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Extralife apk is an adventure game that includes visual novel elements. Your life revolves around zombies and hearts. And your mission is to survive among these creatures. Besides zombies, you will face many challenges. It also includes adult content and sexual sets that will entertain you for a long time. Watch how long you can exist in the frolicking and fight against the brainless zombies. The game is a visual novel in which you will follow the story of a character.

RNGuesEX created the game extralife, and the company has also released “Super City” and “Wrestling Revolution”, which have gone super hit in the past few years. Indiana Jones inspires the characters. It also involves blood and gore scenes. The game is optimized for all mobile platforms, so you can easily install it on android devices. You can establish relationships with many characters and explore exciting locations. You will find Lara Croft, Tupek, Guybrush, Thripwood, and trendy movie characters.

How To Play The Game Extralife Apk?

The game has simple controls, yet, you will concentrate on the gameplay. However, there are some details of the game controls.

  • The blue hand button lets you release or lift anything with both hands.
  • Red fist button: with the red button, you can attack from all sides.
  • If you press the red and blue buttons at the same time, you can use everything present in your hands. Be careful because you can swap hands if the action is not carried out correctly.
  • When you use the record buttons, you can grab many things near you.
  • Push both attack buttons to seize your opponents.
  • Touch the clock to exit the game or pause. Use a health bar to sleep. You can regain your energy and continue the missions.
  • Use blue buttons to combine all the things in your hand.
choose and rename your character

An extralife is an interactive game that has the most OK 3D graphics. The story includes Minato’s house and 2 Konbini. You will select Nariko or Yasuka as the main character and make different choices. Asami and Sayuka are also the new characters added to the game. And most importantly, you can upgrade the characters. Use your fighting skills to kill all the zombies and increase your lives. Sometimes, you have to fight against mighty zombies and the fiercest opponents. It has an animated interface and great backgrounds, including day, night, and evening themes. This game is the same as zombie Tsunami Mod Apk.

Main Features Of Extralife Apk

Create Your Story

In the game extralife apk visual novel, the player will make different choices and perform actions. Each step taken will determine your destiny or fate. You can meet with female characters and go on dates. In the first few levels, you will go off to defeat all the zombies. Many challenges and missions await you, so come fast and enjoy the game. Your main goal is to restore order and create a story of your choice. Keep updating your characters in the game, and you will surely win. Interestingly, the game includes sexual themes and adult content.

Exceptional Combat System

Fighting against zombies is not so easy. You will face many monsters that can put your life in danger. The game is inspired by the Wrestling Revolution series, so that you will face many hordes of zombies. Collect the weapons, equip your characters with weapons, and beat all the opponents. The game is free to play, but players can upgrade” infinitely” to boost their experience. Moreover, you have complete control over the zombies. It means you can determine how many zombies will fight against you.

More than 200 Characters

Firstly, you will choose your character in the game. More than 200 characters are present in the game, including young girls. Moreover, the game consists of 8 warring groups. You will detect the problem of each faction and solve the matters. Furthermore, each section has its own unique belief. You can develop relationships with the characters and make decisions to improve your life. There is no need to build a specific strategy or plan for the game.

enjoy the real life zombie adventure

Uncover All The Secrets

Throughout your journey, you will find many interactive objects that will help you in fighting. More than that, you will uncover the hidden stories and see what is behind the story. In addition, hints are also provided along the way. You can follow these hints to complete the report and unlock new levels. Not only that, but you can also play the free download extralife apk latest version with your friends and make companions. The players will find many zombies on their way.

50 Areas To Discover

The game plot is vast, and about 50+ exciting locations are present. You can discover each corner of the location and attack zombies. The zombies are rushing towards your world, and only you can save the miserable people and give a new life to the inhabitants. You will complete many missions in each location and get rewards and weapons. Use weapons to exterminate all the zombies and take your rule from these vicious creatures.

Exciting Gameplay

The gameplay has attracted millions of people. You will gather all the interactive elements to aid your exploration. Make sure that you are using the updated weapons. The game includes different modes like Classic or Deathmatch. In a death match, you will slay down all the zombies without any pressure. You will enjoy every minute of the game. The mission is to save your hearts and increase their lives.


Extralife apk is a survival game in which you will invent ways to overcome the voracious zombies. It also allows you to talk with other people. You have a new life and opportunities. So, what will you do? Can you make your life better? It all depends on your choices. The developers are still working on the game, so stay tuned. If you like it, share it with friends and family. Thanks!

General FAQs related to ExtraLife Apk

Is the game extralife legal to play?

Yes, the extralife apk is legal; you will not face any issues while downloading or playing. However, it includes porn content and is not suitable for players under the age of 17.

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