Best Apps This Year to Help Boost Your Learning Potential

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After high school and college, learning can seem like a somewhat daunting task. When you’ve finally settled into your job and career field, the amount of time you can spend learning additional subjects and skills that interest you appears more difficult than when you were forced to. The good news is, that with a quick download, and a few minutes to spare, lovers of continual learning can use various apps of their choosing to conveniently boost their knowledge, skills, and brain power this year.

Different people have different approaches to learning, and it depends on their educational background, financial situation, preferences between traditional and new ways of learning, etc. For instance, those who like gaming, may prefer various ways – one can play traditional poker, but let’s say, another person would rather sit in his room and play Bitcoin poker from the comfort of his couch. Or watching a movie: One may prefer streaming services, while others would enjoy going to the cinema and watching their favorite movie on the big screen.

Best Apps This Year to Help Boost Your Learning Potential

Using learning apps can often be cheap and easy to use, allowing users to increase their skills without breaking the bank. And the personalization permitted is highly useful for individuals who want to just watch a quick video or senior who needs to focus on memory retention every day to increase brain health. There are so many categories and apps to choose from, but this year has some of the best apps by far.

Increase Brain Power and Learn New Skills

If you are interested in getting into the web coding world, an exceptional app to get you started is Code Academy. Javascript, CC+, and Python and just a few of the numerous coding languages Coding Academy brings to the table, and one of the best parts is that you can get started for free. Courses on the basics of each coding language are offered for no charge, with an interactive learning style that teaches by practicing with the code in an interactive display.

Another exceptional app for those desiring to increase their memory and brain flexibility would be Lumosity. It offers specialized plans that offer specific brain training activity games derived from tests done in science labs. These activities are proven to consistently improve cognitive functions like brain speed and problem-solving while making them fun and easy to access.

Lumosity makes brain training easy, with hundreds of games and personalized content on which subjects matter the most to you. For individuals searching for an app to boost their mental fluidity, cognitive function, and cognitive problem-solving, Lumosity is certainly worth a couple of seconds to download.
Learn a New Language and Create New Memories Along the Way

Gone are the days when you could only learn a new language by traveling, downloading Rosetta Stone by CD, or paying an exuberant amount of money for a college class. For people looking for a convenient way to learn a new language from their homes, this year showcases some of the best apps to learn a new language on their terms.

Duolingo is an excellent choice if you find that you learn best from gaming-like formats. Duolingo allows users to pick from 39 different languages to start learning from, and it makes the process easy and fun. You can achieve various badges and awards and check on the ranking of friends and top learners around the world. When you spend time on the courses and build up streaks, you can achieve more gems, that allow you to purchase extra courses and vocabulary.

If language learners want to pay a little bit more and experience the benefits of greater features and more personalized content, the app to download would be Babbel, which offers more intense language learning courses, live tutoring sessions, everyday slang and colloquial terminology, and other subjects.

Babbel is one of the most extensive language learning apps, permitting users to truly get to know common everyday words and phrases. After spending some time in one of the thirteen languages Babbel has to offer, aspiring bilinguists can easily review vocabulary by lesson. This allows users to see which phrases they haven’t practiced in a while and which ones they just finished.

Babbelconsiders how frequently they have practiced certain lessons and matches that up with how well they did in practice sessions to continually give personalized recommendations on what to study next. Between the everyday utility of Babbel’s learning program and the ease of customization, Babbel is an excellent choice for those looking to invest a little money towards their linguistic skills.

It used to be that if you wanted to increase your brain power or learn a new language, it was necessary to go way out of your way to accomplish these goals. With apps, this year providing both paid and free methods to complete your various goals, checking out these opportunities in the apps store is worth it.

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