How To Install Web Browsers On Android Tv

Learn below how to install web browsers on android tv through different apps and methods which are given here.
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Without any browser, we cannot search or surf anything online. We can solve our daily life problems with the chrome browser. Google Chrome is the most popular browser of today with billions of users in the world. It works on mobile phones, PC, laptops, and many other smart TV devices. Android devices are the significant devices used for streaming and live programs. But there is a huge drawback that it does not contain any browser. In short, you cannot search or do anything related to the internet. So, people are really worried about the problem. Now, I have brought a solution for how to install web browsers on android tv.

If you have searched for Chrome Browser, you may not find it on Play Store or other app stores. However, some other browsers are available which are not valuable and noteworthy. It is not a big problem that you are considering. Let’s talk about the main business.

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Installing Web Browsers On Android Tv

Here are some popular methods to download web browsers on android tv. You can pick up any method to solve the issue. I will try to explain everything in clear words.

install chrome on android tv

Take Help From Aptoide Application

The app is specifically designed for downloading the chrome browser on your android TV. If you have not downloaded any browser, you can take help from the aptoide app.

  • First, download the Aptoide app from Play Store and tap on the search option at the right-hand corner of the screen.
  • Now search for Chrome Browser and tap on the app. Install the Chrome Browser through the Aptoide app.
  • Once the app is installed, Android Tv creates an icon for Chrome Browser.
  • Now, you can search for anything in the Chrome browser.
chrome for android tv apk 2023


Aptoide provides the easiest way to install the chrome browser but you can download only the old version through it. The latest version of chrome is not available on the Aptoide app.

To take advantage of additional features and extra security, I will suggest you download the latest version of any browser.

google chrome for android tv apk

Use Chrome Apk File To Download Browser

Using the chrome Apk file may be a complicated and long process for some people. In actuality, it has both pros and cons. You will get a copy of the Apk file and transfer it to Android tv through a USB drive. This process is also called Sideloading. In this guide, you will know how to install chrome on android tv. Now we should check it;

web browser for android tv
  • Install the Apk Mirror or Apk Pure on your device (Smartphone or Computer). When the app is installed on your device, create a copy in the form of an Apk file.
  • Now use the SFTV application or Puffin tv browser to transfer the Apk file wirelessly. You can use a cloud service or a tv box to transfer the file.
  • Thereafter, install Solid Explorer from the android TV’s play store.
  • Android Tv does not allow third-party applications from unknown resources. So, first, you have to make privacy changes to your device.
  • Next check the Security and Restrictions> Unknown resources, and then allow permissions for Solid Explorer.
  • Create the download folder and locate the Apk file in this folder.
  • Now open the Apk File and quickly install Chrome Browser on your Android Tv.
  • To connect the browser to your Android Tv, simply use a weird mouse. It works flawlessly without any hesitation or restrictions.

Use AirDroid Cast Web

AirDroid Cast Web is the most effective and suggested application that is easily available on Play Store. First, search any web browser on your Android Tv and log in to the AirDrast application through your account. It will ask you to scan the code. After watching, you can use the Chrome browser of your phone on Android Tv.

The display becomes larger, and you can watch your favourite Tv shows, dramas, and movies through google chrome for smart tv.

Setting Up Chrome Browser On Android Tv

The sideloaded apps or Chrome Apk files may not work on some models and Tv. So, there is no access to a web browser for android tv like regular applications.

To get access to the Chrome browser, you can use the following methods.

  • First, check the Settings menu and then watch the complete list. If your browser is not loaded on the Android tv, you can set it through the settings menu.
  • Use launcher application: Several launcher applications are available on the store that provides one-click access to your chrome browser. A few launcher applications are popular which are Sideload Channel, Sideload Launcher, and Sideload Launcher Channel. Each app has distinct features to try.

Best Browser For Android TV

Chrome browser is the most secure and quick browser available on the internet. Apart from the Chrome browser, there are many other browsers available in the market. These have excellent browsing features and many advantages. You can use these browsers professionally as well as personally. Here is a list of the best browsers for android tv that you must know.

Firefox: The most reliable and fast browser is firefox. Whether you are using it for mobile, PC, Laptop, Tablet, or Smart Tv, firefox is freely available. Moreover, it is the best browser for android tv because of its simpler interface and excellent features.

Puffin Tv Browser: Puffin browser is a highly-rated browser that provides advanced features to all users. You can control the browser through the remote. In addition, it supports QR code scanning.

Microsoft Edge: Microsoft Edge is also a great browser available for android tv. You can call it an alternative variant of google chrome for android tv apk because of its features. The PC version of Microsoft Edge is available in the store.

Wrapping Up

There was some information related to the question of how to install web browsers on android tv. I have described the accurate details and pros/cons of each method. Now internet surfing has become easy with a variety of web browsers. You can also use a web browser for a larger display and advanced features. So, take advantage of the latest technology and enjoy every moment!


Why is Chrome browser preferred over other web browsers on devices?

The UI system and user-friendly controls make it super compatible with all devices. There are some additional features that you will enjoy only in the chrome browser.

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