How To Upload High Quality Photos And Videos On Facebook

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Facebook is a popular social networking application that allows users to share images and videos. However, the app itself uploads the photos in standard or low-quality which is annoying for some people. In addition, the image looks blurred at zooming, and minor details are not clear. T does not matter whether you take the image from iPhone or an old smartphone, the image quality has a low resolution to save your mobile data.

The main purpose of using social media apps is to get more followers and fans from all over the world. But people mostly ignore low-quality images without showing any response. So, here is a guide on how to upload high-quality photos and videos on Facebook.

how to upload high quality photos and videos on facebook

The Facebook app automatically compresses the sizes and uploads them to your account. If you are concerned about the quality and size of your image, you can read this blog for your help. I will try to explain every step in simple words for the convenience of users. Let’s discover the primary methods of uploading HD images and videos.

For Android Users:

Most internet users have Android phones and they are forced to upload images and videos of poor quality. However, you can set it to high resolution by following the steps.

  • Open your Android device and now check your Facebook app
  • Click the menu bar and check the option “Security And Privacy”
  • Now come to the main settings option and scroll down the list
  • At the bottom, there will be an option for “Media And Contacts”
  • Click on “Media And Contacts” and make the change in “Upload Photos in HD”
  • Enable the option “Upload Photos in HD”
  • Now, all your images and videos will be uploaded in HD quality
  • The Facebook app will not restrict any changes made to the app

For iPhone Users:

iPhone devices have special settings different from Android devices, so the guide is totally different for iOS users. Here is how to upload high-quality photos and videos on Facebook on iOS devices.

  • Check the main menu icon which is present at the right corner of the screen
  • Now, click “Security and Privacy”, it will represent the main menu
  • Pick “Settings” and go to the “Preference Section”
  • Choose Media and pick “Photos And Videos” to upload photos and videos on Facebook
  • Set the Video Quality to “Optimized” and update the settings
  • If you are an old user of iOS, you should update your device, then make the changes
  • Now Facebook will upload your photos and videos in HD quality automatically

For PC Users:

Now, you can use the Facebook app anywhere on Android, iOS, and PC or laptop. If you are curious to know the procedure of uploading HD photos on PC or Windows or Mac, follow the steps given below;

  • Open your Facebook ID by using any browser and sign in to your account
  • Now come to your Facebook account and check the “Security and Privacy” option from the given settings
  • Choose “Video Settings” from “Security and Privacy” and select the option “HD if Available”
  • Before posting any video back to the Home and check “Photo/Video”
  • You can upload the video in HD quality and add the caption before posting a video
  • You should capture videos in HD format and upload them to your Facebook account
  • Other Ways To Uploading HD Photos and Videos On Facebook

Apart from basic methods, there are some other ways to upload your images or videos in high dimensions. Let’s check them;

Reducing Compression In JPEG Files

The dimensions play an important role in determining the quality of your image. Facebook will decrease the quality of every image except compressed JPEG files. You should upload the pictures in 2048px or at least in 960px to ensure sharper quality. Always make sure you are watching your image in 100% size. Now use Adobe Photoshop to resize your image and make its size perfect.

Resize Your Image Before Uploading Images

Larger size photos or images look better but you cannot upload images of larger sizes. When you try to upload an image of a greater size, it gets blurred and you cannot get the same result as you want. So, always use supported image sizes for Facebook.

The Facebook application supports the following image sizes;

  • 720px
  • 920px
  • 2048px

Use Facebook Official Site/Desktop Version

The quality of the image or photo is disturbed when you upload pictures through the mobile app or Facebook website. In addition, Facebook Lite is another version but the quality is lower in the app. Therefore, it is suggested to use the PC or desktop version of Facebook. You can also use Chrome Browser to log in to your device.

Use sRGB Color Profile

The use of an sRGB color profile is common nowadays. You can also use Adobe Lightroom for making color profiles. The image quality is retained with the help of editing tools. The users will not need to worry about how to upload high-quality photos and videos on facebook.

Keep Right Aspect Ratio

Facebook app keeps changing the rules for the aspect ratio and crop ratio of your image. However, the ideal aspect ratio is 4:5 on all devices. In addition, uploading verticle images on your Facebook app is good for you.

Don’t Share Your Photos Before Uploading

The quality of an image is always lowered when you send it to other media platforms. Moreover, the content quality does not remain the same on your devices. Therefore, it is recommended not to share your picture before uploading it on Facebook.

Overall Summary

Pleasing your followers through your images is a hard task for some people. You have to upload images in high-dimension to make your images attractive and catchy. In this article, I have tried to describe how to upload high quality photos and videos on facebook. I hope you will like and share it with your family & friends.


Can I upload a 4K picture to Facebook?

Yes, you can upload 4K pictures to Facebook. It is now possible to upload the high-dimension within the Facebook app.

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