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Innocent witches apk is a top rated game which allows you to deal with witches by using various powers.
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Have you been bored of racing games? If yes! Then a top-rated game of this era, innocent witches apk is on this page. Here, you will be given a character: Marcus Redblack whose father is Tom Riddle. While your responsibility is to deal with the wizards and witches. Yes! You have to use special powers and begin fights against these wizards. Besides that, you can also perform romance with these witches to bring more excitement into your journey. Various places like Azkaban prison, Hagrid house, and Headmaster’s cabin are also found in this masterpiece. Thus you should visit these stunning places and experience the mini-games to catch valuable rewards.

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Storyline Of Innocent Witches Apk:

Be fast to download innocent witches game where different sorts of characters are available for you. These characters range from typical to special ones. In the case of typical characters, your hero Marcus Redblack and his father Tom Riddle are enough. But when we talk about the special characters then we get the names of wizards, witches, and the school’s students. Note that your character always works for the welfare of the city and its people. But the creatures like wizards and witches can’t see prosperity in the city which is why they always create new problems for citizens.

innocent witches apk 2023

To overcome these critical circumstances, you will have to perform two major jobs. The first job is to fight with these wizards and witches so that they can be absent from the game’s plot. While in the case of a second job, you will have to prepare yourself and do a romance with these hot witches. In short, here romance is the basic thing by which these witches can become addicted and then they will always work according to your order. Let us satisfy these evil creatures and then get a lot of benefits from them. In addition, various mini-games are also there to ensure exciting treasures for you.

Authentic Features:

Lots Of Characters

In the innocent witches android game, lots of characters such as Marcus Redblack, Tom Riddle, Wizards, Witches, and Students are found. Note that Marcus Redblack is the main character of the game story which is why his duty will never alternate. Top Riddle is the father of your character and he always supports his son whether it’s a serious case or a normal situation. While the remaining characters; wizards and witches are against you but you can make them your fan through romance.

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Different Locations

If any of you want to enjoy the beautiful sceneries of nature then that guy should play the innocent witches apk where different locations are present. The attractive places given in this masterpiece are the Hagrid house, Azkaban prison, Headmaster’s cabin, and many more. Surely, by going to these places you will feel relaxed and will know how crucial this game is. In short, the game plot shows a resemblance to the Hogwarts and Harry Potter series as its world completely looks like them.

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Thrilling Challenges

Innocent witches gameplay guide apk is full of thrilling challenges and all of them are thoroughly different from each other. In the case of these challenges, you will have to do a variety of tasks but there should be minimum chances of mistakes. The beginning game challenges revolve around fighting against wizards. When you get some experience then the developer orders you to romance with these witches. In addition, visiting different game locations is also a part of these challenges.

innocent witches apk free everything

Mini Games

According to me, there is no better platform for mini-games than this masterpiece. In this way, you should download innocent witches apk and then various mini-games like Witcher Gwent, Wolfenstein, Red Dead Redemption, Tekken, The Legend Of Zelda, Blade Runner, Fallout 4, etc can be played. Undoubtedly, a player can feel ugly by experiencing a game again and again. So this is the reason the developer has added many mini-games here just for your entertainment.

innocent witches apk free download

How To Install Innocent Witches Apk?

  • First of all, download the innocent witches game from this post.
  • Then continue the installation procedure of this apk file.
  • Within a few seconds, this installation will be complete
  • Later that, you will see two options; Done or Open the file.
  • If you want to dive into the game right now, then prefer the “Open” option. But if you are not in the mood and want to play the game later then your fingers should be on the “Done” option.


Q: Is Innocent Witches a full-fledged adult game?

Undoubtedly, innocent witches are a full-fledged adult game and are favourable for people of more than 18+ years.

Q: Is this game based on Hogwards?

This masterpiece revolves around wizards and witches and both of these creatures are dependent on the Hogwards series.

Q: Why are Innocent Witches Apk not available on Google Play Store?

Innocent witches apk is an adult-based game and goes a little bit against the google play store policies. That’s why this game is not available on the play store.

Final Verdicts:

Innocent witches apk is an interesting game in which your gameplay begins with Marcus Redblack. Many wizards and witches are roaming in the city and their goal is to destroy the prosperity of the area so that everyone will have to face serious problems. In this way, you just need to apply a few strategies and continue a war against these wizards. Note that witches are very dangerous and the only option to cool down their anger is to have a romance with them. In addition, you can also move towards different places and can play the mini-games available here with your friends.

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