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Thrilling games are very popular because of their horrible gameplays. And people become addicted to them. If you like such games then the hello guest apk mod will be a source of comfort. It is a puzzle game that contains a lot of puzzles.

And these puzzles will prove adventurous for you. You should solve these puzzles correctly. After it, ensure the safety of the park and the people. Because many devils and guests are roaming the park. So fight with them for the happiness of the people.

The world-famous company, tinyBuild LLC has developed this hello guest game. While its scenery is appreciable. Here, everything is HD and you don’t need to register it. This game is secure from all troubles. And there are no time-consuming ads.

That’s why it has been downloaded by 50M+ people around the world. Surely, it will be famous in the coming time. Avoid thinking and click on the download button of hello apk for getting it fun on the mobile.

How To Play Hello Guest Free?

Hello guest app offers very charming gameplay as you have to perform the role of a security guard. There is a park and its protection is only your duty. Many people visit the park on a daily basis. But sometimes, the guest becomes dangerous and starts killing people. This guest is a bird that looks pious from the face. But he is very evil as he kills people without any fear. His mission is to make the park a barren place.

hello guest free all

Before it, the guest kills the people, you should kill him for the peace of the park. Killing the guest is not as easy as it looks. But if you take modern steps and techniques, you can destroy him in a few seconds. The weakness of the guest is that he gets afraid of the lights.

So always take light and run before him. And improve your skills by using the jumper and high-quality shoes. Surely, by acting upon my advice, you will win the game. For downloading its latest version download now hello guest apk.

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Horrible Features Of Hello Guest Download Apk

Free To Download

If you want to download this game without any payment, then you are in the right place. Today our team is providing this modded version for free. You do not have to perform different functions. Only, you have to click on the download button from here.

After clicking this button, the game will be directly added to your device. And the quality of the game is very HD. So when you play it, you will feel the smoothness. Here, you will not become bored by the ads. Because they have been disabled by the game owners.

Protect The Park

Hello guest full game orders you to become a security guard. And you have to follow these orders. Play the role of a security guard and use safety measures for the protection of all. Generally, the protection of the park is not as easy a task as it seems.

But by hard work, you can secure the park from all hazards. While you can also protect it, by spreading its awareness among the people. When people get information about its secrets, they will become active.

build your own park

Decorate The Park

Being a security guard, the decoration of the park is also your duty. Now the park is looking bad and no one is paying heed to its decorations. And it has lost all of its dignity. So show a unique role: security guard + decorating man.

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And decorate the park like heaven. To increase the beauty of the park, you should grow beautiful flowers and trees. In addition, you should also use decorating items like lights, beautiful grass, posters, etc. After doing this, the dignity of the park will be maintained for the next year.

Kill The Guests

In hello guest apk obb, your main opponent is the guest that looks like a bird. This guest is very cunning and sharp. If you become pious, then you can not defeat him. But if you become a rascal then you can tackle them. Note that the guest doesn’t like lights.

Because his forefather has told him that the lights are only the cause of their death. So when you put a light on him, he will run very fast. But you have to run behind him to enter the light into his body. If the light enters his body then he will die in front of your eyes.

Explore Secret Places

There are many secret places in the park and no one knows about them. But it is your responsibility to explore new and hidden places. Be attentive because some places can prove dangerous for you. In these secret places, vandals and guests can also appear.

But if you have a torch then don’t get fear anything. While you should also know the secret of their presence. It may be possible that they are living here for a long time. So if you know their home then you can destroy them in a few seconds.

explore secret places


Q: Is the hello guest apk free?

Yes, surely hello guest apk is a free game that does not demand money from the users.

Q: Why is this game not working?

If you haven’t installed the new version of the game then it will stop working.

Q: Is my android device required to have root access to install the hello guest apk?

No, you don’t need to root your android device for installing the hello guest apk.

Final Verdicts

Thus hello guest apk is a horror game that contains many unbelievable features. Here, many hidden places and secrets are available. And you have to explore them to gain points. Always remain secure from the guest as it is very dangerous.

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While you should use safety precautions for the dignity of the park. Complete various puzzles and become the owner of wonderful rewards. Hopefully, you have gotten this article into your mind. But if you have any disturbance then you can contact us through this official website. Thank You!


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