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Youtube blue apk is available here for android and ios.
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Youtube is the most popular app in the whole world, and we all depend on youtube when we want to see any video because it works smoothly. As time passed, Google decided to show ads on YouTube a few years ago due to some profitability reasons. Today ads run on youtube.

Some ads show us at the start and some in the middle, while some show in the end. The main problem is that we can skip these ads after a few seconds but not at the time when they start. To solve this problem, our developers have decided to launch a modded version of youtube, and then we named it the youtube blue apk.

youtube video downloader blue

Blue youtube is also considered the mod version of the original youtube because it is primarily made to relieve the original youtube ads and many other restrictions. In this app, you will be rewarded with many extra features not present in the original youtube, while all youtube features are also present in it.

It means this app has some extra perks and features that can help you enjoy video easily and save your precious time. All the original youtube features are available in this app, but here is a tremendous detail about its extra features, due to which people prefer youtube blue vanced apk instead of the original version.

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Main Features Of Youtube Blue Apk

Without Ads

These days, ads are the primary problem between youtube and all its users. Youtube shows the ads automatically at the start, middle, or end of a video. And the main issue is that you can not skip it at the time. It would be best to watch a few seconds, and then you can skip these ads. It means ads create disturbance in every youtube video. Think if you are dancing on a stage by playing the song on youtube and youtube showing the ads at the main movements, then what will occur? Absolutely the whole beautiful scene will vanish.

In this way, our developers have tried hard to make the youtube ads accessible. It takes about 4-5 months to do this. But they try their best and finally before a month they succeed. And after checking it from premium software and by our owners, it is now available for our audience. You can also say it is youtube blue, no ads apk. In this modified app, no ads will disturb you till the end of your life. If you don’t want any disturbance from ads, it is the best option for you.

Playback Feature

After the ads playback feature is the thing that most people don’t like about using the original youtube app, we have taken a result from our research, and the result of our observation was that most people leave youtube due to its non-playback feature. But now you are our audience, and we shall not see you in any trouble. That’s why we introduced a playback feature in it for all of you. It means if you want to do a chat or anything else while watching a video on youtube, you can easily do this, and your video will stop.

Multiple Themes

Original youtube allows us to enjoy the white and black theme in it. And youtube blue apk old version download app also has only two themes. But this latest youtube blue apk has two more themes: the favorite colors of everyone. Yes, you are right! This youtube app also has a red and pink theme. It means you can enjoy 4 different themes on this youtube with many extra features. Multiple themes will also appeal to those who will see you while watching youtube.

All Videos Are Downloadable

In the original youtube video, a few videos were allowed to download to the YouTube playlist. But this youtube blue login apk permits us to download every video in our download list. It is necessary to sync all our videos after 2-3 days, but it is also a great feature that allows us to download every video. The original version allows us to download specific videos, not every video.

Pause The History

It’s a fantastic feature of the blue youtube logo app. In the setting of this app, you can pause the previous history of your searches. By doing this, this app will not show you videos according to your search history. In this way, all videos will look new when we use youtube on any mobile for the first time.

Watch High Dynamic Range Videos

This apk, youtube blue, has HDR mode in it. With this mode, you can also watch a video in high resolution if you have a high-quality mobile and want to watch the videos. You have to select the HDR mode, and your video will automatically show you in HDR mode.


No one can deny the features of the descargar youtube blue apk. It has a lot more advanced features than the original youtube app. blue youtube downloader also allows you to download any video from youtube into your downloads list. So why are you thinking so far? Download youtube blue apk right now and enjoy the premium features for free. Also, you can use the screen recorder app for making your own youtube videos.


What is blue youtube?

Blutube youtube is a modified version of youtube that has extra premium features such as ads-free etc.

How to download youtube blue?

You have to click on the download button. Then you will be redirected toward a download page. And then click on the download apk button. Your downloading will start automatically.

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