How To Schedule Text Messages On Mobile (Android & iOS)

In this post, the whole detail about how to schedule text messages on mobile is given.
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With the advent of smartphones, we can readily contact other people, send text messages and make voice or video calls. Sending text messages is a convenient way to connect with our loved ones. Sometimes, you also need to send important text as Birthday Wishes or Call for a meeting. We often forget some crucial readers and suffer from concussions.

But recent technology has made it possible to send scheduled messages. In this article, I will tell you how to schedule text messages on mobile. If your working schedule differs from your friend’s schedule, you must prepare and send your messages. The scheduled or preset message will be sent automatically. You need to write the letter and fix the date & time.

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How To Schedule Text Message On Android

If you have a newer android version, you can schedule text messages using Google Messages or Samsung. Here is a quick detail of every step.
Using Google Messages

  • Open your message icon and write a text message you want to schedule. Hold the send option for a few seconds. The “schedule send” will show on the screen.
  • Tap on the “Schedule send” option, and it will ask you to select “Time and Date.”
  • The list of preset times will appear, now select the exact time and date.
  • Now click the Send button. A clock icon will also appear, showing it is a scheduled text.
  • Google has recently introduced the Scheduled feature not available in older versions.
  • If you need Google Messages, please check Play Store and find it. Remember to set the program on your phone.
you can schedule text messages using google messages

Using Samsung Messages

Despite Google Messages, you can use Samsung Messages if you have a Samsung phone. The process for scheduling any text is as follows;

  • Compose the messages in the Samsung Messages app and tap the additional settings (indicated as the + button) on your phone.
  • Select the “Schedule message” and set the date & time for the written text.
  • Tap the “Done” option to save the settings.
  • This option works on Note and Samsung Galaxy mobile phones. I hope you understand how to schedule text messages on Samsung.
schedule text messages on samsung

Using Third-party Apps

Some people prefer using third-party apps instead of Google or Samsung Messages. The prominent apps that are used for scheduling messages are;

Do It Later:

Do it later is a free tool that allows you to schedule text messages, tweets, calls, and emails. It is easy to use the application in which you will create the text and set the exact time. You will also learn how to schedule a text on motorola.


Pulse or Pulse SMS is an innovative way to organize messages. It has many in-built features that will allow you to schedule the messages. To prepare any text, tap 3 dots at the corner, choose the alternative “Schedule a message,” write content, set the timer, and hit the send button.


One of the most favorite messaging apps on the Play Store is Textra. You can customize the app and set the clock according to your timings. Firstly, you will need to write the text and press Send option.

you can use third party app

How To Schedule Text Messages On iPhone

  • Find the Shortcut app on Apple Play Store if you have a lower version than iPhone 13.
  • Now select “Create Personal Information” and choose the time of day.
  • Click Month and select the day & date for the message. Now tap the “Action Menu” and click on the contact from the contact list.
  • You can also review the automation and check everything. If each option looks perfect, tap done. However, if you want to make changes in automation, click “delete” and reset every setting.
  • The shortcut app will send the message at a fixed date and time.
  • The shortcut apps work only on iPhones and are easy to schedule text messages on iPhones.
schedule text messages on iphone

Set The Reminder On Your iPhone

Luckily for iPhone users, a new method for text scheduling exists. However, it is partially automated same as the shortcut app.

  • First, check the reminder app and go to “new reminder.”
  • Type the message, add the title and check the other details.
  • Click the calendar icon and customize the date & time for the given message.
  • Save the message as a reminder and paste the written text into the Messages app on your iPhone.
  • Setting the reminder is an easy way to schedule text messages. It needs to be fixed technically.
automation as the shortcut app

How To Schedule Messages For Business Needs?

Scheduled messages are very beneficial for business people. Especially when your clients have a time difference, people from all over the world can send delayed messages anytime. Therefore, the developers have introduced the Messente app to schedule text message oneplus.

How to use the Messente app?

Messente is an excellent solution for all business worries. You must create an account in the Messente app and verify your phone number. Follow these steps to schedule the text messages;

  • Select your sender ID in Message View.
  • Enter the contact to which you want to send the message.
  • Now write the message, tap “Preview” and “Schedule for later.”
  • Pick the date and time and click “Schedule.”

Using Alarms Or Calendar Reminders

The last suggestion that people can use is Alarms or Calendar reminders. You should select the date for a special event and set the reminder. It is a better option rather than using third-party apps or Google Messages. You can also write a short title and set the reminder when needed.


There are many methods and tricks for scheduling text messages on mobile. An automated message is advantageous for appointment reminders, marketing campaigns, and customer comfort. However, it is recommended to use only certified apps as all third-party apps need to be more secure. Using a default calendar or reminder is a perfect choice for all users. Furthermore, if you have any issues with how to schedule text messages on mobile, please comment and stay tuned with us.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Schedule Text Messages On Mobile

No, your phone will not send any scheduled messages. You will need to turn on your phone and connect to Wi-Fi.

How can I check that my message was scheduled?

You will see the clock icon near the message. You can also check other details.

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