Top 6 Best French Learning Apps [2023]

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Undoubtedly, french is the most popular language that is spoken in more than 29 developed countries including Europe. United Kingdom, America, Africa, and many more. Usually, most people, businessmen, and students join language learning academies to learn various languages.

It costs heavily as well as requires a lot of effort. But don’t worry because we have perfectly used advanced technology to develop many language learning applications. That’s why now you can learn the world’s most popular languages within a few days effortlessly.

Although french is very difficult to learn and speak but you can learn it efficiently through many language-learning applications. Meanwhile, highly optimized modern technology has made it easier to learn difficult languages with no effort.

At the same time, you can also save your precious time by learning your favorite language quickly. It doesn’t matter whether you are approaching the french exam, romantic conversation with a girl, or having a high-level business meeting, you can become a native french speaker!

Top 6 French Learning Applications


If you are looking for the best android application to learn the french language immediately, then Duolingo is the first app that comes to every mouth. This application has a game-like interface that delivers the lessons into various segments.

Not only french, but the user can also learn more than 35 various applications for free. However, the original version demands $6.99 to get all courses unlocked. Moreover, ads-free lessons and chapters allow the user to work efficiently.

Top 6 Best French Learning Apps [2023]

Furthermore, the developer has used many software and advanced tools to give a funny and interesting style. Whenever you complete one chapter, you can get awesome rewards, valuable resources, and elements.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a master, this application is fully profitable for you. Feel free to learn French vocabulary, grammar, notes, and culture in this application. At the same time, you can answer many questions and multiple choice questions to improve your knowledge.


It is the second most popular language learning application around the world where the user can learn more than 14 various languages. The main advantage of this application is that it has a conversation-based interface and lessons. Always remember that all learning quotes, vocabulary material, grammar, and french words are compiled on one platform.

Furthermore, you can peacefully listen to various lectures and practice them again and again. Another amazing feature is that the user can join live language learning classes and events with real tutors. In addition, feel free to analyze your progress on a beautiful graph. I am damn sure you can speak the french language fluently after learning from this application.


Previously, most people used flashcards and videos to learn foreign languages, But now the time has changed. Nowadays, memrise is a well-known and powerful source to learn the french language online. The user can access different recorded courses to learn 23+ languages around the whole world.

Moreover, you can explore awesome pictures, videos, audio notes, and chapters to learn your favorite language immediately.

In pre-recorded lectures & videos, the user can watch and listen to native french speakers and improve his french pronunciation. In addition, multiple synonyms and meanings of french difficult words are mentioned on the screen. At the same time, you can download lectures and learning videos on your smartphone and then watch them in your spare time without an internet connection. Is it not interesting?


If you want to learn the basics and concepts of the French language with advanced features, then the busuu is the perfect application for your smartphone. Additionally, new french content is regularly uploaded to this application by our expert developers.

The interface and learning method is very simple as well as attractive. It doesn’t matter whether you are a beginner or a pro speaker, this app facilitates you every time with excellent content and features.

Here you can also customize your study and learning schedule to teach a new language with ease. Moreover, the busuu application has unique features that allow users to instantly learn everything without wasting precious time.

For example, the user can fill various writing and conversational tasks within the app and get accurate results & feedback from AI-optimised software. Surely, it helps the user to improve his mistakes quickly.

Rosetta Stone

Rosetta stone is the oldest yet most effective language learning application on the google play store where the user can utilize many methods to learn the desired language. It has a straightforward and easy-to-use interface by which the user can learn everything quickly. No need to connect your smartphone to an internet connection, everything is available offline.

French Learning Apps

Moreover, multiple exercises and fill-in-the-blank options allow the customers to improve their French language. There is no need to complete writing exercises, simply use the quick voice recognition technology and compare your french pronunciation with professional french speakers. In addition, various online classes are also held by the developer to give extra knowledge to the user.

Gus On The Go

Gus on the go is the first choice of most parents who are looking for the best french learning application for their kids. The main advantage of this application is that your children can learn French with interactive and funny lessons.

All extensive lessons are divided into different segments to teach the children with audio and video recordings. In this way, your kids can learn difficult vocabulary words, pronunciations, phrases, and conversations step by step.

Final Lines

Dear friends, we have compiled all the best french learning languages on a single platform. That’s why you can explore effective and working applications with one touch. Moreover, honestly speaking, you will get impressive results after using these famous applications on your smartphone.


Which is the best french learning application for students?

Babbel is the most convenient and effective application to learn French.

How much time does it take to learn the french language accurately?

Usually, a beginner can learn French within 6 months.

Is there any age limit for learning the french language?

No, there is no age limit to learning the french language.

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