How To View a Private Instagram Account

Learn easy ways about how to view private instagram account of anyone with the given below information by us.
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Social media has opened a new world for us, we can share videos and pictures on the internet. Recently, Instagram has become a top social media platform where you can create public or private accounts. The application respects the privacy of every person and allows us to hide pictures or videos. However, some people don’t like the strict privacy policy of the app. In this article, you will know how to view private instagram account. With the help of this information, you can view the Instagram Profile, Pictures, and Videos.

Unlike other social media accounts, Instagram has a private mode. However, some people hate when they see other accounts private. With some tricks and hacks, people can view the photos of other people even if they are blocked. Let me tell you how to do this;

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Send A Follow Request

One of the simplest ways to see the photos & videos of other people is to send a follow request. You can send the following requests to any private account. It may take a long time to approve your following request. But if you are sending a request to your friend or family member, they will accept your request immediately and follow back.

view a private instagram account 2021

However, if your request is not accepted, don’t get anxious. There are many other ways to view the Instagram account of other people. Without any hassle, let’s get on with business.

Proven Ways To View Private Instagram Accounts

Use Google Quick Search

Google may help you to view private Instagram accounts. All records of social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram are saved in Google. So, if you want to know how to view private instagram account without verification, you can use the Google search engine.

view a private instagram account without following

Simply put the username in the search engine and Google shows the images & videos posted before locking the account. All public details like stories, posts, and videos will appear here. However, it shows old posts only. If you want to view the recent activity of a person, you should move towards other options.

Use Instagram Mod

Nowadays, almost every app or game has a modded version that provides additional features. So, Instagram mod is also available in the market. With the MOD version, you can view stories of private accounts, download their images, and check the recent activities of interested people.

view a private instagram account without human verification

Some mod applications available on different websites and app stores are Instagram plus, Instagram++, and GB Instagram. These applications are like extensions that can be added to your device quickly. Moreover, it is not illegal to use modded apps.

view a private instagram account free

Take Help From Your Friends

Good friends are always a blessing to us. If you want to view the posts of a special person, you can take help from your friends. It is the most reliable way to check private accounts. Maybe your friend is already following the same person.

view a private instagram account reddit

There is no better solution than using your friend. You can ask close friends and they will send all posts and videos of this special person. The internet is full of tips & tricks but only a few are secure. Some hacks may lead to the hacking of your accounts. However, by using a good friend, you can monitor all his/her actions constantly.

Use Fake Instagram Accounts

Creating fake accounts may be unethical and against the rules of privacy. But in this age, there is no difference between original and fake accounts. Using a fake account is the proven answer to the question of how to view private instagram account for free.

Remember, you should create an account with the name of a girl. Experts say that there are greater chances of accepting your request when you create a female account. Add 8-10 pictures of attractive girls (not models) and to increase curiosity, keep your account private. Now send a request to target people and express your feelings through direct messages.

Access Them Through Other Social Networks

Instagram is not only the last way to see the photos and videos of an exclusive person. You can check him/her on other platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, TikTok, and Pinterest. In addition, social media accounts are connected so you can get easy access to Instagram accounts. You will only need to put in the accurate username and check the details for the required person.

Use Third-party Services

Thanks to mobile apps and websites, we can now get access to Instagram accounts and check every detail. People ask how to view private instagram account stories. So, mobile applications provide a great advantage. Here are the best apps that you can try.


PrivateInsta is an amazing application that allows you to reveal private accounts. The interface of the app is wonderful. Moreover, it works best on Android, Mac, Windows, iOS, and other platforms. There is no need to log in through the account.


Insta DPS is a free instagram viewer that works finely to provide all details for an Instagram account. The UI of Insta DPS is simple and easy to understand. You will not face difficulty in viewing the content. Go ahead and try the best mobile application.


xMobi is a hacking application that hacks the data of private accounts. Desktop users can also get access to private accounts. So, you will not worry about how to view private instagram account followers. In addition, you can download the photos and save them in your gallery. With the advent of technology, it is possible to get involved in the personal activities of a person.

Furthermore, there are other third-party apps that are helpful in uncovering the accounts. However, I have described only top-notch applications popular in all app stores.

Wrapping Up

It is totally unethical to get involved in the personal details of any person. The most probable answer to how to view private instagram account is to send the following request or send messages. If a person does not accept requests, you should respect the privacy of other people. Still, if you want to view a private Instagram account, you can try these methods to bypass all restrictions.


Q. Should I use a free application to see Instagram posts and photos?

Most free mobile apps have limited features and advantages. However, some mobile applications are noteworthy.

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