Happy Pet Story Mod Apk v2.2.3 (Unlimited Money, Gems)

If you are pet lovers, then you must download the Happy Pet Story Mod Apk game with awesome pro features such as unlimited money and keys
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Do you want to join the pet adventure? let us play the happy pet story mod apk right now. Get lots of pets and protect them from hazards. Design a beautiful home to burn friends’ hearts. Watch wonderful towns and meet with the other players.

Enjoy charming moments with your neighbors. Join the minigames and observe new things. Dive into the fishing and music rhythms. Achieve plenty of cool rewards through friends’ applications. Take visits to furniture shops and salons.

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Happy Lab has produced this thrilling game so that children with a positive mindset up will feel excited. At this time, 10M+ people have installed it on their android devices. While we are also trying to achieve a modified version for IOS users.

Thus all kinds of people are playing this game. The game graphics double the beauty of pets and the lovers keep playing at all times. Here, an internet connection is not necessary as the users can also continue their adventures offline.

How To Play Happy Pet Story Mod Apk

Playing happy pet story mod apk is a convenient task. First of all, you will have to select animals and then make them your pet. Give them a wonderful environment, so that their growth will not take time. If you want to increase the number of pets then take care of their needs.

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Provide all sorts of foods and take them to the bath in time. By this, your pet will be full of hygiene and soon will be the favorite of the area. Also, your friends will admire their beauty.

Happy Pet Story Mod Apk

The game gives you the capability to visit other pets’ homes. By which you can know the favorite foods of the pets. Your neighbors also have pets which highlights that everyone in your area is a pet lover. Thus become close to them and get many brotherhood music.

If a girl is your neighbor, the pets will feel stunning. Also, their energy will be higher than the normal ratio and you will get lots of stars. Thus be ready to complete the other neighbor’s demands.

Stunning Features

Unique Style

The game supports online as well as offline modes and its damaging functions have been blocked recently. While every user plunges into its other amiable features. There are no charges for the game experience.

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Its art style is unique and many cute pets are waiting for you. If your pet is happy then you will always feel happy because of exciting rewards. About 300 sorts of furniture are pending. While 200 kinds of designs and outfits will make an attractive pet for you.

Customize The Pet

Here, pet customization is the same as you customize your character in other games. Let us get a pet through the select option. After it, you will have to make its beautiful fur. Also, choose a desirable face and a name for ensuring the popularity of the pet.

Then take care that your pet will always feel awesome. If you complete the pet drives then they will love you very much. In addition, try hard to make a beautiful pet and get many appreciations from everyone.

Observe Other Pets

Most people don’t give a suitable environment to their pets because of knowledge shortage. But if such people move toward the other pets, they will learn very much about the pets’ life. Here, lots of people like Mojo, Philip, Calvin, etc are your neighbor.

Each of them is growing the pets at a specific time. Mojo has a tiger pet, Philip has a huge shop, and Philip contains the popstar rabbit. Besides that, other characters are also there. So you can get guidance about the pet life every time.

Mini Games

Happy pet story mod apk includes various mini-games for the pet’ enjoyment. Let us enjoy the fishing and the dual rock paper at the desired time. While other minigames are present with the game link. Sometimes, you will have to help your neighbors with cool prizes.

Grow a big number of plants and start their harvesting to get extra money. Make a beautiful garden and bring pets there. With this, your money will never end and will allow you towards furniture shopping.

Unlimited Money

Unlimited money is the only feature whose significance is higher than the above features. Let us use this feature and get all kinds of food for the pets. So now your pet will never die from the food shortage. While you can visit the nearby towns with the money feature.

Happy Pet Story Mod Apk Download 2022

Moreover, you can do unlimited customization for enhancing the pet’s beauty. Minigames can also be achieved through money. Thus now all game items like outfits, furniture, etc can be attainable.


Is the happy pet story mod apk free?

Yes, the happy pet story mod apk is free of charge.

Is the happy pet story mod apk offline?

Both the online and offline modes are supported by the happy pet story mod apk.

When was the happy pet story mod apk released?

The release date of the happy pet story mod apk is Feb19, 2015.

How do you get more money in the game?

If you want to get money without using the unlimited money feature, just prefer other town visits, shop upgrading, and mission completion.

How can I download the happy pet story mod apk?

The downloading of the happy pet story mod apk is simple, only tap on the download button present here.

The Final Conclusion

If you can not survive without the simulation games, try the happy pet story mod apk from here. Different sorts of pets are present which will come to your account whenever you like. By customization, you can give 100% beauty to your pet.

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The visits to the other town will inform you about the favorite and unfavorite things of the pets. While the minigames will enable a huge amount of money for you. If you don’t look after the pet, their survival will not be long. So purchase the basic things for them to increase their life span. Thank You!

What's new

  • New Pets are enlisted
  • Advanced new features are added
  • Minor issues fixed


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