Best Heart Rate Apps For Android (Monitor Your Heart Rate In Seconds)

Here in this article world's best heart rate apps are mentioned that will help all of you to measure the correct heart rate from your mobile.
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Today, everyone wants to stay fit and focus on their diet, calories, and weight without understanding their heart rate to know how much they consume energy. We all know that “Health is Wealth” is a proverb often quoted by wise men, and there is nothing much more expensive than health. But everyone needs to change their thoughts and care for even their small body organs.

One of them is to determine your heart rate, but people have no source to know the speed of their heart rate. Try the best heart applications from our website and enjoy them free to download. Determine your heart rate in less than 10 seconds and make it normal if it is too high because it can cause serious complications in the future like heart attack, brain hemorrhage, & more diseases.

So be careful and get rid of all diseases to enjoy a long healthy life without sicknesses. We all know that yoga is another interesting activity and most people love to do it because it also stay us healthy and comfortable. If you want to download the best yoga app for your android then check out the best yoga apps for android.

World Best Heart Rate Checker Apps For Android

free heart rate monitor apps

Instant Heart Rate: HR Monitor App

The instant heart rate app is the best, and it is the first and most accurate heart rate monitor app. You can place your finger at the camera lens to measure your heart rate accurately, and then you will see PPG graphs and can add personal information here.

Moreover, you can add customization tags and enjoy checking your stress level within just 7 seconds. Know your stress level from its help and make it normal to enjoy better health. Here your blood circulation will be captured, providing you with accurate heartbeat measures for free. You can download it from its play store page.

Baby Heartbeat Listener

Baby heartbeat listener is especially for pregnant women; their husbands can use it to listen, record, and measure the heartbeat of the child within the abdomen. It is fantastic and easy to use. It provides accurate measurement of the heartbeat of infant children, and its functions are similar to a Stethoscope.

You can use it whenever you want to listen to your baby’s heartbeat in the mother’s womb, so share the app with your friends. Save your baby’s heartbeat in MP3 files, and there is no need to use extra accessories for accurate measuring on the Baby Heartbeat Listener app.

Runtastic Heart Rate Monitor And Pulse Checker

You can know your fast or slow pulse rate from the Runtastic Heart rate monitor app anytime. This application demands no money for using the extra features to determine heart rate monitor straps, and all you can do is within a few clicks here.

For calculating your strain level and heart rate, keep your finger on the back camera lens, and then it will give you related results after some seconds. Make sure you have 0 stress levels and a normal heartbeat to enjoy a healthy life free from fatal diseases.


The Cardiograph app has friendly steps to calculate heart rate. Just place your finger on the camera or sensor of your mobile phone and get accurate waves of your heartbeat in seconds. Its work is similar to ECG, and you can use it during your workouts to check your heart rate free of cost and also enjoy measuring your pulse.

Also, you can compare your achieving reports from the already present normal report in the Cardiograph and make your goals to improve health. Do hard workouts in your sessions to stay fit & enjoy getting perfect results from Best free Heart Rate app for android.

easy apps to monitor your heart rate

FITIV Pulse: Heart Rate Monitor + Workout Tracker

The FITIV Pulse app is created with various motivational videos where a user can achieve various tips for motivation to do workouts for achieving fitness. Here you can measure your heart rate and get the motivation to stay fit to experience a lot of workouts & enjoy your progressive results after doing this.

Everyone can measure their calories are taken & calorie-burning reports from the Workout Tracker app and share their health information with any expert dietician to take suggestions.

Stress Scan

The stress Scan app provides you with all the reports of your stress every time because it can analyze your nervous system to determine your blood circulation, stress level, & heart rate without charges. The technology of this app is widely used among people to gain excellent results, but your device must be connected to an Internet connection.

It provides all features well organized, and the StressScan application is highly demanded because too many stressed people are present in this world.

Pedometer App: Step Counter & Heart Rate Monitor

A pedometer is a free heartbeat monitoring app & its goal is to make you a healthy person by motivating you to burn calories from various workout sessions. Also, it is the best heart rate monitor app that counts your steps and covers distance for this.

Just open it and start walking. Then you can see your steps, distance, burned calories, blood viscosity, eyesight, oxygen gaining & carbon dioxide evolving reports. Download it from our website & enjoy seeing the surprising features of the superb Pedometer 2018 application.

BLE Heart Rate Monitor

Here you will see the amazing options that help measure heartbeat, and energy level, via Bluetooth on your smart mobile. You can accurately determine your heart rate from the BLE app and see the colored-coded routes of your heart without pay. Open it and follow the required instructions, and you can get your reports in the form of a Chart displayed on your mobile screen in real-time.


Q: What are the benefits of the best heart rate apps for android?

The benefits of these apps are explained below:
There is no need to get an appointment with a doctor for a monthly check-up because these apps provide you with all reports.
These applications give you weekly & monthly reports of your health, so enjoy a healthy life.
Measure your heartbeat, & get reports of your Sodium, Calories, and fluid intake.

Last Lines

If you want to enjoy health & fitness, and get your reports of heart rate, calories intake & burned, fluid & stress level, then I suggest you try the best heart rate apps for android, which are explained above. Enjoy the easy steps, and high speed of these apps without spending your money to get several tips for gym workouts & you also can determine your steps for a day, week & even a month.

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