Elemental Dungeon Mod Apk v1.12 (Unlimited Mana/God Mod/Dumb Enemy)

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If you want to play the action game & fight against ferocious monsters with your magical powers, then the elemental dungeon mod apk game is specially developed for those players. In this game, you will get six elemental powers like Water, Ice, Darkness, Lightning, Fire, & Earth to kill the sinister monsters and explore the scary dungeons. If you are a challenging man who likes to complete difficult missions and uncovers mysteries, download it from our website.

Get six elemental powers from the Universe and stand up to blow all the evil aliens to uncover mysteries in-game. Enjoy controlling all the powers of elements simultaneously and use your required magics to destroy the hordes of supervillains after collecting the deadly weapons. You can create your safe shelter place, the shield from these elements, and upgrade your character to end all the monsters & get unlimited money.

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Fantastic Storyline Of Elemental Dungeon Mod Apk

Its amazing stories are present for the players at each level. At the start of an elemental dungeon game, you will learn the method & tricks to control the superpowers of these elements from an older man to kill the aliens. You will learn everything to use your elemental powers, like using water to protect yourself from fire and create a shield around you, using fire to destroy wood & use the Earth to create big walls.

rogue like gameplay

After learning to control your magical powers, you are ready to use all your elemental superpowers at one time in mind-blowing 3D graphics. Make the team or alone go on epic bosses fights and protect your character from damage or harm. Use game money to activate specific options & powers in your character to complete the game assignments and unlock new awesome things from the elemental master mod apk game.

Play the superhero role and participate in the challenging wars against the supervillains. You can use 3 or all the elemental powers to blow the aliens and destroy darkness on your land from your amazing magic. Imagine how the adventure will be when you play the tough battles against the villain monsters & feel free to use any feature in the mod version of the game.

Exciting Features Of Elemental Dungeon Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

The mod version of the elemental dungeon mod game delivers unlimited money to the ease of its players. After achieving unlimited money, the players can unlock new powerful characters and improve their masteries for good progress. So, download and install the elemental dungeon mod apk unlimited money at our website and access anything for free.

powerful elements

Moreover, you can unlock all characters and stages from the latest version. At the same time, the original version can not provide any facility for players’ comfort like these. Now, there is no need to consume your money to unlock everything; download the elemental dungeon mod apk unlock all characters from the countless money in the modified version. Besides this, you can uncover unbelievable mysteries in-game by using in-game money.

Enjoy Epic Bosses Battles

After achieving the magic of the six elements of the Universe, you must fight against the epic monsters and fail their intention to destroy your land. But at the end of the elemental dungeon apk game, the players will fight against the powerful bosses. Use your strategy and continuously move on in the game levels, then blow all the sinister aliens’ bosses to save your world. Destroy the darkness and become a superhero to complete the difficult boss battles.

team adventure

Upgrade Your Characters

The players must upgrade their characters without consuming real money to kill all the evil aliens. So, use the upgrade option and make your characters more powerful to discover the mysteries in the Universe. Make sure to progress in the elemental game using the elemental dungeon mod apk (unlimited gems).

mysterious challenge

Upgradation is necessary to increase the superhero’s abilities, so make your characters multi-skilled and freely customize them with your favorite hairstyles, eyes, hair, & skin color. Explore the dungeons from your elemental powers and play the challenging events of the game without payment & use the responsive environment like freeze the puddles or burn the grass to kill your enemies easily.

Get Multiplayer Adventures

Are you willing to play the incredible challenges of the elemental dungeons apk game with other players? If the answer is yes, then play it and get a team battle experience. Press on the multiplayer option in the elemental dungeon mod apk latest version and invite your friends to play like a team or challenge the other expert players.

get multiplayer adventures

Freely get adventure from this game and play awesome levels with incredible fights against the monsters & beautiful locations. Control the six elemental powers and overcome your rivals to discover new tasks with fully covered mysteries in-game.


  • It is 100% safe to play it at any time.
  • Collect explosive equipment in the easy gameplay.
  • There is no need to root your device while installing it.
  • There are amazing 50+ endless levels that compel the players to dive in.


  • Sometimes, it causes glitches due to improper verification while installing.
  • Numerous ads are present while playing it online & players can not skip them.


Are you interested in playing wars with magical powers? Then, the elemental dungeon mod apk is for you that comes with new mysteries & you will get Six elemental powers in-game such as Earth, Fire, Water, Ice, Lightning, and Darkness. Learn the power-controlling methods from the mysterious older man and overcome the evil Monsters.

Search for your enemies and collect the mayhem weapons to destroy the troops of aliens. Get unlimited money and unlock all the characters from the latest version on our website without payment. Obtain new tasks and be ready for every game challenge. you can download its original version on element dungeon play store page.


Is the elemental dungeon mod apk updated with new content?

Yes, the elemental dungeon mod apk 2023 game updates with new missions, characters & magics on our website.

Can I play the elemental dungeon mod apk anytime?

Of course, it is offline, and the players can play great fights anytime.

What's new

New Spring Update

*New Spring Decoration added
*New Rankings
*New Feature:Elemental Magic Box
*Weekly Task requirements reduce from 700 to 500
*Adventure Mode difficulty adjustment
*Material Chest drop rate up
*Venom Birds HP recovery(40->30), Damage(15->12)
*Mad Mine lag issue
*Fix the Data exception of Chyrule skills
*Passive Skills of Shield Knight dressings
*Skill issues of Kitty Xmas dressings
*Blurred Kitty Xmas dressings rework
*New accessories added

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