PUBG Mobile Tactics And Tips (Complete Guide)

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There are plenty of shooting and action games on the google play store but Call of duty, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds, and Free Fire are the most popular action games around the world. Meanwhile, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) is the top-grossing game at the app store. Unbelievable popularity has been achieved by this game. Millions of players daily join the battlefield and participate in intense fights.

Everyone loves to play shooting games with the most advanced features. However, beautiful HD graphics, plenty of advanced controls, game modes, and a wide map are the main reason behind the victory of this game. The developer has improved all these features in the latest updated version. In addition, you can explore deadly weapons like pistols, shotguns, assault rifles, sniper rifles, machine guns, and many more.

Furthermore, the player can drive various vehicles like Jeeps. Motorbikes, Buses, Coupes, Boats, Sedans, Buggy, and others. That’s why you can explore all the locations on the wide world map. Enter the houses, containers, and caves to collect weapons, ammo, health boxes, injections, and bandages.

Be aware of the arrival of the blue and red zone because they can suck your health energy in a few seconds, especially the last blue zone. Don’t worry, we are describing the useful tactics and tips to become a pro player.

Useful Tactics & Tips To Become A Pro Player

Wisely Customize The Controls

When you open the game lobby, you can find various pre-designed game controls. For example, fire, crouch, go prone, jump, aim down sight, backpack accessibility, and many virtual options on the right side.

Meanwhile, a moveable joystick is placed on the left side to move your character. However, the player can totally change and customize these game controls by changing the transparency and size of virtual buttons. Feel free to save your favorite layout in the setting. So change the game controls according to your wish and ultimately become a pro player.

Use Terrain As Safe Covers

Undoubtedly, buildings and walls are pretty good covers for the player to defend against the enemy’s attack. But there is a risk because a well-targeted hand grenade can drain your complete health. Don’t worry. If you are concerned with the best place to defend yourself.

Discover a hilly area, dip, or ridge so your enemies will not be able to trace your exact location. Surely, these covers are more helpful as compared to buildings or walls. Moreover, you will be able to escape freely in emergency situations.

Pick Up A Level 3 Helmet

The player has to survive till the end and fight with opponents. However, most opponents try a headshot because a headshot has more damage power as compared to a body. One headshot with an M24 or AWM can kill you. That’s why you need to protect your head and wear a level 3 helmet. Even if the level 3 helmet is near to being destroyed. If you find a level 3 helmet, then you are a lucky player.

Move With The Blue Zone

At the start of the game, the blue zone does suck the energy power. With the progress in the game, it drains more health and energy. So be alert about the arrival time of the blue zone. Always move at the edges of the blue zone because you can easily defend yourself.

You know that there will be no enemy who can attack from the back. Meanwhile, if you reach the middle of the map, you need to be very attentive because every warrior can trace your activity.

Fully Boost Your Health In The Last Stage

In the last 30 or 60 seconds of the game, you must take energy drinks and painkillers to get fully boosted. Because the boosted player can regenerate the health power automatically. That’s why you can strategically eat the chicken dinner.

There are a few reasons to boost your health fully. In the late-game fight, when you get an instant shot, you don’t have enough time to take a health box or bandages to heal up. Only energy drinks, painkillers, and injections are the only things that can recover and maintain your health automatically.

Never Try To Hide In The Grass

Most players try to hide behind the grass in the late game. But we will recommend not hiding behind the grass. Because the opponent using a 4X,6X, or 8X scope can clearly monitor your activity from a long distance. So it is not a good idea to hide in the grass.

PUBG Mobile Tactics And Tips

You must take appropriate covers like trees and walls to defend against the enemy’s shots. However, you can also hide behind the bushes but they can not give you a cover. Bushes just provide you only a safe place to hide, not a cover to defend.

Loot The Air Drops

Although you can collect various materials from houses and containers. But there is also an airdrop for the player. After a specific time, the airplane drops an airdrop in the safe zone. The airdrop lands with the help of a parachute and releases red smoke when it lands on the ground.

You can obtain durable elements and weapons like AWM, Groza, Level 3 helmet and vest, AUG A3, M249, and others. These items will definitely help you instantly beat the enemies and win the game.

Keep In Motion & Alert

Usually, if you have to move or run your character forward, you must continuously hold the joystick. But now there is a short trick by which your character will move continuously without holding the joystick. Simply pop up the joystick and swipe up the running button on the left side of the screen.

Consequently, your player will move into sprinting mode. Additionally, you can use the eye/camera button to watch out for everything without any breaks. That’s the best trick when you move from the blue zone to a safe location.

Final Words

Dear friends, we have described all the tricks and tips to survive in the late game. By following these tips, you can eat the winner-winner chicken dinner every time. Even if you are a beginner, you can easily get victory. No game experience or extra skill is required to beat the opponents. Just follow the tricks and become a pro player within a few days. Must Play;- Clash o Clans Apk Game


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