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Survive the seemingly never-ending gauntlet of requests from your advisors, peasants, allies, and enemies while maintaining balance between the influential factions of your kingdom. But beware; each decision you make might have implications and unfortunate consequences down the road that could put your reign and family’s dynasty at risk!
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Games are something that people of every age play. It has become easy to play our favorite games on mobile devices in the modern age. People always want to play good games, so we are here with a new game, the reigns apk. The actual meaning of this game is to become a ruler (obviously you). It has won the hearts of millions of players due to its minimalism and high-quality entertainment. It is a card game, so you will not need to put much effort into it.

If you have spare time, the game is perfect for you. Because it provides peace of mind as well as hones your strong skills. DevolverDigital designs it, and the complete version is available on the app stores. However, it costs about $3.50 on the Play Store or iTunes. You can download the patched version of reigns which is free of cost. It provides you with a complete game without investing your money. You will also get rid of advertisements and other discrepancies.

How To Play Reigns Apk

In reigns apk obb, you are the king, and you will receive questions or suggestions from other country people. You will accept or reject their proposal and give answers to their questions. Every decision you make in the game will form the course of your story. Be ready for every situation because unpredictable things can occur in the game. Moreover, you can rule for a long time if you make careful decisions. Most importantly, you have to keep the monarch and crown. You will be given a Medieval kingdom to rule.

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You can extend your reign and make enemies or alliances as you move further in the game. It’s a game of luck so that unexpected events may happen. It would help if you did not put your family in jeopardy. If you accept a decision, you may face many problems or get advantages. You can marry a princess and open a new card series. The game has a professional design and a beautiful story that brings a lot of fun and excitement. Establish the throne, decide for the country and strive for balance.

Game Features

Unlocked All Game

The complete version of reigns is paid, and you cannot open the complete content without purchasing the version. Some developers have hacked the game data. Now, all users can get the patched version on their devices. Reigns apk (unlocked) gives you access to every card and character. At the same time, you can unlock all the states & allies. Open the unique paths and continue your story. The ultimate mission is to save the queen from rivals. Use inventory system to upgrade special items.

100% Safe To Download

You may face many security issues if you download the game from unknown resources. The virus or malware files can slow down your phone or hack your data. Don’t worry, and we are providing the altered version of the game, free from all security troubles. Alternatively, you can download the game for free. So, make careful decisions, as some of them can be dangerous for your kingdom. Try to convince people through your decisions.

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Excellent Design & Minimal Graphics

The game reigns have different styles with a modern design. The eccentric cards have created a massive difference compared to other card games. In addition, it has no advanced graphics and a messy look. You will find a clean interface & buttons are visible on the screen. You can also use peasants, allies, and advisors. Therefore, you can easily navigate the character and open more options. If you like the games with a simple look, you should download the reigns apk.

Learn Management

In this game, you will learn managing things. There are four main elements; the people, the treasury, the church, and the army. Remember, your decisions are everything. If one segment is empty or full, you will lose the game. You have to create a balance among the categories. Build a strong army and act like a worthy prince to maintain your rule. Please beware of the enemies because they can push you away from the kingdom. It would help if you thought before you do anything.

Various In-game Events

Many in-game events will keep you hooked for hours. Moreover, these game events change the way of playing. Your decisions can prove very bad on some occasions. But there are fewer chances to happen. If you concentrate on the game, surely you will win. The decisions are binary, and your answers can be positive or negative. The cards will determine how long you can survive in the game. You can also play as a beauty queen and take down all the enemies.

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Careful Planning

Careful planning and prudent decisions can prolong the reign. But unexpected events, unlucky chances, and unforeseen motives can bring down the entrenched king. So, you have to give time to the game. Unite your army and kill all the opponents. Reigns: her majesty apk gives you a chance to admit and hear court, family members, and neighbors. Your decision can bring revolution to the regime. Players can swipe the cards left or right. Anyhow, you can also discard the cards if you don’t want.

Final Thoughts

Reigns apk or, more appropriately, The Game of Thrones is a new card game released in the previous few years. You will enjoy the smoothest gameplay and mysterious stories. Some dramatic scenes may also happen in the game. You have to maintain the factions and keep the throne on your shoulders. You may face difficulties in the first stages. However, the game is easy to understand. It also includes tricky enemies and engaging tasks that will grab your attention. It is the best card game that I have played. So, why are you wasting time? Come fast and download the reigns apk.


Q. Can I play the game reigns apk without the internet?

Yes. You can play the game reigns apk without an internet connection.

Q. Is reigns apk a gambling game?

No. It is not a gambling game; you will use only cards. There is no involvement of money in the game.

What's new

Corrects a few bugs. Support of 64 bit devices.


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