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Rise of berk mod apk is available here with unlimited runes.
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Dragons world is the most exciting and full of adventures. Most people want to enter the life of dragons and fight with them. But they can’t do so as this is impossible to enter the imaginary world. Moreover, if you want to enter dragons world, just download the Rise Of Berk Mod Apk.

This game has a long series of dragons from the backside and many developers have inspired this game by hard work. And yet, more than 100 million people have downloaded this game from different countries. Moreover, dragons: race to the edge is included in the category of simulation games.

Moreover, get ready to select from a wide range of dragons and monsters. Select and train them to fly through wings and many other exciting features. However, you can play the dreamworks dragons on all devices. You can get premium features unlocked in our modded version.


The gameplay of this game is very simple and interesting. You can get the opportunity to fight and train monsters and dragons. At the start of the game, an awesome display is presented which attracts the gamers. There are a lot of options that you can select. Firstly, you have to select your favorite dreamwork dragon in dragons riders of berk.

Build your berk and bring new monsters into it. Hiccup is the son of the patriarch. He stood out of the reconcile. However, Vikings and Dragons can live together in one place. During the journey with Toothless, Hiccup discovers a new island. evil villain Drago is the head of this land in rise of dragons game.

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In this way, both islands are in danger. So hiccup has to protect the peace of both islands and produce new species of dragons. Search for new species of dragons and innoculate them to hatch dragons. New small dragons will need food and training. So train them and be ready for a fight in the dragon of berk game.

Interesting Features Of Rise Of Berk Mod APK

This game is based on the cartoon animation that how you protect your territory from invaders. And how you train the new dragons. It all depends upon you. Moreover, get ready to discuss some interesting features of rise of berk apk below here:

Build Your Own Berk

At the beginning of the game, you have to build your berk. This will be the specific island for the dragons. Each dragon can grow here and learn different skills. So you have to build your berk in the game. Moreover, you can explore more than 60 unique islands throughout the Viking territory in the dragon rise of berk games.

Explore Various Dragons

In this game, you can explore various awesome species of dragons and monsters that you see on Tv and in Movies. Collect more than 75 different species including Monstrous Nightmares, Deadly Nadders, Typhoomerangs, and many others. Whereas, you can unlock 400 awesome dreamwork dragons including Hookfang, Stormfly, Skullcrusher, and Toothless in dragon break mod.

Train Your Dragons

Here you can bring new dragons from the older monster dragons from the egg. After the incubation period, new dragons hatch and behave like children. They can not fly into the air and does not able to fight. So you have to train them with awesome skills and abilities. In this way, they can fight with others in download dragons.

Upgrade The Skills

As you know, there are different species of dragons and monsters. Each dragon has its own characteristics and abilities. You can grow dragons like humans but they increase with levels. Moreover, you have to upgrade Meade Hall and Academy in dragons rise of berk dragon list.

While training a dragon there is also an option to upgrade the training school. This school upgrade will help your dragon to skill up quickly in a very short time. So don’t hesitate to upgrade the training school because that training school is important as well as your dragon.

Exciting Game Modes

There are various exciting and adventurous game modes and missions in rise of berk iron. You can take part in combats, Arena fights, and other Quick battles. Attack on other monsters and low their energy in the battleground. Complete missions like collecting food, wood, and many others in rise of berk 2022 mod apk and earn rewards.

Defend Your Berk

You can face different challenges and difficulties while controlling your berk in rise of berk. Make sure that your environment of berk is calm and peaceful. Eliminate the evil forces and elements. Moreover, you have to carefully take care of newborn dragons. Feed them and train them through various steps in the dragons of the edge game download.

Exclusive Graphics

Rise of berk Instagram has 3D graphics in it which are absolutely an amazing feature of this game. Due to beautiful gameplay, you will also enjoy the beautiful visualities same as real-life heaven. An interesting fact about this game is that you can also play it on an average mobile device. Even if it has 3d graphics in it but there is no need to worry because these graphics are also compatible on 512 MB ram mobiles. So download it now and enjoy it on your phone.

Compete, Other Trainers,

As we mentioned above that there will be a lot of other high-class and well-trained trainers. So this game is not just about training and feeding the dragons. There is also necessary to compete with other trainers to get a higher rank on the leaderboard. So if you want to hit your name globally then it is necessary to make a fight between your and your competitor’s dragons and try to win.

Take Part In Different Matches

A lot of different modes are available in this game which will increase the fun in this game. They will not make you bored because there are options to select the type of match according to your own choice. Different types of matches are available like single matches, training matches, fighting matches, career matches, and many more like these.

Mod Features

This is the latest modded version of the game. You have to pay real money to get all the features unlocked. And It costs heavily. But, don’t worry about this matter, just download the mod version and get everything for free. Meanwhile, some mod features of rise of berk latest version are given below here:

Unlocked And Free Everything

If you think that the premium features or levels are locked in the moded version. Then, you are wrong. Just download the dragons rise of berk mod apk right now. Here, each and everything is already unlocked. You have to pay nothing for it. Here all the levels are items unlocked for free in rise of berk.

No Ads And Limitations

Ads are one of the most irritating things while playing games on android or ios. To remove ads officially, you have to buy a premium subscription to the game. In the dragon rise of berk, you do not need to purchase the premium version of the game to solve the ads issue. You will never face ads issues in this mod. We have fixed the ads issue for you in dragon rise of berk mod apk.


Rise Of Berk Mod Apk is the best trending simulation game. You can enjoy a lot of mod features for free. Build your own berk and start producing new and small cute monster dragons in-game. Properly feed them and train them to fight with enemies.

Complete various missions and get awards in dragons: the rise of berk mod apk. We hope that you would like to download this game.

There is unlimited money and with this unlimited money, any player can upgrade and explore new items in dragons rise of berk easily. So there are no chances to feel low even if you are a new or old player of this game.

And if you are thinking that this mod rise of berk can be harmful to your device then you are totally wrong because our master developers and owners checked it for a month. After checking and using it completely now this is available for you with full security.

Important FAQs

Can you download the rise of berk on your iPhone?

Surely, you can download the rise of berk and play it on your iPhone.

Is the rise of berk on the Google Play store?

Yes, you can download this game from the google play store.

When was this game released?

Free runes rise of berk was released a few years ago.

Who made the Rise Of Berk Mod Apk?

Ludia company is the developer of this game.

How to download dragons of the edge?

Press the link given on our website and download it for free.

What are the best dragons in rise of berk?

Big Buff, Damsail, and Guslout are the top powerful dragons of this game.


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