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The Bulma adventure apk is full of adventures & you can freely enjoy romantic sessions with beautiful girls to make wonderful memories by exploring new girlfriends. Feel free to play the tricky missions & achieve your goal of searching for the dragon balls at different places. Here you will be a hero and participate in the challenging quests in the animated scenes to find the Dragon balls in full Hd graphics.

Bulma adventure games provide a lot of fun from different adventurous missions & players can choose Goku or Vegeta to fight against their adversaries. Explore beautiful girls to join them in your team and enjoy full romance with them.

Animated movies are very popular in the world & people experience that they are part of this movie. Thus this game is created with animated visuals to give more excitement to the players. Don’t get bored; play this game on your devices.

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Excellent Storyline Of Bulma Adventure APK

This game has an amazing storyline & gives a new meaning of love, beauty & magic to explore the world’s mysteries with scattered obstacles and challenges. It has a lot of enjoyable stories & each story is divided into endless levels in the form of fabulous chapters.

But you must complete the required story before going to the next one. One day, the heroine expresses her desire to visit the whole world & discover new mysteries. For this, she tries to escape from home, but all in vain.

choose your character

As a hero, you will help this girl to fulfill her desire & enjoy romance with her. Now, you will realize that after getting dragon balls, you will be the most powerful man in the world & the evil powers want to get these balls to destroy the world.

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Make your team of girls, train them, enjoy romantic scenes, & destroy all the demonic powers from your magics in the Bulma adventure 3 apk. Get access to all the features and characters to enjoy fabulous stories of all the endless chapters & levels.

How To Download & Install The Bulma Adventure Apk?

Download it from our website with 100% security and obtainable everything. Just pursue the given points:

  • First, click on the downloading link from here, which is presented below.
  • It will be downloaded on your mobile after a few seconds.
  • Then, get the Apk files & third-party apps from Google to install.
  • After that, the installation will proceed on your device.
  • Wait for seconds to complete the process of installing.
  • Now, please open it and click on the required buttons to play the interesting wars.
get magic to kill the rivals

Features of Bulma Adventure Apk

Choose Your Character

To complete the game missions & fight against the evil enemies, the hero characters must choose to kill. Here many famous characters such as the heroine of Dragon ball Z, Vegeta, & Goku are given, who is loved by countless people.

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In this game, you will take care of Bulma and help to improve her health by giving her different medicines like vitamins or more. To choose more powerful characters in the Bulma adventure mod apk, you need to unlock them & increase their powers.

pariticipate in the epic wars

Get Magic To Kill The Rivals

The players need to obtain magical powers & weapons to blow all the sinister rivals. First, choose your strong character & customize the look with 18 different hairstyles, skin colors, etc. and get magics to destroy the troops of adversaries by using your unique abilities. Save your world & kill the opponent with your magic to collect Dragon Balls.

collect multiple maps

The Bulma adventure apk latest version allows you to use your flying and more powers to get swords, shields, & new advanced weapons here for free. Feel free to play the interesting battles and take care of the heroine. Also, freely romance with hot girls & join them in your team to command them against the sinister supervillains to get victory in your tasks.

Participate In The Epic Wars

In the Bulma adventure apk 2023 version, the new characters, powers, weapons, levels, and stories are added with easy game controls for players’ ease. Thus, you can freely choose the survival resources, equipment, etc., to participate in the tough battles & destroy your enemies with exciting action stunts for passion. Here more interesting missions are present, and you can play them with your girls’ squad for entertainment.

new characters, powers, and weapons

Collect Multiple Maps

Bulma adventure apk game allows its players to get multiple colorful maps in each mission to see the locations of enemies and command their team of squads against them according to the rival’s positions. Also, you can control your opponents’ movements in-game due to the actual 3D graphics & sound.

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Furthermore, the Bulma adventure apk download free for android from our website, which has real fun refreshing the players without charges. So, collect maps and lead your beautiful girls’ army against the enemies to get Dragon balls. You can also enjoy romance with hot girls after discovering them & join in the epic missions with your team, but the main character is Bulma, your heroine.


  • The Bulma adventure game runs on all devices.
  • While it is free from annoying ads & has no disturbance.
  • Enjoy multiple scenes in just a few clicks of every tough battle.


  • The third-party apps cause leakage of your mobile data.
  • Apk files have no direct access to Google for regular updating.


Q: Is the Bulma adventure apk 100% safe to play?

Yes, our website version of this game provides 100% safety and is free from hazards.

Q: What is the required storage to download it?

It is a low-storage game & its size varies according to the high, average, or low devices and is free to download at our site.

In Short

The Bulma adventure apk is full of packed action games and brings a lot of fun for people of every age. The players can enjoy challenging wars and fight against the supervillains from the magics to snatch the most powerful Dragon balls. Enjoy exploring new girls and can romance with them but take care of the Heroine Bulma during every war. you can download adventures game on play store page

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