How To Hide Apps On Android Phones

In this article, the android experts described the full detail how can you hide the apps on your android phone.
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These days mobile phones are considered an essential part of life because they assist everyone in linking with the globe. They are a storage factor where we keep our data, like pictures, videos, and other items. But our data can be at risk if someone uses our mobiles without our permission. That’s why today I am introducing you to how to hide apps on Android in detail so that you can hide apps from Samsung, Huawei, OnePlus, Tablets, etc., just with the setting option. But in the case of a unique android device, I recommend using Nova Launcher. Also, read how to clean android phone internal memory for more information if you are an android user.

how to hide private apps in android

How To Hide Apps On Android Without Disabling?

How To Hide Apps On A Samsung?

  • First, open the app drawer of Android Settings to hide the apps on the home screen.
  • Now use the green Display tab from the screen.
  • Let us access the Home Screen option.
  • The Hide apps option is on the page beneath; click it.
  • Raise your hand for apps hiding only by selecting the app icons.
  • Last, the screen will introduce to you the Done option, ensuring that everything has been hidden now.

How To Hide Apps On a OnePlus?

  • Make sure to swipe the home screen for the app drawer.
  • Access the Hidden Space Folder, which includes the hidden apps of the drawer.
  • Click the Plus option available on the right side of the page.
  • The next step is to choose apps for hiding.
  • Take a password by just using the Enable Password tab.
  • With this, every app will demand that password otherwise will never open.
  • Press the checkmark, which stores everything about your apps in the Hidden Space.
  • In my view, the above steps will never tell you to uninstall anything.

How To Hide Apps On An LG:

  • The Home Screen also has blanks, and you will get a Menu by touching them.
  • To customize the Home Screen, you must enter Home Screen Settings. But if someone has pressed the app drawer, you will never get any prompts about this option. In this situation, you should prefer the Menu and Hide Apps options from the app drawer.
  • Now touch the app’s icon with the tick mark; in other words, you choose the apps for which you have done all these phenomena. Note that the app drawer is also perfect for restoring purposes.
  • Lastly, pick the Done option to hide the apps you have selected.

How To Make An App Invisible On Android (Huawei)?

  • Set the Private Space from Android Settings & App Drawer.
  • In the Private Space portion, you always will have to install the app you want to hide.
  • Press the Privacy tab for Additional functions and Settings.
  • Ensure enabling the private space with a click.
  • Obey the screen guidelines with the Enable icon, but first, you will have to create PrivateSpace and a password.
  • Let us enter the password to open PrivateSpace or with Settings and Privacy.
  • While you can also come back to the MainSpace by unlocking the Android.
  • In this way, download the desired app for hiding with the help of MainSpace or Google Play Store.

How To Hide Apps On Your Phone With Nova Launcher?

  • If your android device differs from Samsung, LG-Brand, or Huawei, then this matchless hiding tool: Nova Launcher, is just for you.
  • Let us join Google Play Store to download this desktop replacement tool.
  • Now receive a Menu by pressing the Home Screen’s Blank portion.
  • Access the Nova Settings Menu from the Settings.
  • While the App Drawer can also provide you with these Nova Settings.
  • Mainly, the App Drawer is present with the Menu portion, so move towards it.
  • Use the Hide Apps tab, which is present below the Apps Header.
  • Thus go for app selection and then do checkmarks with them.

How To Hide Apps Without Any App?

  • First, enter the app tray and then engage in the Android Settings.
  • Remember that this technique is favorable for some Android phones and Tablets, so you should not use it on other android devices.
  • Make sure to touch the Apps & Notifications options.
  • After this, the Menu will assist you in the app’s filtering.
  • For a Samsung Galaxy, you must go with the drop-down Menu and Enable options.
  • Thus hide the app by using the Hide button.
  • You should touch the Force Stop tab if the system does not highlight the Disable option. There are many benefits of this Disable option, and one is that the Google Play Store will never order you to update anything.
easiest way to hide apps on android

Final Verdicts

If you are exploring how to hide apps on Android on other websites, this research may be annoying. But by reading from here, you will get the answer to every basic thing only in a few minutes. Remember that hiding apps on Samsung, Huawei, and OnePlus relate to each other.

At the same time, this process becomes different whenever we take a unique android device. Thus use the Home Screen Settings, pick the Apps you want to disappear, and then go with the Done option. You can also visit the top five best privacy apps for android and ios.


Q: Are Hide apps safe?

Yes, Hide apps are 100% safe and store your data for years.

Q: How to hide apps on android tablets?

To hide apps on android tablets, select Home Screen Settings, Choose Hide apps and prefer the Done option.

Q: What happens to apps when you hide them?

By hiding the apps, the apps disappear from the list of user purchases.

Q: Where can I find hidden apps?

If you want to find hidden apps on Android phones, click the App Drawer, Menu, and Show Hidden Apps options.

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