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Jikage rising mod apk is available here with unlimited money.
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The games which provide anime shows are almost very popular in the world. As a lot of people are entertaining with them. Such games are being aired everywhere because their influence is felt in every part of the world. So if you like such forms of games then you will also like one of the most famous anime shows forever jikage rising mod apk 1.12.

It is an simulation game that gives you a lot of fun. Here your role is to help the clan by taking the control of women. So it means that you can do everything within the limit of the game which is so amazing. The game is established in the village of Konoha and there are many characters.

The game is completely developed by Naruto that is a famous and qualified company almost all over the world. So this game is widely played everywhere. About 50M+ people have downloaded this mod version and many people play it daily. So what are you waiting for? Don’t be late and just download game jikage rising latest mod apk. Also, don’t forget to write a review and to support us. Exciting gameplay is given below.

Gameplay Of Jikage Rising Mod Apk

The anime industry has grown rapidly from the past years and now it is one of the most entertaining industries in the world. There are a lot of anime shows available for you like Naruto which is absolutely famous. The animated cartoon that is published in japan is aired all over the world.

jikage rising mod apk unlimited money latets version

This simulation game fully stimulates all your senses. Here you can recall the whole new present that is so amazing. In jikage rising, your mission is to help the clan that comes to you for one night and its condition is mysterious. So start your journey and help them.

It is always better than an RPG or a fighting game. In naruto as a grown up you can take the control of a woman by making physical affairs with her and then you can do everything in the game as you like. Here, you can also visit a lot of beautiful places.

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Exciting Features

To make our customers easy we always describe the amazing features of all games. It helps them a lot and they can play the game very easily because features are the base of every game. If a game has no good features then it will not become popular. But the jikage rising game contains all the good features and that’s why it is popular over all the world. The exciting features are given below.

Play As A Women

There is a lot of anime shows for you to entertain anyone. You can entertain yourself by downloading many Naruto games anywhere you like. But if you have already played all the Naruto games that include fighting, talking and, many others things like that then you will become sick from such games.

This situation will force you to try something new. And the best option in this situation is the only one and that is the jikage rising apk. In this story-type game, you have a new feature and you can take the control of a woman of Konoha and also you are capable to use some new techniques.

Meet With Naruto Personalities

In this simulation game you will be able to meet with many Naruto characters, especially with womens of Konoha like Sakura, Hinata, Konan, Temari, Karin, Kurenai, and many more like that.

Here your main mission is to help the mysterious clan which is so fantastic. Also, enjoy the awesome techniques which are in this game. If you are someone who loves Naruto then you will also fall in love with jikage rising gameplay.

A Wonderful Unique Story

This awesome game provides you a unique story. Like other Naruto games here you will not be able to see or read manga or anime. You can put the women in trance by doing unique techniques. Here you can control the women to complete the mission and also you have the ability to use fundamental techniques that prove beneficial for you.

Do Everything That You Like

In jikage rising download, you can do everything as you like because there is no barrier. That is the reason you can easily control women and help the clan in miserable conditions. And also you can go to the village anytime you want but keep this one thing in your mind always try to complete the story.

Beautifull Visions

Alot of games are popular due to their superb visions. That’s why now these days every releasing game has mostly outclassed graphics in it. Like others jikage rising mod apk cheats has also outclassed graphics in it which means the whole sceniries will look real.

Mod Features

This version of the game is full modified. The content quality is best and also it has super-quality graphics. So in this version, you can access unlimited features like jikage rising mods and jikage rising unlimited money.

And then you will be able to purchase everything in the game as you like while in the real version all these features are locked and there is no accessibility like that. So to overcome this problem all mod features of the game are given below.

Get Unlimited Money

In jikage rising apk, you can access unlimited money. So you can buy everything in the game that you like. While in the real version all these features are locked and you can not get any unlimited money. The only way is that you can buy things from the game shop if you spend your real money but it is so costly. So always purchase awesome things and be happy with unlimited money.

Get Upgraded Materials

As it is an era of attraction so people love the best looking things. Because the upgrade process of things makes them wonderful and they look very pretty. But jikage rising mod apk pc gives you the opportunity to upgrade various materials. Here You can upgrade everything you like or we can also say that everything is already upgraded for you.

Ads Free

Most anime games are full of ads for the sake of money. But after embedding extra codes in this game now it is totally ads-free which means it will not waste your precious time and you can play your game easily and freely. So be ready to get jikage rising mod apk ads free app.


There are a lot of Naruto games on the google play store but the choice of every person is the Jikage rising mod apk. Because it entertains people very much. After playing this awesome game you will gain complete knowledge about all the anime shows and all the Naruto games. You can play this game with a little effort. Just download this version and play it with your friends and also with your family members.


Q: Is it an offline game?

Yes, surely it is an offline game. You can play it anywhere you like.

Q: Is the game free of cost?

Yes, this game is totally free of cost and completely checked by our developers.

Q: Is there any risk while playing this game?

No, there is no risk while playing this game.

Q: Can kids play this game?

Yes, surely kids can play this game.

Q: Is Jikage Rising Mod Apk a good game?

Yes, absolutely it is a good game as 50M+ people have downloaded it.


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