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There are plenty of games available on the app stores, you can play them anytime to vent your stress. If you want to experience a unique horror game on your device, you should download the haunted dorm mod apk. It is a ghost-infested game where many surprises are waiting for you.

Besides horror, it also includes many fun elements and stunning scenes. Don’t get afraid of ghosts because these are not real. You will try to escape from attacks of ghouls and rack up money.

It is a tower defense strategy game, you will protect yourself and kill the ghosts. The variety of characters will give a unique experience to the players. You will use different weapons to win over the vicious wraiths. Many new challenges are waiting for you.

However, if you want to enjoy the advanced features for free, you can install the haunted dorm mod apk. In this version, you will not encounter any advertisements. Moreover, you can buy everything with unlimited money & gems.

Gameplay Of The Haunted Dorm Mod APK

A ghost rider is coming toward you and the character is lying on the bed. The corridor is not secure. Conceal yourself in a room as well as upgrade your economy. You will try to sleep but the fierce sounds are continuously disturbing you.

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Your next move is to use the weapons and slay all the challenging ghosts. But they will not easily die, you will need many powers for their murder. The game consoles are also available in the game, equip them to entertain yourself.

Haunted Dorm Mod Apk Download

Suddenly, the ghost knocks on your door, so what will be your reaction? Can you survive in this ghost world and resist the ghost invasion? A large variety of characters is available in the game i.e. dreamers, puppets, and cream wrappers.

Furthermore, there are many ways to win the battles such as you can call your friend for help. Invest money in the right place and update the items and increase their strength. The overall look is scary and you will see the dark theme in the background. You will only need to sleep as much as you can.

Highlights Of Haunted Dorm Mod

Unlimited Money & Gold

You have to combat ghosts to earn money. But it is not so easy, there are many challenges. However, the haunted dorm mod apk gives you endless gold coins and money to upgrade all the weapons and in-game elements.

You will not need to put a lot of time into completing levels and accomplishing the tasks. Nothing can stop you from winning the game. In addition, you can calmly sleep for a long time. The modified version provides the complete unlocked game. You can do whatever you want.

Repair no CD

Another cool feature of the modified version has repaired no CD. You can change the infrastructure of the dormitory and save yourself from scary ghosts. The game includes many upgrades which occur with time, but with the mod version, you don’t have to wait for a long time.

Every upgrade is just a click far away from you. Apart from this, you will need to worry about the in-app purchases or expenses. So, upgrade your room fastly and get everything of your choice.

Survive In The Dorm

Your main goal is to not allow the ghosts to come into your room. This is a world of horror and you will hide in your room and enhance your survival span. Only hiding is not a proper solution, you have to prepare a strategy against these ghosts.

Invest your money in buying guns and energy pumps. Upgrade the doors, and fill your room with a spell catapult, refrigerator, ATM, and energy hood. These things will help you to fight against ghosts.

Inventive Equipment

There is a lot of inventive equipment and weapons. You will explore many places inside the halls and find helpful tools. The blueprints will help you to run away from the cells. In the multiplayer mode, you will make a gang and fight as a team to save lives.

The ultimate goal is to increase the survival time in the game and earn money. The game controls are easy & intuitive, you can easily move the character and run off at any time.

Boost Your Collection

It is necessary to boost your machines, tools, equipment, and weapons constantly. You have to win the ghost fights and collect coins as much as you can. With unlimited money, you can get all the advanced items and shields. Buy spelunkers and many other products that will help you in battles. Stay in the room and build many structures, so that ghosts cannot enter your room.

Pixel Graphics

To bring horror, the game has pixel graphics and great images. You will feel different situations like nervousness and anxiety. Every knock on your door will make you alert. You will also rush into the gallery and corridors to escape from aggressive ghosts.

Besides all this, the game brings a lot of fun. The impressive graphics will not take your eyes off the game. The unique setting of the game plot has attracted many brave players. Weak-hearted players are not allowed to play this game.

Haunted Dorm Mod Apk 2022

The Last Conclusion

If you want to challenge your skills and experience horror feelings, the haunted dorm mod apk is the best choice for you. Equip yourself with different gears and update them to live for a long time. In addition, you can easily install the game on your device and play it anytime.

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Keep visiting the mod sites and enjoy the unblocked games on your devices. The game has an offline mode, so you can play without an internet connection. If you still have any questions about the game please describe them in the comment section.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I choose another room?

Yes, you can freely change the room or its equipment. There is no problem at all.

Is the mod version free of ads?

Haunted dorm mod apk permanently blocks the ads showing on your home screen.

How & why upgrade your bed in a haunted dorm?

To make your gaming profile strong, you have to need to get maximum points. At first, need to upgrade the gate, then forward to the bed, yup it’s gaming elements that are used to move to the next level in the game.

What's new

  • New Pro Features are added
  • New items and weapons are enlisted


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