duty is to collect all the honey and supply it to various areas on the earth. This game is very straightforward, meaning the gameplay has no complexity. Continuously unlock new species of bees and increase the productivity of honey. Undoubtedly, you will build a big honey factory.

Moreover, complete the daily and weekly missions and increase your player level. In the same way, you can also expand your honey factory by attaching many new elements. Earn a big profit and become a wealthy player. Weather if you want to be the owner of another factory then we will suggest you play idle factory tycoon mod apk.

Brilliant Features Of The Bee Factory Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

A user can enjoy different unbelievable advantages after downloading the modified version. For example, the player can get unlimited coins, money, and various items without cost. Furthermore, some upcoming advanced features are primarily added in the hacked version.

Even these advanced features are not launched in the original version. So feel free to access new features before their launch on the official game. In addition, if you want to become a rich player quickly, then the bee factory mod apk unlimited money and cash is the best option!

Free Shopping

Various bee species and levels can only be unlocked with real money in the original version. Similarly, many resources in the shop store also need real cash. Don’t worry; all the bees, levels, and resources are unlocked in the bee factory mod apk free shopping. So you can access everything without any restrictions and limits. Furthermore, new upgrading elements in the shop store are unlocked for free.

upgrade the tools for more production

Dump Unwanted Ads

When you download the official version of the Bee Factory game from the google play store, you have to watch too many advertisement videos after completing each challenge or mission. These annoying videos can cause trouble for our gentle players.

That’s why most players get angry or crazy. All right, download the bee factory mod apk no ads from our website. Here all the unwanted and irritating video advertisements are professionally removed by our kind developers.

Unlock New Species Of Bees

The player can unlock various popular species of bees, including bumblebee bees, honey bees, and many more. Every bee has different characteristics, like flying power, honey-producing abilities, and other basic skills.

Furthermore, the player can unlock new and rare species of bees by completing certain levels. For example, when completing 30 levels, you can start the colonization of bees in the bee factory mod apk VIP. As a result, you can rapidly increase the number and species of bees.

Upgrade Your Production

There are many effective methods by which you can increase the production of honey. First, you must upgrade the honey-producing skills and abilities of bees. When their skills and levels rise, they will gain more power to work efficiently. Secondly, increase the number of honey-producing bees by unlocking new species. In short, all these things will also help you increase the production of bees and honey.

earn millions of dollars

Create Your Own Honey Factory

You can experience a new management system because you must manage the bees. There is no human worker or labor; only bees are your servants. Create a perfect team of industrious bees and assign them various tasks.

Moreover, get complete awareness about the skills and interests of each species of bees and then assign tasks according to their abilities. Meanwhile, as a responsible honey factory manager, she smartly controls the activities of lazy bees because some bees are lazy and need background support to work.

What’s New

  • The latest version of this game can be played offline. So no internet or WIFI connection is required to play this game.
  • Watch a video and instantly increase the honey production up to x2 or x4 for five minutes.
  • You can access various resources in the bee factory mod apk (unlimited everything). As a result, you can expand your honey factory and earn valuable profit without hardship.

Overall Assessments

If you are tired of the horrible sounds of guns and weapons in action games, then the Bee Factory Mod Apk is a pleasant surprise. Access various honey boosters during the levels and fastly increase honey production. Moreover, selling different honey products in the market has become a wealthy player.


Q: How many species of bees are available in the bee factory apk?

About 100+ species of rare bees are available in this game.

Q: Can I increase the production power of Bees?

Surely, upgrade the bee’s level. Hence they will produce double the amount of honey.

Q: Is Bee Factory Mod Apk paid?

No, the modified version is not paid. There is no need to spend any money for its downloading and installation.

What's new

We fixed some bugs to help you sell even more honey. Enjoy! :)

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