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Good thing there are hundreds of versions of your grandson you can capture, train, and evolve! Stack your Morty deck with strong and diverse Mortys and travel dimensions to take down Rick after Rick for your Portal Gun and your freedom.
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Are you an addict to playing simulation games? Imagine what playing a cartoon-nominated simulation will be the best. The fun is even entertaining when you play the pocket Morty mod apk on your mobile device. Rick and Morty’s characters are a simulation with many cartoon styles. It should be the coming game you would download and play on your mobile device because of its enormous features. There are numerous levels to enjoy while you play the game.

The inventor of this inestimable game is (adult syncope) games. 40M+ people have downloaded this game on their advanced devices. The game’s substance is to produce a unique and genuinely strong platoon in the world, and you will find many adversaries and mystifications. Enjoy a trip across multiple worlds and challenge other icons in this game. Then 70 unique characters are present for your help; beautify them as you want and get unlimited money & tickets from it.

Immersive Storyline of The Pocket Morty Mod Apk

Rick Sanchez is a bright crazy scientist. He nestled down from the effects of an ordinary person like academy, marriage, and family. Rick is an alcoholic, loves violence, and explores the macrocosm. He spends the supreme of his time adventuring with Morty, 14 years old nephew of Rick. But suddenly, numerous unthinkable changes are happening in the universe. Today, Rick’s grandfather is in peril, and he needs to gather resources and an army to kill the adversaries in a new trend.

battle online against friends

The gameplay of this game is so superb and attracts millions of people. Players will continually engage the adversary with political turn-grounded combats; a player not only calculates on the pure power of Morty to master the opponent. At the same time, it is necessary to concoct reasonable tactics in each turn so that they can take the upper hand when fighting. However, the consequences will be superb and lead to failure, If the player is careless during the battle. So, install the pocket Morty apk from here, then enjoy it by getting unlimited everything.

Superb Features

Get Unlimited Everything

Here all the players will get unlimited money after killing their rivals. After every stage, they can pick up enormous tickets and money. The plutocrat and tickets will help you to unleash new characters and situations in this fantastic game. However, you will get new features, characters, and sights here if you download the pocket Morty mod apk unlimited money from this website. Engage yourself with the grueling wars and destroy all the adversaries to save your forefather.

Innumerous Active Characters

The game features over 500 massive characters divided into mortys, custom incorporations, coaches, and NPCs. Each of these characters will uncork in different charts of the game. You can unleash mortys by catching them in the virtual world by going on adventures. Moreover, you can unlock the coach and NPCs characters to train your team. Likewise, you can get custom-made incorporations in exchange for playable tricks.

adventure through the solo campaign

Enjoy With Your Buddies

Now, every player can enjoy the multiplayer mode of this game. This game offers a multiplayer option; click on it, and all players can enjoy it with their musketeers. Gather your musketeers and join them in your platoon, go on your tasks and kill your adversaries. After this, you can get a lot of new munitions and characters from it. Install the pocket Morty mod apk unlimited tickets and enjoy a classic and pleasurable world in front of you. Invite your relatives and friends to the game if you like it.

Discover New locations

The players can see many sights besides catching mortys. The game has multitudinous stunning charts that allow you to explore new locations similar to the Narnia realm, multiverse, intermingled universe, raspberry world, and numerous others. The actual plates of this game have a lot of praise from the innovators’ project platoon. You can explore new locations in it and choose eye-catching sights for each stage.

Train Your Army

This game offers you to make an army and utterly train them, giving them command against your adversaries. Blow all the rivals and enjoy leadership in this unbelievable game. Purchase uniform, munitions, hairstyle, and further for your platoon and beautify them with these effects. Then you can elect potent players, get energy, and numerous further. Collect coffers and kill all the enemies with the help of your team and destructive weapons.

Fight Against the Bosses

At the end of this game, all the players will fight against the active bosses. The last Ten levels are complex and grueling, then solve tricky puzzles and get hints. Expose many mysteries and get tricks to reach the bosses. Get special powers and enjoy the deathful wars in the Rick and Morty: pocket Morty mod apk game. Hide your platoon in secret sights when you feel a lot of threat.

catch wild mortys to train and battle

Some Extra Features

  • The pocket Morty mod apk has the modded version, install this version from my website and get everything unlocked in it.
  • Enjoy it anytime; tape it on the offline mode and play it anywhere.
  • This game is 100% virus-free and safe for your bias. So, enjoy numerous combats and infinite operations in each stage.


The pocket Morty mod apk is the# 1 simulation game that won the hearts of millions of people. Many players are interested in playing it daily due to its stunning graphics and music. All people can use every feature of it for free; destroy all the opponents to save Rick’s grandfather. Here you can see the space world, fly in the air, and get superpowers. Besides this, you can get unlimited prizes, money, and tickets from the rearmost version. Get everything uncorked without any payment. While if you want to download its original apk then go to the pocket Morty’s original version downloading page.


How many Mortys are present in the pocket Morty mod apk?

Here are 300 Mortys present; you can select your favorite; then complete the daring battles.

Can I choose the things I want in this game?

Of course, this game will surprise you with numerous features, battles, levels, and weapons. You can choose the effects that attract you the most.

What's new

2.29.3 - Hotfix for AB issue in 2.29.3


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