How To Identify Any Song On Android

Learn completely below how to identify any song on android through different applications or other simple and easy ways.
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Most of the time, we listen to many interesting songs on TV or sound systems and want to download that one. Unfortunately, we cannot recognize that song because we are unfamiliar with the language. Don’t worry because we have a unique solution for such a song. Although there are many ways to detect any song on your smartphone, we suggest you download many song recognition apps and tools to trace your favourite song within a few seconds and enjoy its lyrics.

All these music-detecting applications have a quite simple interface and are absolutely rocking because of their stunning features. Simply play your favourite song on any device and open the smart recognition system of your app, definitely, it will detect that song name in no time. Moreover, you don’t have to wait for hours, all results will be shown on your screen within a few seconds. However, it doesn’t matter whether you are playing a song on a PC, an android phone, or any sound system, everything is detectable now!

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Popular Song Identifying Applications

Our kind developers have completely tested all the following applications and officially approved these apps for smartphones. Surely, you will love all these song-detecting apps and download them on your phone without wasting a single second.

google sound search


Undoubtedly, shazam is the top-grossing song-detecting application on the play store that has got over one billion downloads. Both android and ios users can download this app and identify song online effortlessly. It doesn’t matter whether you are listening to English, Spanish, or Japanese songs, shazam can detect that particular song within moments. Not stopping there, you can also watch the video of your favourite & detected song on shazam and enjoy the lyrics for endless hours.

identify this song

Furthermore, there are no limitations or restrictions on whether you detect how many songs, it will give you reasonable results every time. Users can also detect or recognize the songs without an internet or WIFI connection by using the offline feature. This app has a wonderful ability to detect millions of songs, lyrics, and tones because this app is supported by modern technology. Meanwhile, shazam detects your songs in three different rounds including moderate difficulty, hard difficulty, and extreme difficulty.

However, no experience or skills are required to recognize the songs, just press the shazam button on your main screen and play the desired song instantly. You can also explore a huge library of trending songs, videos, and lyrics without humming or lagging. This app is highly accurate and gives results immediately. Last but not least, after recognizing your lovely song, you can share that song with friends on Snapchat, instagram, WhatsApp, and Twitter. No doubt, it’s really amazing.

find a song by humming online


After shazam, soundhound is the second-best application that allows users to detect and deal with various songs for free. The user interface is pretty awesome and causes no complications for beginners at all. There are no restrictions whether you are driving your car or dancing at home, just press the orange button and detect which song is playing exactly now. All the songs that you detect online, are continuously saved in your personal history and you can open them anytime.

identify song online

Not only this, the developer has launched a music map system by which you can detect the location where you heard the song. Undoubtedly, it’s extremely wonderful and amazing for every song & music lover. A large database of detectable audio songs is available to detect every category of the song within a few moments. In addition, users can discover many lyrics and sing various songs along with the lyrics. In this way, you can get a stunning opportunity to sing famous songs effortlessly.

Another fantastic feature is that you can utilise many voice commands to recognize multiple songs, such as ‘OK Hound…show me my discoveries, ‘OK Hound…Show me what I can say, ‘OK Hound…Show me what I can say and more. Just use these incredible options and access the world’s popular & hottest and find a song by humming online.


Actually, musixmatch is associated with spotify to provide a massive library of all songs and music. The main purpose of this application is to facilitate users with top-notch and trending lyrics and music ideas. That’s why if you are a lyrics and music lover, then don’t go anywhere else, musixmatch is the perfect application for you. This application has the most advanced identification tools to detect unique lyrics and music categories.

Moreover, users can not only listen to their favourite music and popular lyrics but can also find the translation of lyrics and learn new languages effortlessly. It’s quite unique and easy for all users including beginners and old. Simply type the name of your beloved lyrics in the search bar and find song by melody. However, if you are unaware of the name of a song, you can also search for the song by the name of the artist and title.

Not stopping there, the Lyricscard feature in the latest version allows users to share their favourite songs and lyrics with friends by using various attractive backgrounds. Watch the high-quality videos in landscape mode and on full screen with one click. You can also pause, play, skip various tracks, and lock your screen. Moreover, the advanced UI system always notifies users when new songs or lyrics are released.


Q: Which application is best for both android & Ios?

We suggest you download the shazam app to recognize all complex lyrics and popular songs.

Q: Can I detect the song of the unknown artist through shazam?

Of course, users can recognize songs of unknown artists with one click.

Q: Can Google Assistant detect songs and lyrics?

Sure, now you can use google sound search to discover your favourite songs.


Undoubtedly, we have explained the top 3 music identification apps for android and ios users to detect all sorts of music. You can enhance your music experience by using these apps and explore a huge variety of songs immediately. Moreover, you can also approach all lyrics within these apps and enjoy them countless times. So don’t waste your time on other apps and join our online community to get engaged with the music world.

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