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It is an era of videos. Everyone shows their presence and talent through the video because the video is the only way to hit their talent worldwide. As a video-sharing app, the tiktok++ apk is the most famous worldwide. It is the latest version of TikTok, which has some unique features to the original version.

The tiktok++ install apk has become an essential app for every mobile because more than 40% of social users use TikTok to spend their spare time. TikTok has indeed made a lot of content creators and actors who are today famous worldwide. That’s why people use this platform to become hits.

On TikTok plus plus, you will see all content creators such as comedians, film actors, dancers, and many more. With this app, we all can watch how our content creators are spending their lives and what they do to become famous worldwide. By following them, we also become content creators and actors in a short time.

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Storyline Of TikTok++ Apk

The original tik tok apk is present on the google play store and available for free. But today, we are granting you the tiktok++ hack, which means it is available here with extra features and perks. It has new features not present in the original app due to their restrictions. A Lot of functions are not allowed in the original app, but these all are allowed in this modded app.

tiktok app apk download

We always offer modified apps to our visitors as a mod game site. All these work the same as the original app. We try to remove a few extra restrictions from that app only allowed for the premium users. Like others in this TikTok download apk, you will be restriction-free. You can perform those functions that an original app user cannot do, such as checking the private accounts and many more, etc.

Two years ago, we tried our best to make this version, but due to a lack of high-class premium Software, we could not make it perfect. We decided to save it in the unpublish category at that time. But a few months ago, we tried our best again with 2-3 new premium software, and at this time, we achieved our goal. And finally, after checking everything ideally, I am now providing you with the TikTok apk link.

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Top Features Of This App

Below are the top main features of this app in detail that are specially described for you to give an idea about this app. By reading their details, you will be able to use this app ideally. Don’t forget to motivate us by commenting below in the comment sections. We all know that it is an outclass app to share yoru talent and work and it is the only app that can hit our progress in a very short time. So what are you waiting for? Now let’s move down and know about the features of modified tiktok.

Download Every Video

In the original TikTok, most of our favorite videos are not downloadable. That’s why people feel boredom. But with this tik to new version, you can easily download every video present on TikTok. It means you can save your favorite video in your gallery, and all these will be sendable to everyone. You can put these on your status. In short, you can do everything with that downloaded video.

A Lot Of Content Creators

Tiktok++ login is full of content creators from all around the world. On tik tok, you will find all types of global community creators. You can follow your favorite creator, and then you can be inspired by them. This inspiration will help you to grow on TikTok quickly. By following their techniques and skills, you can also make yourself popular like them. So always try to learn from them.

tiktok unlimited followers

Try New Creative Effects

In the past, all tiktokers didn’t use the effects most. But now, these days, all TikTok users have an idea about the uses of these effects. We see every 3rd or 4th video with the TikTok effect. So now these days, these effects are considered the central part of this app. In this way, our developers have embedded many new products in tik to the latest version download. You will see all previous effects and some extra and contemporary effects that are also not present in the original app.

Hide Buttons And Text Views

We always see the like, comment, and share button on every video in the right corner of the original app. And we also see the text the author that they wrote about in this video. So in this way, some scenes cannot show to us clearly. We have made hide buttons, and text views feature to overcome this problem. By which you can easily watch every scene of the video.

Write 90+ Characters In A Comment.

Every comment of the original TikTok allows us to write just 90 characters in one statement. Because of this, we can’t share our talking in one account. But this app is also here with the solution to this problem. If you use the tiktok++ apk, you can write up to 120+ characters in just one comment. By this, you can easily say you are talking in one statement.

Upload Videos Upto 30 Minutes

It is a fantastic feature of this app. The original app just allowed us to share a 60-second video one time. But with the TikTok mod apk, you can easily share a video for up to 30 minutes. It means if you have an extensive video, then there is no need to worry or no need to share them in the parts. You can share your whole 30 minutes videos with just a single upload.


We have shared a massive detail about the tiktok++ apk download no verification app. You may be gone for the original app, but if you are granting many new and outstanding features for free, this app is the best option instead of the original. It will help you to enjoy everything differently.

In the end personally we recommend you to use the original app of tiktok and produce a superb content to get everything in a bulk because it is the legal way and the elements (followers, likes, views and comments) taken by the original content will remain always in your favour for long term while the elements taken by this app will show more in numbers in originally they will not in real. So if it is possible for you then produce original content to grow always and put this app tiktok++ apk in second option.


How can I update tiktok++ app?

To update your TikTok watch the video below here on this page.

Can we see who views my TikTok?

This option was present at the release time of this app. But now, due to privacy restrictions, TikTok does allow its users to check this.


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