Top 10 Best Apps To Learn YOGA (Complete Guide)

To learn yoga without any physical trainer, then you must read this guide about the Top 10 Best Apps To Learn YOGA
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YOGA is a body and mind practice we often do for mental health. The aim is to control your mind and keep your body fit. It involves long breathing, movement, and meditation to promote physical and cognitive well-being.

After the emergence of technology, our life has become easy and we can lead a healthy life with YOGA apps. Most people want to practice yoga at their homes. So, they are taking benefits from the yoga apps.
More than 100 apps are released and it is a little bit tough for us to find a true app.

Don’t worry about it, I am here with the 10 best YOGA apps that will actually help you. You can make your digital yoga studio at your home. All you need for yoga is space, a mat, and a fresh mind. These apps are selected after long research keeping in view the content quality, user reviews, and app reliability. You just need to read the article and find a suitable app.

10 Best Apps To Learn YOGA Complete Guide

List Of The World’s Best YOGA Learning Apps

Yoga For Beginners

If you are completely unaware of the yoga techniques, you should try the app. Yoga for beginners is a most common and highly-rated app for newbies. You can take free classes from the experts. It is an entirely free app and is available for Android and iOS. For example, Bedtime yoga, Beginner yoga, and butt toner. You can select from the long session or short sessions.

The app also plays soothing music that keeps you cheered throughout the yoga session. There are many options in the app. Sync the application with an Apple watch so you have an idea of how many calories you should burn in a single session.

Pocket Yoga

Pocket Yoga is a user-friendly app available for both beginners and experts. The yoga tutor is in your pocket. It is free of charge, and there are no monthly or yearly subscriptions. Its library contains about 300 poses, all explained in detail. If you prefer a daily routine, there are animated classes, each with gentle instructions.

It is also a perfect app for kids because they can learn yoga poses effortlessly. You can also change the time duration and difficulty level. This app also contains many illustrated images that will guide you about postures and alignments.

Asana Rebel

Asana rebel is a perfect guidance app for men and women. Are you hoping to lose weight? Or want to do morning exercise? Take your partner and practice yoga at home. The app offers core strength-building and yoga sessions.

You can also try light yoga sessions as well. It mainly focuses on strengthening your muscles and turning up your body heat. To stay motivated, you can listen to Asana Rebel’s music. Just put your headphones in your ears and find the best workout plans. It also features sleep sounds, various collections, nutritious recipes, and meditation collections.

Insight Timer

Insight timer is a meditation app that will help to keep your mind fresh. Experts suggest that we should start yoga with mindfulness and meditation. You have 40,000 + meditations and talks by neuroscientists, psychologists, and top meditation experts. Just download it on your device and go on the way to happiness. The continuous sessions will keep you refreshed and blissful.

The Underbelly

The underbelly app is developed by a yoga teacher, Jessamyn Stanley. The sessions are mainly related to Self-love. However, you can start the free trial. Every class of Jessamyn Stanley is filled with positivity and grace.

There are 3 themes; Earth, Air, and Fire. The earth theme focus on different postures, air will help you to learn to breathe, and most importantly Fire classes include moving elements and heat extraction. It is not a free app and costs 10$ per month.

Yoga Studio By Gaiam

It is an all-in-one yoga app including 80,000 videos related to spirituality and meditation. It demands 99$ per year or a month 12 dollars. Physical activity is incorporated through poses or asanas. You will get ideas from spiritual leaders and there are no modern or western classes.

So, one can get more benefits from this app. It has a friendly interface and minimalistic designs. There is no stuffing of material in the app. So, join Yoga studio with an open heart, and increase your relaxation period. The yoga studio is more about the mind rather than the body.

Yoga Workout

This app can make you a master of yoga poses. You can also improve your body muscles and mindfulness. The workouts are more rewarding as well as challenging. Track the fitness tracks, and body max index(IMB) to keep you energized. It is the best fitness app for beginners and is rated 4.6 stars. You can customize your movements and daily yoga plans.

Down Dog

Down dog is considered the number 1 yoga app by recognized websites mainly Buzzfeed. The yoga practices range from Hatha to Yin. You can also practice even when you have no internet connection. It offers six voices of a yoga instructor and one-on-one yoga sessions.

Normally, it takes $8 per month and is available for both Android and iOS. You can choose from multiple yoga practices for a healthy body.


It is a combined meditation, yoga, and Pilates program that improves your body & mind. It will ask a few questions to test your skill level. The self-guided programs will help you with a particular goal. You can download live classes and see them whenever you want. Create your collection with the GLO app and customize it as you want. If you have a few minutes, you should try this app.

Daily Yoga

Daily yoga has a collection of HD videos and step-by-step instructions for yoga sessions. You can also connect with the yoga community. The global community will keep you motivated. It also gets connected with other health-related apps. You can get guidance about meditation techniques. You can view the updated content as well.


Yoga is the best way to escape from a stressful life. Whether you are busy or have spare time, you should try yoga. You have reviewed the 10 best apps to learn YOGA, which app suits your needs? Don’t forget to tell us in the comment section. Asana Rebel is a famous yoga app downloaded by millions of people. What are you waiting for? Try yoga right now at your house and live a joyful life. Have a good day.


Which app is perfect for online yoga classes?

Gaia, Glo, and Alo moves are top-rated apps on the Play Store.

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