How To Download Instagram Photos And Videos On Android

Instagram is the favourite app of this young generation that's why its necessary to know about how to download Instagram photos and videos on android easily to keep your memories in the gallery.
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Instagram is a social application where you can scroll down thousands of beautiful photos, reels, and videos. However, many people want to download or save these amazing pictures as well as video clips in their gallery, unfortunately, they can’t save them because instagram does not allow users to save these photos or videos. You can only take screenshots of lovely pictures but the major problem is that the screenshot destroys the quality of the picture.

It really breaks the heart of Instagram users because they can not save or download their favourite templates easily. Don’t worry regarding this case because our professional developers have created various methods by which you can save or download unlimited photos, reels, and videos effortlessly. Moreover, there is no need to download any harmful software. It’s quite simple and easy to save your favourite videos. Just stay tuned with us and read the full information about these methods.

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Various Methods To Download Photos & Videos

Although there are hundreds of methods to download or save photos, but we will only discuss a few but popular methods here:

How to download Instagram photos to gallery

Insget is the fastest and most trustable application that allows users to save & download videos, photos, and reels from instagram with amazing resolution as well as picture quality. There are no google advertisements or watermarks on this app because our kind developers have removed all bugs and irritating elements. It doesn’t matter whether the account is private or public, you can download videos easily. Surprisingly, you can download a video with its caption as well as a description by its author. It’s really amazing!

download instagram photos to gallery

Not stopping there, you can directly share videos, reels, and photos with other applications such as Facebook. Moreover, users can access all sorts of content by using this app without letting their friends know whether they downloaded the video or not. Once you have saved videos, you don’t need to connect your device to the internet, it will be available for 24 hrs. However, follow some steps whenever you download anything from instagram.

  • If you are downloading a picture or video from a private instagram account, you will need to create a personal account and follow the person to whom you are downloading the video. Otherwise, you will not be able to download a single picture.
  • If you are downloading the photo or video from a public account on instagram, you don’t need to create an account on instagram. Simply copy the link from instagram and paste that link into this app. It will download the picture automatically. Moreover, there is no need to follow that certain person.

How to download instagram photos on android

Instasave is counted as one of those popular applications where you can watch full-screen videos and pictures. Usually, instagram users can not watch full-screen videos because of various restrictions. But don’t worry, this app will provide you with a good platform to watch many pictures & videos in a customizable format. Moreover, you can find many categories of videos from the browser and download them easily.

save instagram videos to gallery without any app

Not stopping there, you can customize & edit the downloaded photos and videos with simple clicks. No need to download a third-party photo editor because all basic editing tools are available here. However, you need to follow several steps to download any picture and video from this app:

  • Search for the Instasave app on the google play store and install it.
  • Simply sign in and create your account on this app.
  • Now scroll your instagram and find the photo & video that you want to download.
  • On the top right corner of the screen, you have to press the download button.
  • No doubt it will be downloaded and appear in your gallery.

How to download instagram photos without app

If you don’t have enough storage to download any third-party app, don’t worry because we have a reasonable solution for you. Although this method is rare and most people are unaware of it. But don’t worry, because it works accurately, and saves pictures as well as videos automatically. It means users do not have to work or get tension about video saves. Moreover, you can create a new folder in your gallery for instagram pictures and reels. You just need to stay tuned with us by following some easy steps.

download instagram photos on android
  • Open your Instagram account and press on your profile button.
  • Now on the top right corner, press the three dots and click the overflow menu button.
  • Lastly, search for the Save Original Photos option and save your lovely photos in the gallery.

How to download instagram videos

inflact is the biggest platform on which users can download Instagram photos, videos, and reels with one click. No need to wander for other apps, just download them and enjoy your days. Moreover, simply copy the link of your favorite video and paste it into this app. Soon a download button will appear on the screen. In this way, you can download everything without any struggle.

download instagram photos without app

More importantly, the picture or video quality will never be disturbed, you can enjoy videos in 1080p, 2k, and even 4k quality. Moreover, the user-friendly interface allows users to download unlimited photos and videos without any hesitation. Amazingly, you can also save and install reels and stories. The re-post option is also available to post the downloaded file easily. New colorful and classic themes are present on this app to provide a fresh interface.


Q: Which application is the best to download instagram photos?

Instasave is the best application for downloading and saving instagram photos.

Q: How to save instagram photos without screenshot?

Download various apps on your android phone and save videos without screenshots.

Q: Can I download these apps on my iPhone?

Of course, you can download and install these apps on Iphone & Ipads.

Final Verdict

Most players are confused about how to save others instagram photos to gallery, don’t worry because we have described the most popular & workable applications for android users. Moreover, these apps not only work on android phones, but you can also download them on your PC, iPhone, Windows, and many more.

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