Best Sudoku Apps For Android And iOS

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We all know that the Sudoku app has one of the oldest & best puzzles. Here full books of puzzles are present that are helpful to brain test with enjoyable activities. The best sudoku apps for Android and iOS have fantastic puzzles with entertaining ways to make your brain sharp, and it has a simple, friendly user interface, 3D graphics & expert game mechanics. Many goals are present in-game, and each row consists of 9×9 puzzles with logic by searching the numbers without a net connection.

Sudoku allows you to choose your favourite way of solving puzzles to exercise your mind with exciting riddles. Also, you can play Sudoku with your friends online, but in the multiplayer mode, you will need a continuous net connection on your device. It is an excellent chance for everyone to test their intelligence & sharpen their brain while giving the answers to challenging riddles. Here some of the best Sudoku apps are offered; read them & install your favourite from our website with no charges. Also, check the best virtual reality apps that will show you everything like real on your mobile phone.

10 Best Sudoku Apps For Android And iOS

Andoku 3

Andoku is a superb sudoku app for Android where players will see a lot of unique features & easy options for playing it. Many challenging puzzles are present with accessible everything in this popular application. Here you will see tough competition with your rivals & your mission is to complete social difficulties anytime. Andoku 3 is a fantastic game that enjoys its players with countless riddles at each level to sharpen them.

andoku sudoku 3

Sudoku World – Brainstorming

Brainstorming game comes with a series of puzzles & provides 5 leaderboards. If the players are progressing very well here, they can get on the leaderboard after many achievements. To answer the present riddles, you will get clues from various places & enjoy beautiful locations for free. Every iPad and iPhone can support this app & it is free to purchase on our website, which provides new puzzles with additional characteristics. It is one of the best sudoku games for mobile, with limitless joy for its players.

Sudoku Epic

The sudoku epic consists of numerous riddles & objectives with new sights. Here a killer escapes from jail & kills innocent people. No one knows about these murders because all police and C.B.I. officers can not get clues. But your mission is to catch him after your reasonable investigation of the crime place. To see him, you will solve massive puzzles to kill all the advanced & active players to complete the game missions.

free sudoku apps download

Conceptis Multi Sudoku

It is an excellent Sudoku app that contains puzzle books on one level. After giving the correct answers, you will get the next level Unlocked, with new and advanced riddles. So, all the best for the challenging puzzles, guess the correct answers & improve your intelligence. Moreover, you face difficulties in-game tasks, get five grades per riddle and update it from here with new puzzles, levels & players.

Okay Code Sudoku Solver

Okay Code Sudoku Solver is not a game but has several riddles with suitable answers. This application allows you to search for the answer to every tricky puzzle & forward your steps to the next level. Now, there is no need to read the Sudoku newspapers or books because everything is on your Smartphone. Enjoy solving enormous puzzles without any disturbance & 100% free.

sudoku solvers game

Logic Wiz Sudoku

Logic Wiz Sudoku app has a wide range of levels, puzzles, features & variants. Here roundabout, the players will solve more than 1000 riddles in the best free sudoku app without ads. These puzzles are helpful to increase your I.Q. level without charges & enjoy solving the well-organized sequence of all mysteries. Start your journey to find the answers to countless puzzles with a tiny hint.

Sudoku Free By Al Factory

This Sudoku app has classic puzzles in five difficulty levels on all devices. Navigate into this app & enjoy sharpening your mind for free after correct guessing. Get clues, and you will search for the three or four words in each level with countless adventures. You are free to play the levels as you want & get 1500+ riddles for giving the answers. Also, you can compare your answers with other players here and correct them.

Sudoku – Number Puzzles

Sudoku: Number Puzzles is a favourite app that contains many riddles & provides autosave features. Play 8 difficulty levels by Six variations with automatic error checking in your answers. All players will see a lot of signs of playing the following groups with new amazing scenes & actual brain workouts. Are you capable of solving these tricky riddles? If you are confident in your sharpness, then try this app & test your intelligence from the tough puzzles.

sudoku apps without ads

Sudoku by Brainium Studios

The Sudoku app is perfect for you if you are interested in solving puzzles. That contains a massive collection of puzzles to test your intelligence skills. It is one of the free sudoku apps for Android & free from viruses with highly secure settings. Enjoy playing all levels with the world’s best players with fantastic play styles and themes.

Sudoku Quest

Don’t fret; all your favourite game puzzles are in the Sudoku quest app, and enjoy choosing which you want. Solve the fantasy riddles and get the leaderboard as a champion. But it would help if you improve your characters’ abilities to go deep in all stages & see 10,000 puzzles to solve. Increase your knowledge of several riddles by using the auto modes like auto clean & auto notes.


Q: Why do I trust your website for downloading the best sudoku apps for Android?

As you can achieve a 100% Safe version of every app and game with unlocked all for free; so our website is trustworthy for everyone.


Most people want to increase their I.Q. level, but they need help finding tremendous & free sources. Today, we will provide the best sudoku apps for Android on our website & all these apps are free to download. Get a free trial and install your favourite application from here with new content & additional features. Guess the answers to the puzzles and be ready to play the following challenges.

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