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Currently, many anime-based games are available in the market. But if you are a fan of the Naruto character, you cannot ignore the naruto storm 4 mod apk. It is a trending game in Japan. So, the developers have released other versions worldwide. With its attractive gameplay and fighting combos, the game has won the hearts of millions of people. Currently, 50 million people are playing this game.

In this game, you will follow the story of Naruto. You can select a character and make many decisions as a leader of the other warriors. The game comes in the form of a series with 720 episodes. That was very little about this game, so I suggest you read this article completely for more information.

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Moreover, the naruto storm 4 apk is the creation of Chocolate Baby Workshop. In addition, you can get the modified version of this game as well. In this patched rendition, the gamer can play with all the characters and unlock their skills.

Main Story Of Naruto Storm 4 Mod Apk

The main story starts in the 4th World War of Shinobi at the same time when shinobi forces quarreled in the ninja village. When Obtio and Marada awaken the beast Hokage, they want to learn about the town. After realizing that Itachi and Hokage are protecting the village, they support the Naruto group. During the battle, Sasuke and Nurato defeat Obito. Besides this, they revived the inherited powers and defeated Madara, will fight for the survival of the village. Let’s talk about the gameplay of the game naruto Shippuden apk.

naruto senki storm 4 apk

In this game, you will enjoy the fascinating action gameplay. Players will select the anime character and control them with their teammates. You will join the arena and destroy the buildings of opponents to get the victory. In this way, you will build a powerful team. Apart from this, the game has simple mechanical controls. You can use a joystick to move the character. You can also use different skill sets to become a ninja in the naruto Shippuden ultimate ninja storm 4 apk.

Glaring Features Of Naruto Storm 4 Mod Apk

Enjoyable Anime Game

If you are a fan of action & fighting games, you have reached the spot. Naruto Shippuden apk mod is also a 3D fighting game that has optimized controls than the previous versions. This fast-paced action manga doesn’t cut corners, unlike its PC versions. In epic battles, you can fight with the ultimate boss and cause high-level damage. You will enjoy a lot of fighting scenes.

30+ Unique Characters

The Naruto show becomes more interesting with the diversity of characters. Approximately 30 characters are present in the naruto ninja storm 4 apk. Many famous characters like Kaguya, Kushina, Hashirama, Kabuto, Kisame, Marada, Naruto, and Sarada will be seen. Each character has a specific appearance and skill set as the game was released in Japan, so you can better understand the game if you know the Japanese language.

naruto ultimate ninja storm 4 apk

Boruto Road

You can choose from various game modes in the game naruto senki storm 4 mod apk. You can enjoy tournament mode as well as practice mode. Enjoy a new game mode known as boruto road mode. Let’s discover its history; Boruto is a son of Naruto and acts as a protagonist in the game. As a Buroto, you will complete various tasks and find the leaf village. Here, you will get extraordinary skills for competitions. Maybe you have to travel to another town.

Voice Switch

As we all know, the game includes a lot of characters. So, you can switch between different characters. But the game does not stop there. You can also choose the voices of famous actors. You can speak other agents, like solid and aggressive voices of American and Brazilian characters. You can select a representative from 30+ characters in the naruto Senki mod storm 4 apk free download. Is it not interesting? Voice switching makes characters powerful and blends in with other characters.

Unlocked All Characters

Each game has a specific currency that allows you to open new characters and upgrade the existing ones. But all players can’t upgrade many things. Therefore, the naruto storm 4 mod apk unlocked all surfaces, which grant you unlocked all the anime characters. You have free access to all the characters, select any character and control him as you want.

Unlocked Character Skills

In naruto storm 4 3v3 apk download, each crew has its set of skills and strengths. You must choose the right talent for every fight. With money, you can upgrade skills and increase the character’s power—another way to boost the skills. Our site offers you to update your skills and increase your strength. Many things are already updated; feel free to choose the skills of your choice.

naruto game free download

New And Better Features

The latest version of the game is much better with new features. Now, you can independently change the role of a leader. In this way, you can build diverse combination chains. Other features are as follows;

Multi-language; You may not know that the game includes a variety of languages such as French, Portuguese, Brazilian, and Spanish. Thanks to the multiple language system, we can freely play games in our native language.

Graphics; Many charming effects are present in the pictures. As this is a fast-paced action game, you will enjoy more intense and fast gameplay. The impressive graphics will surely drown you in the game.

Last Words,

Last but not least, the game is beautiful due to the 124 ninjas in this series. You will indulge yourself in the weird and fascinating fun. The game is entirely free to play. I am sure you will love playing among anime characters. Moreover, the game naruto storm 4 mod apk has mobile-friendly controls and exciting game modes. In the story mode, you will follow the road to the Boruto story. If you have any problems, don’t hesitate to describe us in the comment section. Naruto X Baruto is an other game which is same like this.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Naruto game cover the whole series?

Yes, the games cover the whole story of the Naruto series. They have added mic scenes and extra fights, but you will find the highlights of the manga.

Which is the best Naruto Storm?

With 100+ characters and a sophisticated combat system, the naruto storm 4 mod apk is the best amongst all the naruto games. It has improved much with expansions.

What's new

Ver9.10.0 ・Changed some of the All-Out Mission’s rules.


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