Best 5 Apps To Learning Magic Tricks (Full Guide)

If you are looking for magic tricks, then this guide about Best 5 Apps To Learning Magic Tricks is for you with complete information
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Magic is the most beloved hobby on earth for decades. Many magicians have passed away and created OMG moments for the people. Actually, magic is considered to possess supernatural forces over natural forces. Most people want to learn magic in real time.

Unfortunately, they didn’t find any best platform to learn magic. However, no one desires to share his magical tricks. Don’t worry, various magical learning applications are available on the app store. It means you can learn magic without any external help.

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The straightforward interface of these applications allows the user to learn magic tricks without frustration. For example, the user can disappear a rabbit into a hat, dissipate his friends, fly on a sweeper, and others.

Best 5 Apps To Learning Magic Tricks

All the hidden and valuable tricks are explained in quite an easy way. That’s why you can learn magic within a few minutes and become a magician. Even if you don’t have personal experience in this field. Hurry up, quickly download it right now.

Best 5 Apps To Learning Magic Tricks

Many magic learning applications are undoubtedly available on the google play store. But some of them cause viruses and vulgarity in devices. Don’t worry, these five applications are thoroughly scanned by our professional developers. So put a look at them:

1. Magic Trick

It is the best card prediction trick to amaze the spectators. Surely they will be amazed at how you did it. First of all, collect an empty envelope, a deck of cards, and a piece of paper where the card prediction is already written.

Now show a deck of cards to spectators and ask them to choose a random card. When you open the envelope, a letter will be unhidden that matches that random card. Three main steps are used in this card prediction:

Make A Prediction

First of all, choose a card for prediction. Note the name of that card and then fold it into an envelope. Now seal the envelope carefully. Then show both the envelope and a deck of cards to the audience. Give some detail about the card prediction and put the envelope in the table. Now convince and show your audience that you have picked up a deck of cards with various numbers.

Choose A Card

The main task of the magician is to force the spectator to select a card that is similar to the envelopes card. Meanwhile, the audience will think that they are free to choose any card but actually, they are restricted to opportunities that are given by magicians.

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Now shuffle the cards and make sure that the key card is placed in the middle. Ask the spectator to choose one card. Once the card is selected, smartly slide the key card with a hand motion and reveal it to the audience.

Unhide The Prediction

Now put the remaining card on the table and advise the spectator to open the envelope. Request the observer to read the prediction of the letter. Undoubtedly, the prediction will match the chosen card. This is how you can WOW the audience and amaze them with unbeatable predictions. Moreover, it is the best way to bring fun and enjoyment to children and adults.

2. Magic Amino

It is one of the best online platforms where you can learn magic tricks for free. First of all, you have to create your account and profile on this application. Simultaneously, you will get connected with the world of magicians.

Thousands of the world’s most popular magicians are present on this platform. You can freely learn and share different magic tricks with the magicians. Share your thoughts, magic tricks, magic ideas, and tricks, and become a popular magician.

Furthermore, feel free to create friends from all over the world. Follow famous magicians and get regular updates from them. In addition, you can create polls and groups with your friends and discuss various magic tricks.

Many people will follow you on this app. So get ready to permanently share valuable magic content with followers. The most impressive feature of this application is that you can start chatting and video tutorials with local magicians.

3. Learn Magic Tricks: Easy & Fun

If you want to become a funny and tricky magician without any effort or if you are a beginner, then Learn Magic Tricks: Easy & Fun is the perfect application for you. Here you can learn useful magic tricks step by step.

A large collection of well-curated magic lessons are available on this application. All the magical tricks and illusions will amaze the children. In addition, you can easily learn magic tricks from unique video tutorials.

Simply watch the magic videos and practice them several times. Undoubtedly, practice makes a man perfect. Fully grasp the card and coins tricks and arrogantly present the magic in front of your friends and family members.

Moreover, illusion and magic tricks will create a lot of funny moments for the audience. Everything can be learned from this application within a few minutes. Additionally, the Learn magic tricks app is compatible with android, Ios, PC, and many more.

4. Inject 2

Basically, it is the most advanced tool that is used for magical purposes. You can do a magic trick on the smartphone of your friend or spectator. Take a friend’s smartphone and search for a picture of Houdini on your favorite browser. Now, zoom the picture for a short time. At the same time, you have to whisper any card and zoom into the eyes of the picture. In the end, you will see the complete reflection of the eyes on the whispered card.

Meanwhile, it’s a bit tough to understand the trick, but you can learn this trick by watching the tutorial video. Surely, you can perform this trick within 5 minutes. More than 21 delightful effects are available in this app, however, you can also customize these effects. No WIFI, internet, Bluetooth, or voice recognition is required to perform the trick.

5. 52 Cards

It is the easiest and funny magical app for beginners. Here you have to play with cards so it depends upon your hand skills. Moreover, the user can watch beginner, intermediate and advanced demos of videos for free. Simply watch the tutorial videos and perform them at home. Besides this, various in-depth magic courses are available in this application.

Clinching Words

Hope so you will love to download these applications on your smartphone, and this guide Best 5 Apps To Learning Magic Tricks will be helpful for you. All these apps are very simple and easy to use. Simply use the magic tricks and amaze the audience with magical tricks. Moreover, feel free to learn famous magical tricks like the Rubber pencil trick, Spoon bending illusion, Disappearing coin trick, and others.


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