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Top Ad blockers apps are represented here below in the article that will help you to choose the best ad blocker for your android device.
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Mobile advertisements are the worst things that appear while playing games, surfing the sites, and watching videos. Unfortunately, there is no way to stop ads in the Google Play Store. But still, people want to block ads anyway. Sophisticated developers have released software that disables annoying ads, text ads, or graphics. You may need to download third-party apps or root your device.

Ads are the source of money for many sites, so ad-blocking is controversial. Installing ad-blocker means affecting the financial lifeline of site developers. So, you should be selective in this regard. However, there are some trending ad blockers for your Android device. You will also read a short description of each blocking software. I am presenting only authentic ad-blocking apps because Google has removed some ad blockers from the store.

best apps to block ads on android mobiles

Most popular Ad-blockers For Your Android Device

AdAway (Root Only)

AdAway is an open source for removing ads. It hires more than 90,000 verified hosts to block ads. New hosts are also added daily. You can add new host files to AdAway, and use the DNS logging feature. Blocklisting and Allowlisting functions are also available in the app. It works best when you have root access because host files are only available in the system partition. Still, the ads are present, and you can use VPN to disconnect the outgoing connections. It also works for non-rooted devices.


AdGuard shields your data from analytics systems and online trackers. It also blocks video ads and ads within browsers or apps. The android version of AdGuard is not powerful but works best on the desktop. You can also customize the ad preference and use sophisticated tools—it setups the VPN to filter trackers and ads. The app may include anti-tracking protection and block activity analyzers. AdGuard is a Free Ad blockers for android used for major browsers like Firefox, Opera, and Chrome. It also reduces page loading time and saves your private data.


AdLock is an easy way to remove browser or in-game ads. You have the option to filter your traffic and block specific websites. Therefore, it can be used on PC and android. It also secures your private data and protects your phone from hacking sites. No root access is required to use the app; download it. You can also install it as an extension or download the app. It also resolves internet bugs and blocks malware. In short, it will make your web surfing experience safe and pleasant. Mainly, it is used for blocking ads on YouTube and popular sites.

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AppBrain Ad Detector

You can efficiently eliminate privacy-compromised ads, spam ads, and push notifications with the Appbrain Ad detector. It is one of the top adblocking apps available on the app store. You can also get information about apps that require location access or camera settings. It also points out ad networks like Chartboost, Admob, Millennial Media, and TapJoy, and identifies which one causes ads. Moreover, it reveals SDK apps like Twitter, Facebook, and VKontakte. Its built-in tools show details about Flurry Analytics, Google Analytics, Phonegap, ACRA, and in-app billing.

AdShield Adblocker

It features advanced interception technology for blocking ads. You will get an ad-free experience with this app. The developers have also designed its interface with great care. You will find a minimal interface that integrates with the android platforms. It also involves adaptive Dark mode that will help you at night time. But you can only block ads from a specific site. It also saves your data & battery and blocks ads from loading. You can download adshield from play store.

Trust Go Ad Detector

Trust Go Ad Detector is quite different from traditional ad-blockers. It recognizes the risky apps that may steal your data. Moreover, you can use it easily. The procedure is that it first scans your android to discover the source of trackers and ads. Then you will decide which apps are releasing ads and pop-ups. It is one of the most famous ad blocker for apps. You can also find hidden ads intruding on your device and regain complete control over your device. One limitation is that it cannot block ads themselves.


It is a non-root app like the adAway and blocks in-app ads. It provides many blocklists to select from Energized, AdAway, DuckDuckGo Tracker Radar, and many more. Each blocklist has a different aggressiveness and uses case. You can block out ads, phishing sites, malware servers, and trackers. Apart from these functions, Blokada is an effective app that strengthens your privacy. Create your blocklist, and select which type of domains you want to block. You can download the app from Play Store, but it has limited features due to its strict policy of Google.

Change Your DNS

One of the simplest ways to block ads is to use private DNS. The good thing is that DNS companies block the ads by default. Just open the Wi-Fi settings, click on the DNS personal settings, and switch it from Automatic to private DNS. Choose the hostname options and write “,” but the method only works when you have a cell phone with Android 9ie or above. You will no longer face ad banners or any pop-ups. Furthermore, you will not need to install any application.

Final Words

Blocking ads is a need of every mobile device. You can browse faster or prevent tracking when you do not face advertisements. If your phone brings tons of ads, you suffer from the adware infection. This happens when a harmful device occupies your phone, so it showers ads everywhere. In such cases, ad blockers will do nothing. Rather than installing an ad-blocker on the device, it would help if you used a safe browser. However, among the ad-blockers, AdAway is a perfect choice and Best Ad Blockers For Android.

General FAQs

Is AdBlock safe to use?

Yes, ad blocking is generally safe, but you should choose a reliable app for this purpose.

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