7 Best Step counter Apps For Android In 2023

If you want to count your steps on your android while walking, then download here immediately Best Step counter Apps For Android.
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A daily walk is necessary for your health and fitness. Starting your day with a daily walk keeps you fit and refreshed for the whole day. Moreover, it boosts your brain power allowing us to work for a long time. Some people trace their physical activity through digital devices and fitness gadgets. Your little smartphone is a blessing for you because it can give you many advantages.

One of the advantages is tracking your paces through mobile applications. Here, in this article, I will tell you about the Best Step counter Apps For Android. Mobile applications are the easiest way to track the records of your walk and count the steps.

Fitness trackers, smartwatches, and fitness bands are common but what’s better than a mobile application that gives you instant results? So, here is a list of the most popular step counter apps. Read the description of each app and choose which can be best for you.

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Best Step Counter Apps


Google Fit is the newest application that has good visual indicators. The app is not only designed for pedometry rather it traces your heartbeat, counts the routes of the walk, and daily steps. With Google fit, you can improve your health. The app is also associated with WHO and American Heart Association. It is considered the most famous fitness app in 2021.

google fit app step counter

You can also connect it with other fitness apps and track different things. Moreover, it has light background music that boosts your walking speed and intensity. The breathing calculations can also be done through the Google Fit application. Some people also question which is the best step counter app? In my opinion GoogleFit is the best option.


Pacer is the simplest choice that comes with many health-tracking features. Apart from daily walk steps, the application monitors your activity history, your weight, BP, and BMI. You can make health & fitness plans with friends and enjoy the walk. It has wide compatibility with Apple Fitness, MyFitnessPal, and Fitbit.

free step counter app for iphone

The premium version of the pacer is also available which costs about 10$ per month. The free trial of the pacer is available for 7 days. So, if you have suspicions about the pacer app, try the free step tracker apps for android. The app contains everything that you want to get in the fitness app.


MapMyWalk is a popular application that measures the distance and keeps track of your steps. It is considered the most advanced pedometer that tracks your path. You should turn on the GPS for checking the maps. It was developed by Under Armour. The tracing points are available for Boston, New York, Austin, Honolulu, Seattle, and many other popular locations.

free step counter apps

Besides, tracing steps it can track cadence, pace, and stride length. It also provides accurate results for heart rate. Both free and premium versions of MapMyWalk are available on Play Store. The premium version costs only 30$ per year.


Runkeeper is the free step counter app for android. It is an easy to use application that works fastly to track your steps. There are some other features of the application as you can make progress reports, fitness routines, community challenges, and winning exercise rewards. The interface of runkeeper is much simpler and more interactive. You can quickly find the exact options in a short time.

best free step counter app for android

Usually, it costs nothing but you can upgrade to the paid version for additional features. The common features in the upgraded version are live tracking support and better workout support. The working mechanism of runkeeper is the same as the trending applications.


Fitbit is a step tracker application that logs your walking steps. In addition, you can get food and hydration tracks with the help of the Fitbit application. The greatest thing about Fitbit is that it provides a 90-day free trial. Thus, you can freely use it for a long time.

You can calculate the number of burned calories and distance logs. The app is similar to AppleHealth and WW. The motion sensors work perfectly and provide strong community support. It also acts as a weight loss coach. There are no ads while using the app so you will get an ad-free experience.


MyFitnessPal comes with a bunch of cool features. Besides step tracking, you can track water and calorie tracks. The app is also suitable for weight loss activities. It has a comprehensive chart for diet and nutrition. Digital motion sensors make it a perfect app for daily routines. You can view the history through digital graphs.

The app allows you to customize your daily routine and become strong. It also contains the calorie burn tracker that records your food calories. Enjoy fun walking challenges and daily routine challenges. If you want to follow the best step counter for android then MyFitnessPal is the first option for you.

Accupedo Pedometer

An Accupedo pedometer is also called a walking buddy. It offers basic features for tracking steps and distance. You can save the progress for months or up to years. The daily progress report feature is also available for all users. The most attractive thing about an accupedo pedometer is that it costs only 2$ per month. Other packages of accupedo pedometers are affordable or you can say it is an almost free application.


From my point of view and research, these were the Best Step counter Apps For Android. The apps, if not free, are truly inexpensive and fully optimized. There is no need to buy an expensive tracking device for you. In my suggestion, Pacer and GoogleFit are the best tracking apps. However, you can choose another app according to your desire.

With the help of applications, you can lose weight, become fitter, and burn extra calories. Furthermore, you can consider the premium versions of the apps. Other step-tracking applications are the leap Fitness step counter, Pacer pedometer, Zombies-run, Apple Health, Set goals, All day tracking, and Samsung health. So, you can decide which is the best free step counter app.


Which app counts steps automatically?

Fitbit is an app that counts steps automatically and shows them on your mobile screen.

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