Best Flight Tracking Apps For Android & iOS

In this article world, the best flight-tracking apps are mentioned. You can download anyone app from these on the google play store to track any flight in the whole world.
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These days journey by plane is stressful because of too much population. But if you use the best flight tracking apps for android on our recommendation, your stress will be no more. A few flight-tracking apps like Flightradar24, Flighty, The Flight Tracker, FlightAware Flight Tracker, App In the Air, FlightView Flight Tracker, etc., tracks plane flights in 2 minutes.

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Also, they tell about weather conditions so that their users will not feel hesitation and will reach their houses safely. Moreover, these apps guide you about the best hotels where many people will serve you.

Top Flight Tracker Apps

  • Flightradar24
  • FlightStats
  • Flighty
  • The Flight Tracker
  • ADSB Flight Tracker
  • FlightAware Flight Tracker
  • FlightView Flight Tracker


Flightradar24 has an outstanding map to inform you about the coming flights. By touching the plane from your mobile screen, the app will not only provides the plane route but will also take a picture of the altitude for you.

To explore individual flights, you must prefer the flight number and filter flight options. While it also prepares you to adjust alarms in an emergency. Besides that, the app lets you notice the pilot’s view, guiding you on what a pilot observes. This way, go with the app’s demands appropriately for more premium features.

flight radar 24


FlightStats is a unique live flight tracker app because of its simple interface and settings. Let us log in to this app and then find your required plane’s path, serial number, airport, etc. It always tells the exact arrival time of an aircraft and the weather condition so that none will be uncomfortable after his journey.

Besides that, it also explores the shortcut ways to save the fuel and time of a jet. While you can also connect it to an IOS device whose results are always matchless, you should use this time-taking setup if you are free; otherwise, not.

check flight stats


Flighty is a perfect flight tracking app used mainly by IOS customers. It contains many customized options and notifications to keep you in touch with the global map for live tracking services. Its interface is matchless, and none will take a hard breath.

Moreover, it supports a free- trial package so that everyone will use it without the tensions of credit cards or money. Let us take the push notifications and calendar sync to find the path or position of a flying plane. I believe it is a sign-up-free service that will addict anyone in the blink of a second.

most trusted flight tracker

The Flight Tracker

If you prefer flying from the plane regularly, then raise your finger to be apt to the free flight tracking app: The Flight Tracker. With this app, the system allows everyone to analyze plane flights at all times. Here, a large map will be connected during the plane journey, guaranteeing that none will be a source of hurdles for passengers. This app also saves your best flight journey to give you memorable moments.

In addition, you can also know the airports, hotels, and weather conditions which will guide you on whether you should start a journey or not.

ADSB Flight Tracker

Unlike the above apps, a radar here covers all aspects of planes and simplifies the tracking process. At the same time, a GPS receiver will assist you in finding the height or depth of an aircraft. In addition, a proximity alert option rings its alarms if someone tries to change the plane settings.

Keep in mind that filtering is a unique process in the case of tracking and knowing the details of a particular plane, but you will have to act upon the app’s requirements. In this way, come with me to use the 3D View Mode option and know the position of any plane. You can download this app from its play store page.

track any flight of the world

FlightAware Flight Tracker

FlightAware Flight Tracker is the best flight tracking app android whose tracking speed very fast, and you can know the location of a Canadian passenger by sitting in America. But to occupy these peerless features, an account is the demanded thing.

Remember that this app’s map supports Classic, Satellite, Streets, and Hybrid options, which find the location of every plane from the globe. If you doubt something wrong will happen on the plane, you should adjust the custom alert options to get information about emergency circumstances.

FlightView Flight Tracker

FlightView Flight Tracker app not only tracks the flights of a plane but is also excellent in analyzing gate assignments. It supports, where you will have to add your data; otherwise, you will not be able to track any plane.

Recently, some modifications have been made to this app that ensures its services with cars and hotel reservation numbers. It is very annoying if we don’t know about the cancellations of plane flights, but if we keep in touch with this tracker, we will soon know whether the plane will fly today or not.

view the timing of flights


So it was the list of best flight tracking apps for android and IOS platforms that you can use at every time. Flightradar24, FlightStats, The Flight Tracker, FlightAware Flight Tracker, FlightView Flight Tracker, etc., are matchless tracking apps, and I have explained everything about them in detail.

Through these apps, you will know the tracks and position of a plane within seconds. Also, they highlight weather conditions to give a peaceful journey to the passengers. This way, read these trackers and then download them from Google Playstore.


Q: What is the most reliable flight tracker?

Flightradar24 is the most reliable flight tracker.

Q: Can all flights be tracked?

No, all flights can never be tracked by a flight tracker.

Q: Why are some flights not tracked?

You can only track flights if a plane continuously moves to 3 or 4 airports.

Q: What are the best flight-tracking apps?

The best flight tracking apps are Flightradar24, Flighty, ADSB Flight Tracker, FlightAware Flight Tracker, etc.

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