Best 5 Privacy Apps For Android & iOS

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Today, everyone is worried about their data security on Android mobile. They want to get high privacy for their email account, data files, text messages, photos, Google history, & other data on their smartphones. For this, they install internet security apps, antivirus apps, & more, but these apps can’t effectively protect all the mobile data. Therefore, we are granting the Best 5 Privacy Apps For Android, so read this article carefully & get benefits from the top-rated security applications.

Privacy is a big problem when using a mobile online to see different videos on it. Also, getting permission from spam apps causes your mobile information. Thus, if you want to get 100% security on the Android phone, then download & install these listed apps without wasting time!

And get full benefits to secure your important documents, photos, personal data, browsing history, & other files for free.

For those who are interested in keeping all their data private, then this article will prove beneficial to them. There are millions of apps available on the Internet, so carefully install the required app to save your device from data hazards.

Let’s check out the 5 full privacy apps for Android mobile and download your favorite to save the data from online piracies.

5 World Famous Privacy Apps For Android

Tor Browser

The tor browser is the best privacy app that provides a high number of amazing tools & functions to protect Android phone data. Tor browser is your best choice because it gives you access to the wide Tor Network for using beneficial privacy tools.

Also, this application allows you to use it for illegal purposes without any risk free of cost. You can use the trackers’ block options, and anonymous features, & defend against surveillance on your Android device.

Make sure personal information is saved in your mobile phone after using the magnificent features of the Tor Browser application.


KYMS stands for Keep Your Media Safe. It is just like the normal calculator on your Smartphone & can be used to secure your important data in it. Adjust a Pin, Pattern, or other passwords that another person can’t get access to these files and enjoy seeing your encrypted photos & videos vault anytime in just a few clicks without charges.

Privacy Apps For Android

It is a high-privacy app in simple Calculator form, & for more information visit our site. Also, it is a low-storage app just like the original calculator’s storage on the Smart Mobile, but most people are not aware of applying the password method. Hope now you will learn everything about KYMS, just install it here.

Smart AppLock

If you want to get & use massive functions to protect your data, then download the smart applock on our site. Swipe patterns & pins to lock your mobile screen but other videos and photos are accessible with some clicks on your mobile. Also, you need to protect them first from a password in this application.

After this, you can give your mobile to your children for playing games, or your employees to see the required documents of the company without personal data access.

Moreover, this app does not allow any third-party app to access your social platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, & more apps. Everyone can save their important data files, photos, and videos in this app with a Pin, Pattern, or other Password.

Just download and install it on our website, then select your photos, videos, & other files to protect them. Now, apply a four-digit password in this app. People can not see these saved files in the Smart Applock without your permission. And before seeing your data files on it, apply the password & get 100% safety for your Android mobile.

Private Zone

Another top-rated privacy app is Private Zone & which has a wide range of features to hide videos, pictures, Pdf files, or other data. From its name, it allows you to save your private files & get free access to this data anytime without spending money. It is an app locker and locks the selected files from the Android phone Gallery.

Besides this, the users can lock their social media applications such as Snapchat, WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tik Tok, & Email accounts with a Password. This app automatically cleans your search history on any app for more safety. You can use it anytime because it provides free access to its awesome tools for free.

Firefox Focus

If you are looking for an instant privacy app that leaves no trace in private browsing mode, then the Firefox Focus application is especially for you. The Firefox app blocks the wide range of Black tracking & ads to improve the browsing and downloading speed of every video or application.

Top 5 Best Privacy Apps For Android

Furthersome, the firefox focus app has increased Android privacy from passwords & automatically blocks unwanted advertisements with tracking. In the privacy section of this app, you will see Add-ons like Ghostery that stop the tracking cookies for monitoring browsing habits, text encryptions, & much more on your Android phone free of charge.


Why is securing my data on an Android phone so important?

Because you will be surprised to know that expert hackers can get easy access to your data at any time. So, save your data in the above-given applications to get 100% safety from online spam.

Is it illegal to use privacy apps on Android?

No, all the privacy applications are legal & there is no risk while using them. Thus, freely use them to save important data files on your Android mobile.

The Last Line

In this modern era, everyone wants to get full privacy on their Android mobiles, so read the Best 5 Privacy Apps For Android in this article & download the required app from our website for free.

Learn the basics using methods of it to save your videos, photos, and social media accounts, & protect them with a password for high privacy in these applications.

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