Star Citizen Guide to Prison Escape

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When it comes to the enormous universe of Star Citizen, very law-abiding individuals can
find themselves in prison, precisely in the notorious Klescher Rehabilitation Facility. This
high-security facility, situated on the moon of Aberdeen in the Hurston system, is designed to
be a fearsome challenge for any criminal who might want to escape it. Nevertheless, for those
who are brave and clever, there is a way out – but it won’t be easy.

Before You Begin: Preparation is Key

Escaping Klescher is not an easy task in Star Citizen; therefore, striving to achieve
it without adequate planning is bound to result in you being returned to your cell, or
worse. First, you will need a reliable partner or a fellow player who is ready to pick you up
after you have successfully escaped from prison. Aberdeen’s surface is with
the inhospitable environment, and your prison uniform provides merely ten minutes of
survival time to escape from prison.

Moreover, you should make sure that you have enough sentences left. If you will be released
within the hour, it could be better to endure than to risk a longer sentence for the attempt to
escape. On the other hand, if you’re passing through or simply seeking the thrill of breaking
out, then the armour of Klescher awaits. But don’t forget to keep enough stock of the Star Citizen aUEC to help you out in escape. 

Step 1: Acquiring the Fan Code

Initially, you need to get the security code to stop one of the giant fans in the main holding
area of the prison, creating the way to the escape tunnels lying therein. Head towards the
Working Mines area and evaluate the first gate. You will see a small control room with a
window to your right. Look at the screens inside, and a four-digit code will be displayed.
You’ll need to commit it to memory or write it down because it is the key that will unlock the
first step of your escape.

Step 2: Navigating the Tunnels

Go back to the main area and find the huge fan on the wall in Section 01. Follow the guided
path and jump onto the rocky ledge directly before the fan. Enter the code you collected, and
the fan comes to rest, thus giving you access to the tunnels.

At this point, the real struggle begins. The tunnels are a labyrinth maze, with wrong turns and
pitfalls lurking around every corner. Make sure you pay close attention to the instructions
from the guide. A single misstep might send you back to the start – or worse, turn you into a
victim of the depths. Blue plants on the way will be the markers, and you will know which
way to go.

Step 3: Laser Gates and the Final Stretch

From now on in your trip through the tunnel network, you’ll finally see a tiny service room
with two more codes on the screen. Write these down, because they will be very
important for your last effort to be free. Walk through the door and then, along the way, go
until you reach the corridor marked “3.”

Here, you’ll face a series of laser gates, each requiring a different approach to bypass them
safely. The first gate can be vaulted over, but a bug may cause you to clip through the laser –
if this happens, don’t backtrack, as you’ll likely trigger it again. With the second laser set, you
can lie down and crawl slowly under them.

After passing through the laser slot, put the codes you previously gathered into the terminals
to move to the rover bay. This is the last opportunity you have to contact your ally to come
and pick you up, as going outside will expose you to the deadly conditions of Aberdeen, thus
starting the 10-minute countdown to your death.

Step 4: Escape and Evade

Be guided by the instructions and carefully descend the narrow steps and platforms to the
surface. If you’re lucky, you can access a ground vehicle by typing the correct codes at the
yellow parking bays near the chimney. This will buy you a moment of peace from the hostile
surroundings to meet with your ally.

If no transportation is available, you should quickly move to the extraction site. After your
ally’s ship arrives, board it as fast as you can and get away from Aberdeen, leaving the walls
of Klescher Rehabilitation Facility behind you – at least for now.

Alternative Paths: Reducing Your Sentence

For those seeking a less risky approach or simply looking to pass the time, Star Citizen offers
an alternative means of hastening your release: the mining game mechanic loop. Following
the signs around the main area and down to the mining caves, you can use your multi-tool to
extract designated rocks and deposit them at the mine exit. This time-consuming but
worthwhile work will, step by step, lessen your sentence, and you will be able to walk free
through the front gates – but probably not with as much enthusiasm as in a daring prison
break. To help you out in your journey, you can buy Star Citizen aUEC for a smoother prison


Whichever path you choose, your Escape from Klescher Rehabilitation Facility is a real
challenge both in the harsh universe of Star Citizen and in your ability to make decisions and
determinations, as well as pay attention to details. Whether you opt for the heart-pounding
thrill of the escape tunnels or the patient grind of the mining caves, one thing is certain: the

freedom in this infinite space is for the strong-hearted individuals, and only they will find
out its sour bitterness.

Therefore, the people of the ‘verse, what will it be? Is it about the daring raid of a prison or
the arduous task of reducing the sentence? It’s your call, regardless of what it will be; the ride
you’ll be having outside of those white barren walls is the one you’ll never forget.

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