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Download the upcoming latest version of my playhome plus mod apk 2022 and create your own storyline of the daily schedule
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Childhood is a precious time for all people. It is called the golden period of an individual. You are free from any tensions, and your life revolves around playing and eating. I have also some memories of my childhood such as playing with dolls, going to a friend’s house daily, and enjoying every time.

But these days are gone now. It is the age of technology. The digital world has created the game My Playhome Plus Mod Apk, which would take you into your childhood age.

This game is related to your doll house, where the child can do everything they want. See your dream house in my playhome plus apk where you can on the lights, sit in any room, eat and drink from the refrigerator. Even you can cook in the kitchen.

You can fry the egg and bake the cake for your family. You can drive a car and go to school. Imagine how amazing this could be. You can go for an outing and visit many new markets and shops.

Here you are free to play, there are many choices for you. You can do all that you have missed in your childhood. Well, you can get up in the morning, take breakfast and go to school or you can play. You can sleep any time, and imagine a doll house that keeps engaging your kids for months and years.

There are so many works in the game my playhome plus mod apk moddroid that you can do without any hindrance.

Storyline Of My Playhome Plus Mod Apk

This could be the best dollhouse for your kids. Your kids can learn from characters, they will see how they wake up, brush their teeth and go to school. They watch TV or listen to their favorite music. After playing this game, your stubborn child may come to a normal routine and get inspired by these characters. This game is so easy to use and specially designed for kids.

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The parents can check their activities and most parents trust this game. The game my playhome plus mod apk happymod includes no immoral activities that had a bad impact on their mind and lives. Think about that the doll house was built for 2 years and it can last up to 8 years.

Your kids cannot break the items, nor do they get lost in the game. Your kids can explore everything and this act will polish their creativity.

This game collects all apps related to home and combines them into one colossal world; my playhome Plus mod apk. Your child can take a bath, sleep, eat, and can visit many places such as Icecream Parlour and Pizza Hut.

No other home games or apps are as interactive as this game is. You can also play, swim in the pool, and jump between schools, houses, and hospitals.

How To Install My Playhome Plus Mod Apk

  • To install the game on your phone please follow these steps.
  • Tap on the download button, and it will redirect you toward the download page of my playhome plus mall unlocked apk.
  • Wait for a few seconds, a new download button will show.
  • Click on this button. It will redirect you to the Mediafire page.
  • After entering the Mediafire page, the download button will appear. Click on that button and downloading will start at that time.
  • After installation is complete, you will get a notification.

Exciting Features Of My Playhome Plus Mod Apk

This game was released recently, and its downloads are rapidly increasing every day. Now, it has five million-plus downloads with a positive rating. Here are some exciting features of the game.

My Playhome Plus Mod Apk 2022

My Playhome plus- Classic App For Kids

My playhome plus is a trustworthy app for parents who take care of their kids. You don’t need to keep an eye on your kids, this is more reliable. They can easily get immersed in the game my playhome plus apk uptodown because the elements are highly interacting. There are many interactive places in the home such as the bedroom, living room, and Tv hall; as well as outside the house such as restaurants, coffee shops, and schools.

Colorful Heroes

There are twenty-nine different characters in the game, and you can interact with them. Five out of 29 in the game my playhome plus free download ios are your family members. The family includes a mother, father, son, daughter, and a cute baby.

You can play with the baby and bathe the baby also. Six elder people in the game tell you different stories at the night. Each of the characters has its appearance with different hair colors, skin colors, and textures.

Unlocked All Maps And Unlimited Money

Some areas are free and you can go to these places such as sushi. Coffee shop and burger shop. But some of them are locked and you cannot open them without any in-app purchases. But in my playhome plus mod apk all unlocked you are free and move to any place with the help of maps.

You can also get unlimited money in the game to unlock new characters and new areas. You can also change the furniture such as the table and chairs.

Some Other Features

  • No ads will appear here. This game has no 3rd party advertisements.
  • The game is totally offline. You don’t require any internet connection
  • There are no subscriptions and no social networks
  • No consumable in-app purchases and secret codes in my playhome plus cheat codes.

Final Verdicts

Download my playhome plus mod apk latest version and enter in the new family. Have fun and enjoyment with family characters and others. Enjoy exploring the new towns and ear meals from different restaurants. The graphics of this game are awesome and they are hand-painted cartoon-like images that are dressed up.

You can interact and play with the family members, you can cook for them, help them with the chores and play different games such as cricket on the ground. You can earn by opening a shop and selling different items such as clothes, shoes, and other items. Through money, you can support your family.


Does PlayHome plus cost money?

There are some in-app purchases that you have to buy to open new areas. But don’t worry there are some areas that are present without any purchases.

How do you play with someone on PlayHome plus?

You can play with your friend or someone, by inviting them to join the My Playhome Plus Mod Apk.

How do I reset my PlayHome?

You can reset the Playhome also. Go to the settings and change the menu. You can reset everything in the game.

Is my PlayHome multiplayer?

Yes, this is a multiplayer game and you can play it with friends also.


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