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Millions of people love to read novels and fascinating stories. But in the past few years, many games have been developed that are completely based on these novels. One of the popular visual novels that reflects society, love, and trust is Photo Hunt Apk. In this game, you will follow the story of a young boy. The game has excellent visuals and efficiently works on Windows, Mac, and Android devices. You can perfectly shape a character and increase sneaking and astuteness. The player has to complete missions and tasks.

Like the other role-playing games, this game has straightforward gameplay and many unique characters. The game includes young ladies so, it has attracted many young players. Moochie is the developer of the photo hunt walkthrough. The game is hefty and takes up to 3GB but you can enjoy the compressed version on this website. This version reduces the size too much. In the latest rendition, you will enjoy the new UI and many cut scenes.

Storyline Of Photo Hunt Apk

In the photo hunt game, you will play as a young boy who wanted to become a photographer. Unfortunately, that couldn’t happen. He was sent to his mom’s house. Although he was not willing, they forced him to leave the village. After some time, he came back to the village but everything changed. Due to a mistaken act, he has lost his sublings’ trust. Now you and the camera are left behind. He dreams to become a professional photographer, and later, he will open his photoshoot agency.

photohunt walkthrough

The game is quite similar to the life of an average person. Most importantly, the developers have implemented all the human emotions. You can do many activities such as visiting different places and interacting with other characters. Meanwhile, players can purchase a lot of equipment for their cameras. In this way, he will earn a lot of money and points. Photo hunt apk download has simple gameplay, just complete tasks and get money, no action, no fighting.

Dazzling Features Of Photo Hunt Apk

Every game or app offers some features that describe the complete game plot. If you are also interested in the game, have a look at some fascinating features.

Explore Numerous Locations

You can travel throughout the story. There are so many places to discover in the game. You have to check the main menu and search for the desired location. You can go to the park, Pawnshop, Library, GYM, Red Maiden, Model agency, and many more places. But some locations are specific and you can see them after unlocking. In the photo hunt cheat, you can visit any place without any restriction. The character can capture the beautiful scenery.

Many Unique Characters

The game has unique characters including males and females. There are 11 young ladies and a handsome man that have a secret. You will find the secret and proceed with the story. In this way, the story continues as long as you want. Photo hunt games are only suitable for youngsters. Here, you will enjoy many span scenes and cut them off when you want. You have a choice of selecting your favorite character.

picture hunt game

Shape Your Character

You can shape the personality of your character. Each character has a different mentality, likings, and dislikings, but you can modify them also. The character has many abilities i.e, strength, allure, keenness, and photo abilities. Photo hunt free games are always interesting, and this genre is the most famous of the game genres. You can change the body structure, clothes, and face makeup to make him/her more beautiful. Female characters are very charming and attractive, you can easily shape them.

Insect Patch For Extra Content

If the person faces all challenges and completes missions, he/she can get the insect patch file. This file contains extra content that is developed by fans. A photo hunt guide is also present in the file. If the player is passionate, he can enjoy the awesome content. But there is a chance of a bug in it, so I recommend you to check it. Maybe, you will lose all the progress of the game. So, firstly check the game, then open this file.

Inbuild Cheat Options

The easiest way to get more money and open a new location is to use a cheat file. Photo hunt 13.2 cheat code comes up with extra cheat options. Now, you can skip many missions and get rewards without playing. All you have to do is to place the Cheats file in the game. Users can do a lot of things in the game. So many fans use cheat codes to get everything for the game. These codes will support you in every mission.

How To Install Photo Hunt Apk?

There are main downloading steps on this site. Please follow them carefully for downloading the game photo hunt apk latest version.

  • Click on the download button, it will avert you to another downloading page.
  • Wait for a while, a new download button will appear on that page.
  • Click on that button, it will redirect you to the Mediafire page.
  • Tap on the new button, and your downloading starts.
  • After a short time, you will get a notification of the downloaded game. You can instantly open and play the game.

Final Thoughts

Photo hunt apk is an amazing game that revolves around a photographer. The passionate story has attracted many players. The developers constantly update the content to entertain players. You can roam in different locations such as shops, schools, Lina’s house, and many other locations. If you have played this fascinating game, don’t forget to share it with your friend circle. Thanks!


Is the game photo hunt apk available on the play store?

Yes. You can find the photo hunt apk on the play store. However, in the official version, you cannot enjoy cheat codes and unlimited money.

Describe some characters in the game photo hunt apk.

Lina, Fiona, Monica, Evelyn, Jennifer, and Rachel are the most popular characters in the game.

What's new

All bugs are fixed permanentally.

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