8 Best Sleep Tracker Apps For Android In 2023

Here is the list of best sleep tracker apps for android users that will help to maintain the timing of your sleep for improving your physical and mental health.
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In the age of social media, young people are badly affecting their sleep time due to smartphones. It may lead to anxiety, depression, and mental illness. Scientists and other experts recommend a sleep time of 8 hours for good mental & physical health. In this advance, there is no wonder that several sleep-tracking apps are available for androids. These apps track your snoring, sleep cycles, and time for sleeping. Moreover, these apps help you to keep a balance between sleeping and waking time. Therefore, I have searched for the best sleep tracker apps for android users.

If you want to keep a record of your sleep time and activities, you should move towards the sleep tracker application. Some apps come with an in-built tracking meter and prove a good tool for maintaining your mental and physical health or improving sleep quality. Now, check out the list;

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Best Sleep Apps Of 2023


SleepScore wins the award of the best free sleep tracking app android with millions of installs. The professionals also recommend SleepScore app due to its valuable insights and plenty of features. It also gives essential details about the four stages of sleep.

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Moreover, the app uses SONAR technology to improve your sleep time and regulate your cycles. A digital alarm system is also built into the app that wakes you up at pre-set time. You can detect your sleeping patterns with the help of this trendy application. It is available both for Android and iOS.

Sleep Cycle

After Sleep Score, the Sleep cycle is the popular application that tracks your sleep time, diet records, and exercise details. Both free and paid versions of Sleep Tracker are available at Play Store. The paid version includes plenty of amazing features as nightly sleep graphs and a digital alarm system.

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It is considered a successful tracking application due to the following reasons;

  • Wakes you in the deep light cycle of sleep.
  • Many personalized settings for the comfort of users.
  • You can also discover the sleep statistics of other people.
  • Simple and intuitive interface for the convenience of users.

Oura Ring

Oura ring is a versatile application that monitors sleep time and provides accurate results about sleeping activities. You can connect it with Bluetooth and its small sensors detect everything in your body i.e, temperature, heartbeat, and sleep activity. Furthermore, the app is free to download and use. However, the ring costs some money in dollars.

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Oura ring is more costly than other sleep tracker applications, scientists have found it accurate n terms of determining heart rate and body temperature. If you are middle-class, you cannot afford the expenses of oura ring. However, it provides many additional features as tracking including HRV and other interesting insights.


The pillow is an automatic sleep detector that analyzes sleep cycles and important events related to sleep. Moreover, it can calculate your heart rate (manually or automatically). You can sync the application with your Apple Watch and place your watch under the pillow or on your bed. It works perfectly on iOS devices.

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The app is functional only on iPhones and it displays light and deep sleep activity anytime. You can accurately get results with the best sleep tracker android watch. Reviews say that it is not a good app for determining fitness.

Sleep As Android

Sleep as android is a popular tracking application that is more than a sleep tracker. It has a smart alarm system compatible with all android devices. You can sync the app with Samsung Health and Apple fit. It has puzzle alarms and a Respiration analysis system that works finely on all devices.

To get full advantage of the game features, you should move towards the subscription package of the application. It has an advanced AI-powered system that works much better than other applications. You can also improve sleep efficiency with the Sleep as an Android application.

Sleep Monitor

The sleep monitor is a simple yet the best sleep tracking app free and packed with plenty of features. The most impressive thing about a sleep monitor is that it provides soothing music to keep you relaxed. Moreover, you can set friendly reminders and prepare sleep notes within the application.

It carefully understands your deep sleep cycle and gently wakes you in the morning. Moreover, it has an intelligent alarm system for you. You can use it for breathing exercises, mindfulness, and meditation.


Sleepzy is a new sleep-tracking application in the market. It also improves your quality of sleep and detects snoring with the help of an advanced AI system. You will enjoy a neat & sophisticated interface containing plenty of features in it.

Moreover, relaxing music is one of the important features of sleepzy. Sleepzy is free to download for android and iOS, you can also move towards the option of in-app purchases or paid subscriptions to get full advantage of sleepzy app.

Sleep Easy

Sleep easy is a sleep-tracking application that comes with a free version. It provides detailed information about sleep activities and it is completely offline. You can set the application on auto and manual mode according to your preferences. You will not need to worry about how to track sleep quality.

The application has wide compatibility and size varies with the device. Here, you can also record your schedules and set the timetables according to your routine. It has a default mode that allows you to pre-set the time for sleeping. you can download sleep easy on play store page.


Good sleep is a blessing of God for us. It does not matter how tired we are, the night sleep gives a mental peace and a sense of satisfaction. The enthusiasts have released many sleep-tracking applications. However, it is difficult to find a perfect application among plenty of mobile apps. Therefore, I have thoroughly searched and described the Best sleep tracker apps for android. I hope you will find your favourite application among these apps.


Q. Which one is the best sleep-tracking application with a positive rating?

SleepScore and Sleep Cycle are the best tracking applications extremely popular on the internet.

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