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Lost life apk is available with unlimited money.
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If you love to read mysterious stories and horror novels, this game is according to your imagination. The game is full of strange events, and every event in the game depends on your choice. Your life would be at stake every moment.

The most important thing is what you decide. This game is about winning and losing, mainly options. In this game, you will act as the main character & your main goal is survival.

Horror stories and detective novels have much creativity, and there is a lot to discover in these stories. Daily episodes are uploaded to magazines that people read with eagerness. In this game, the fate of the horror world rests on you.

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Go on the horror adventure and experience the fear. There may be someone outside the door, or anyone is chasing you. This all happens in the game. So, download lost life apk.

The original game is present in the Russian language, and it is more intriguing. This game was dubbed in the English Language by the Shikastoo Games in the year 2020, which means that it is a new game developed especially for people who are spy novel lovers.

The game is well established as the whole story of a movie or novel comes before you. Suppose you were in a good mood, but suddenly you woke up in a dark forest without knowing how you got there? You don’t remember anything from the past.

An overview Of Lost Life APK

The game lost life Apk revolves around one character that spends his life lonely according to the routine. She wakes up in the morning, goes to school, and faces different difficulties and all that occurs in a typical person’s day.

The game lost life apk has dramatic challenges; either a villain can enter her life, or another person may have tortured her.

download lost life apk


You have to do everything alone. The graphics are so well designed that everything looks accurate. The game becomes more curious if you get into another world. Each and everything in the game is changed.

You have to do everything from the start, building your house and meeting the expenses. You may reach the next level, and each 0level of the game has its craving.

The game full of horror is also a fun experience. To play this game, you must be brave and strong-hearted. I am sure that you will be satisfied with it once you get to play it. This can be done only by solving puzzles and collecting items.

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Be ready for exciting twists; the further you go into the game world, the more intriguing it becomes. So, download game lost life 2 to engage yourself in the terrifying world.

Exciting Features Of Lost Life APK

Unique Gameplay

All the games are related to action, strategy, and thrill. But the gameplay of this is unique and rare. Here you will see the sad face of an innocent girl that seems afraid of her future. Your main task is to keep your character happy and cheerful.

The game lost life mod apk is primarily for young guys who are single and want to kill their boredom. Children must not play this game as it can have destructive impacts on their minds.

Puzzle Simulation Game

The game looks very strange at first but don’t worry, and you should take it very easy. Solve the puzzles in the game. First, you should know about the mysterious character that is sad and disappointed in her life.

You have to solve her problems, and puzzles would be solved automatically. So, download lost life to enjoy something very different. Reaching the next level will increase your money.

Endless Chapters

Like the fiction stories, this game apk lost life 3, has chapters. Every chapter has its uniqueness and is entirely different from the previous chapters. These chapters would immerse you in the mysterious world that would not let you go out from the gaming world.

The character remains the same in every chapter, a young girl who wants to get rid of her entangled life. But there are some modifications to it.

3D Graphics

This unique game has 3D animated graphics that give a real impact. The pictures are designed to provide the game with a natural look. One of the special features of the game lost life download is that there are no images or videos; only sound is present.

The soft music voice makes the game more melody. 3D animations make the results highly clear and somewhat terrifying.

Show Your Identity

In this game, lost life 2 download, the hardest thing is to struggle for survival. So, you should have a house to stay in, and safety is required against the invaders. Each step affects your life, and you might be killed the next moment.

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You may see the terrifying nightmare that makes you scarier. If you have to survive in this game, you should be brave. You have to face all the challenges and hardships with patience.

Unlimited Money

This game is about a girl who needs money for daily meals and customization. Everything in the game requires money. But earning money is not so easy in this game, and you get a longer time to unlock the items. But we have made it easy for you with the Apk version, where you can get unlimited money without any effort.


Q. Is the apk version of the game lost life available in English?

Yes. The Apk version is available, and we have converted the Russian game into the English language, seeing people’s interest.

Q. What is the size of the game lost life apk?

Its size is 126MB, which is not a problem for Android users.

Q. Is it safe to download the Apk version of the lost life apk?

Yes, this is secure, without any risks, and virus-free.

What type of game is lost life?

The lost life is a 1st person horror game where you can fight dangerous monsters.


In my opinion, this is the best game for readers. People have given positive responses about the game. Most people appreciate the character of a girl. The main things in the game are the scary story and its brilliant features.

This game is ad-free, and the ban is removed. Because of some immoral activities, it was banned in some countries. But we have removed all the restrictions of the game. This game has limited languages; not all languages are supported. Download game lost life sfile mobi to have a unique experience.


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