How to get Instagram Features Free

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Are you looking for How to get Instagram Features Free? We have a solution for you, The AeroInsta program is a customized version of the Instagram platform. It is the most popular social networking app for sharing photos and videos on the internet right now, and it has millions of users that are actively using it.

Hundreds of thousands of individuals use it daily, submitting images of their most treasured memories and offering feedback on everything and everything that is published in the streams of their friends. It is not just a place to interact with your friends but also an online networking space where you can connect with millions of individuals worldwide.

What Is the Aero Insta

This application is a customized version of Instagram that enables users to download photographs and reel videos and store them on their own devices. Aero Insta is available for iOS and android. Disabling features inside the application, such as “the message read,” “story watched,” “hide typing information,” and a great deal more assists users in maintaining the maximum possible level of privacy for themselves. This app can be hacked so that you may download the stories, which is one of the most impressive aspects of the app.

How to get Instagram Features Free


Hazar BOZKURT designed this application with great enthusiasm and consideration for the health of the users’ eyes. Your eyes won’t strain as much because of the several dark customizations that Instagram Aero offers. You can examine its other characteristics using the list that is provided below.

  • You can view and download high-definition (HD) versions of display photographs with Aeroinstaapk. You can download any profile photo, whether it be of a friend or another person, and the quality of the download is excellent. Still, if you use aeroinsta, you will be able to access and download the display photo of any user in a matter of seconds.
  • You’ll be able to fast-forward and rewind through Instagram videos with the help of Aeroinstaapk. If you come across a video that piques your attention but don’t want to view it in its entirety, you can just swipe it forward by hitting one button. You can easily rewind the movie and watch the segment in question again if there is something in it that you either skipped over or could not understand.
  • With this update, you can now hide undesirable or previously read stories and direct messages. You also have the option to conceal your online activities on Instagram, such as your typing status and your online status.
  • If you like a bio or comment on Instagram, you can copy it with the aeroinsta app. You may also save a comment if you enjoy it.
  • Using Instagram’s built-in app browser, you may access as many URLs as you want from within the app.
  • To utilize the aerostat apk, rooting your device is not required of you at any point.
  • You can read the messages and the stories of other users without having to send them notifications.
  • It is possible to read messages without having them marked as read.
  • There are many different templates available for download. Some of them are as follows
  • The theme of darkness, the theme of blue, the theme of yellow, the theme of red, the theme of green, and the theme of gold
  • You have the option to hide different types of advertisements from your feed
  • You can zoom in and out of the photographs to better look at the details.
  • You are free to share your experiences without worrying about the screen’s width preventing you from doing so.
  • In this version, analytics have been turned off completely.
  • This version will play any videos in the feed that are not muted automatically.


Is it risk-free to make use of this application?

Your Android device is completely secure to use with this application anytime. While you are using this app, we will protect your privacy and safety.

How does aero insta work?

Aero Insta is a pro at letting Instagram users download high-quality photos and videos.


Instagram allows users to submit and share photographs while applying one of the numerous filters. You have the option of sharing photographs and videos with the whole public or with specific audiences, such as followers.

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Instagram allows you to insert hashtags pertinent to the post, and if people search for content using those hashtags, they will come across your post. You may get certain more capabilities in addition to the features already available on Instagram by using Aeroinstaapk, which is referred to as the greatest customized version of Instagram.

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