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At every turn, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles have thwarted Kraang Prime’s plans to terraform the Earth into Dimension X. What’s an evil overlord to do? Hatch a nefarious new scheme, to create an army of Ultra Mutants! Everywhere, the Kraang have kidnapped mutants - including the Ninja Turtles - for their DNA!
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Tmnt Legends Mod Apk is the best-known turn-based role-playing game among adults where they can explore dozens of legendary ninja characters. Various familiar and dynamic characters are the main reason behind this game’s remarkable success. Thrilling battles between Ninja Turtles and horrible villains will immerse a new player in its dramatic adventure. In addition, the humorous dialogues and voices with smooth gameplay will provide special entertainment to the players.

The player can create a powerful squad of 5 characters and participate in dynamic battles. So create a smart strategy to beat and blast the violence-causing elements and bring peace to the Earth again. Ludia Inc offers about 70+ different battles. Moreover, choose your favorite game mode and get involved in dramatic adventures for endless hours.

Meanwhile, in the official version of this game, the players can only access a few characters. So the players must work hard and complete missions and levels to unlock the splendid and exclusive Ninja characters. Don’t worry if you are worried about characters and virtual money because our modified version allows the players to get everything unlocked. It doesn’t matter whether these are extraordinary characters or difficult levels. Everything is unlocked in the tmnt legends mod apk max level. We will also recommend you download the ninja Arashi mod apk.

Interesting Gameplay

If you have watched the Teenage Mutant Ninja Series, you can perfectly acknowledge the storylines. Meanwhile, if you don’t get a chance to watch this series, don’t worry. We have described the whole story in very simple and easy words. In the beginning, the evil forces and companions of Kraang attack the Earth simultaneously. Meanwhile, mutant Ninjas and soldiers fight with Kraang to defend the Earth. Unfortunately, Kraang captures the mutant heroes and wants to draw out their powers.

compete in exciting tournaments

It would help if you started the adventurous journey with Leonardo because you can not beat the Kraang evil forces alone. Build a well-prepared ninja force against the cruelty of villains and provide the first line of defence to the Earth. Moreover, create a solid strategy to beat your enemies in pulse-breaking battles and regain the peace of the Earth. Surely, the beautiful visual graphics and impressive sound quality will simultaneously satisfy your mind, eyes, and ears. Please stay connected with us to get an easy way to succeed in the tmnt legends mod menu.

Awe Inspiring Features Of The Tmnt Legends Mod Apk

Unlimited Money

Generally, you can get money and coins when you complete missions and tasks in the official version of the game. So you have to work hard and complete challenges. Meanwhile, there is no shortcut to earning money in the original version. However, money is necessary to unlock new characters, levels, and battles. Don’t worry; pick up your smartphone and download the tmnt legends mod apk latest version right now. Here you can get countless amounts of money anytime without any effort.

Unlocked Characters & Levels

Undoubtedly, with the progress in the game, it becomes hard to beat the evil forces of Kraang because the difficulty level becomes very hard. That’s why the players get stuck on hard levels and can not unlock the new levels. Meanwhile, don’t worry if you have downloaded the tmnt legends mod apk all characters unlocked max level on your device. This version provides the best opportunity to unlock all characters and levels for free. Even you will don’t have to pay a single penny for it.

fight against epic bosses

Collect 75+ Characters

The developer has offered 4 popular cinematic characters with beautiful appearances like Michelangelo, Donatello, Leonardo, and Raphael. Each character has diverse and unique attributes in every stage. That’s why you can increase every character’s powers and fighting abilities with one tap. Moreover, increase the player level of each character and unlock sweat & quick moves for free. Besides this, you can unlock new mutant heroes after collecting the character’s cards and card fragments.

5v5 Intense Matches

If you want to create a powerful team of mutant heroes and compete with Kraang’s evil forces, then a 5v5 match is the perfect game for you. First, you must select and assemble your five powerful characters. Your main goal is to destroy the opponent’s team with a solid strategy. Similarly, your opponents will also be arranged in a row, and they will show an aggressive strategy in the tmnt legends apk. Always try to destroy the energy bar of your opponents and defend yourself to win the game quickly.

Campaign Modes & Missions

The most popular and thrilling game mode is the Campaign mode. Here the player can participate in thrilling and intense battles where you will need powerful skills to beat the opponents. Otherwise, you will be encountered simultaneously. Meanwhile, getting practice for unlimited time is the best way to win the campaign mode. Accept the hard challenges and try to overpower the difficult missions. Besides this, various daily missions are also available where the player can access quick rewards.

assemble the best ninjas

Additional Features:

  • New and powerful upgrades are being offered in the latest version. So you can strengthen the powers of your characters easily.
  • Tactical weapons and tools can be unlocked according to the player’s stats. That’s why you can unlock deadly weapons and tools when your stat is higher.
  • Feel free to compete with regrettable villains like Kraang, Shredder, and others. Each enemy has a certain strategy to beat the player.
  • Now the players can easily access the strengths and weaknesses of the opponents. So it becomes very easy to blast the enemies within a few seconds.
  • Don’t forget to collect the character accessories and fight as a Bebop, Rocksteady, and Tiger Claw.


Q: How many mutant heroes are present?

Four different mutant warriors are available in this game.

Q: Which is the maximum character level in the game?

You can upgrade the level of your character up to 100.

Q: How can I unlock Kasey?

Spend your maximum time in the story mode. That is the best way to unlock Kasey within no time.

Final Thoughts

Dear customer, if you are looking for the best offline role-playing game, then the Tmnt Legends Mod Apk is just made for you. Feel free to unlock all the exciting levels and missions without spending real money. Meanwhile, if you find any problem, don’t forget to share it with us in the comment section.


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