Top 10 Best Whatsapp Alternatives For 2023

In this post you know the top 10 best whatsapp alternatives and gain your knowledge
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No doubt, Whatsapp has gained massive popularity in the last decades, almost every smartphone user has Whatsapp on their phone. One can communicate with friends, create group, make video calls, and use it for business purposes. Thanks to this multi-featured application, has made our lives easy and joyful. However, the developers have released some of the best Whatsapp alternatives.

Due to the strict privacy policy, it has limited worldwide users. There are many loopholes in Whatsapp that are needed to resolve. So, you may notice Whatsapp alternatives around you. Here is a short list of the most popular Whatsapp alternatives on the internet. Read the overview about each app and pick your favorite one.

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Top Whatsapp Alternatives To Choose


Discord is somewhat different from other chatting applications. It is mainly designed for gamers where they can freely chat with one another. You can download the discord application on androids and iPhones. It also offers a wide variety of servers to let you communicate with others. Connect it with other platforms like Twitter, Reddit, Twitch, and Xbox and share videos up to 8MB. You can send emojis, images, and GIFs if you have a premium or nitro version of discord. This app also allows you to share your screen while browsing.

top whatsapp alternatives to choose


Signal stands on the top of chatting apps with high privacy features. The unique feature of the signal app is that you can set the timer for deleting messages. It also utilizes TLS protocols and does not keep records of call logs or messages. The main disadvantage of using a signal is that it demands a phone number, so it does not belong to apps like whatsapp without a phone number. You can also conversate secretly with other people, so it is a superb app for those who want to keep their communications private.

set the timer for deleting messages

Telegram Messenger

Telegram messenger is the most popular chatting app that offers end-to-end encryption like Whatsapp. Telegram utilizes the MTproto service to encrypt files and chats, you can also enable client-server encryption for better security. The big flop is that it lacks a video call option. However, if you want to keep your messages private, telegram is a fascinating option. Telegram app is available for Mac OS, Windows, and the Web.

telegram messenger


Viber is the most common messaging app for groups or communities. You can also make group calls to your friends and even link them with Whatsapp. It is also available for rare mobile platforms like Bada and Windows. The only limitation is that you can make calls only when you provide the phone number. You will receive a verification code at your phone number. Now you can continue the Viber app. It has many unique features, you can view the last seen, send voice notes, and send stickers to make your chats spicy. Moreover, it supports file-sharing functions.

messenger for iphones


The Kik app is more than messaging platform. Here you can create social accounts and go live for streaming. Your friends will scan the QR code for instant chatting. It has many features like video chats, and sharing GIFs and memes. Moreover, you can send requests to other people in the Kik app and chat with them. So, it provides an opportunity to meet new people and make friends. In short Kik app is the best alternative to whatsapp video call. You can verify your email address instead of using your phone number.

privacy focused messaging apps


Skype emerged as a popular business chatting app. Now users can also enjoy updated designs and many advanced features on Skype. You can also text messages and voice calls with the Skype application. However, the main limitation is that you will receive messages from Spammers or hackers that can steal your data . If you want to make voice or video calls for business, Skype is the perfect application for you. You can also attend meetings through the skype application.


Like common messaging apps, threema offers end-to-end encryption for messages. Its servers are mainly found in Switzer land, so it has strict privacy rules. You can download and use threema application without providing phone numbers. Furthermore, you can lock your Threema application with a PIN lock. Its practical voting feature makes it superb for common use. Unlike other messaging apps, its servers do not save data and delete it permanently. However, it is not a free app and costs about 5$ per month.


Most messaging apps do not work without an internet connection. In actuality, there are many offline messaging applications. Bridgefy is one of the popular offline chatting applications. It offers mainly three modes; Broadcast mode, Person-to-person mode, and Mesh mode. Bridgefy provides a reliable network service by which you can host sports events and music festivals. It is also helpful during natural disasters and other situations. You can freely download and use bridgefy app on your android and iOS devices.


The wire is a quite modern and advanced messaging app released in Switzer land. It supports multimedia messages, text options, and calls option. You will enjoy good voice quality and fresh interface design. It uses IP technology to provide the best services to the users. Group call is also possible in the Wire application. Here you can also communicate with people of interest and enjoy it fully. you can download its original version on Wire playstore page.


iMessage is available only for iPhones, Mac, and iPads. However, it is considered one of the best whatsapp alternatives apps for android. The chats are secure and you can connect up to 8 devices. Other options are also available for you. From popular messaging apps, WeChat is also a good app for you.


There are many other Whatsapp alternatives, but it is difficult to keep a record. However, I have narrated the best whatsapp alternatives for your convenience. Read these overviews and select the app that suits you. Other options are Snap Chat, Line, Kontalk, Keybase, Voxer, Slack, and Google Hangouts. Although Whatsapp is suitable for your personal and business affairs, it has many shortcomings. So, a Whatsapp alternative is necessary for us.


Which is the most secure app for private messages?

If you are concerned about safety, you should download the signal.

Is Discord app better than Whatsapp?

Yes, you can use Discord instead of Whatsapp. It is much better than the original version of Whatsapp.

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