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Let's have fun with the neighbors, and get to know all about Secret Neighbor APK and the fantastic storyline that can keep you busy.
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Many mysteries and thriller games have been making the rounds lately. Players of all ages like to engage in such games because they test their nerves and also skills. However, what makes Secret Neighbor APK a special game? Find out all about it and you will want to begin playing soon.

Secret Neighbor can be a spooky story if you only hear what happens in it. However, the way it becomes a rescue mission is exciting and you will enjoy every bit of it. We all feel good when we do something good for others. This applies to games too. Enjoy this game whenever you have some free time.

What Happens With the Secret Neighbor?

Secret Neighbor is an excellent story that will keep you riveted to your android phone device. When players begin the game, there is an introduction of their neighbor who lost his family and now kidnaps kids and even older people and locks them in his basement.

Your mission will be to sneak in and rescue all of them. Players will have to be a little vigilant so that they do not alert the neighbor.

There will be some incidents when the neighbor seems to be a sweet person, however, you must remain alert and look out for signs of any hostage in the basement. You begin winning points as you make special moves to get to the basement.

Once you become involved in the rescue plan and become successful in rescuing them, the winner gets more rewards. These rewards help you become more discrete and more agile.

One thing that is going to surprise all players is that the neighbor can become a ghost. So sometimes you will see him, and sometime you won’t be able to see him. This artificial intelligence game is challenging and the story is exciting in every round.

Secret Neighbor APK Latest Version

The Gameplay Adds Spice

There are many types of thriller games and this one is special because of the exciting gameplay. Players can use the navigation tabs to get ahead of their neighbors and rescue their friends. Moreover, the graphics are quite a on point.

The real graphics help players feel as if they are in the game. The sound effects add to it. Each move will help you win rewards, and these rewards can further help improve the gameplay. You can add more agility and even try new kinds of modes to suit the mood in which you are playing.

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Some Secret Neighbor APK players talk about the menu options that make the game special. If you are also seeking some fun with easier controls and amazing graphics, this story is a true entertainer. Some rounds are all about rescuing, but there are also story modes and a lot of other parts of the game that will keep you excited and ready to plan a new way of rescuing your innocent friends from the mean neighbor.

This game is very similar to Hello Neighbor, which has the same neighbor character who can seem to be harmless but keeps abducting children and elders. You can use the same kinds of controls and if you have played any other version earlier, this one will get you in the mood for more adventure and fun.

Gameplay of Secret Neighbor APK

Features of Secret neighbor APK

This game has numerous features that make it special. Check all of them out here:

Numerous Modes

Players can choose the pace of the game by selecting different modes. You can select the friendly neighbor mode which will make the attacks easier and the whole round played in this mode will be less vigorous.

Friendly neighbor mode means that you will be rescuing your friends in a way that will be simpler and the round will not be tough. This mode allows players to enjoy the game even when they are not too eager to face challenges.

Escape is Allowed

Escape from your neighbor’s cell is possible only if you use special techniques. Many payers think that they need to quit the minute they see the word captured written on the game screen. However, there are many ways of getting out of the trap. Players just need to think more constructively.


There are more than a few characters in this game and you can select one for yourself while the others will be abducted and waiting for rescue. Some of the characters are Bagger, Brave, Detective, Clown, and of course, there is the Neighbor.

When you win rewards you can change characters to face the enemy, which is the Secret Neighbor.

Download Now

You can download Secret Neighbor APK in simple ways. All it takes is for you to click on Download on the tab here, and then begin downloading. Once the file is received, install the APK file as well so that you can get more out of this version. Lastly, create a shortcut and begin the play.

Secret Neighbor APK Download

Final Thoughts

Secret Neighbor APK is an excellent game that will take you to rescue missions in the neighborhood. Your gameplay will determine if the kidnapped children can depend on you or not. Start playing this game and you will get hooked in no time.


Is this game for free?

Yes, this game is free if you download it from this page. There will be no subscription for membership or even any in-game purchases.

Can kids play this game?

Yes, this game is for all age groups. You can play it and we know it will be enjoyable. This game has a lot of fun turns and the ghost neighbor is also a thrilling character.

No, this game is a compact file and does not slow down the phone at all. This game will not interfere with other apps on the phone.

No, this game is a compact file and does not slow down the phone at all. This game will not interfere with other apps on the phone.


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