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Get the latest version of Banana Kong Mod APK with multiple premium features such as unlimited money and gems
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Banana Kong Mod Apk is a fantastic running game where you will be quickly transformed into a big gorilla and your main duty is to accumulate bananas from the jungle. Your journey is full of action-packed adventures and interesting events, so you will never get exhausted at all. There is a large series of interesting challenges where you have to collect a certain amount of bananas and avoid collisions with obstacles.

Moreover, the players can explore many amazing elements with excellent graphics and colorful backgrounds. Not only jungle, but you can also discover many fantastic locations and scenarios in the game and get endless fun & entertainment.

In addition, I am sure you will get addicted to all the exciting and tremendous missions. Just download this game and select your powerful gorilla and then complete many tasks with great jumping skills.

However, there are two major versions of this game; the original version & hacked version. No doubt, the original version demands a high amount of real money to unlock superb features and exclusive elements, meanwhile, the hacked version grants all exciting features unlocked for free.

It means you don’t need to work and struggle, everything will be granted to the players in the banana kong apk free of cost. That’s why it is not good to install the hacked version.

Captivating Gameplay

The gameplay is extremely simple and interesting because of the funny scenes and events in the game. However, this game starts with the gorilla character who loves to eat bananas. Unfortunately, banana piles become too large before their time and now it becomes hard to engulf them.

It’s your duty to help the gorilla in discovering and collecting banana peels from vast forests and beat many hurdles on the way.

Banana Kong Mod APK Latest Version

Collecting banana peels isn’t simple because many smashing hurdles and dangerous barriers are present in the forest and cause difficulties for every player. Moreover, you can unlock many exotic animals and use them for transportation. Run, jump, and swing around banana trees and collect as many bananas as possible.

Similarly, all exciting missions and challenges include a certain amount of banana peels and running tasks. Just complete these missions and become the most powerful king of the jungle now.

Interesting Features Of The Banana Kong Mod Apk

Unlimited Bananas & Hearts

Bananas are the main power and energy source for the players. So it’s necessary to collect bananas from the jungle and maintain your energy level. Meanwhile, every new player has to face challenges in collecting bananas because many obstacles are waiting in the way.

Don’t worry because our hacked version is specially created for those players who want to become banana-rich people. Here you can collect countless bananas without any struggle. At the same time, the players can win many hearts to boost your confidence level.

Get Unlimited Money Now

Besides bananas, money and coins are also essential to unlock many elements and levels in the game. In the real version, all levels, missions, and elements are unlocked with real money and demand extremely high attention & effort.

That is why most players soon get discouraged and stop playing the game. Meanwhile, the Benji bananas mod apk is the single and free version that grants unlimited money to the player without any effort.

Incredible Maps & Locations

The developer has created many locations and massive maps in the latest version to provide more fun and entertainment. You can cross various rocky and underground tunnels around the world and then enter the green forest immediately.

It gives a pleasant view and scene to the players. Not stopping there, grab a fantastic opportunity to dive into deep oceans and experience oceanic life in a quite funny way, Play with fishes, collect bananas, and protect yourself from oceanic bushes and sharp attacks of sharks.

Multiple Tasks & Challenges

You will start your adventurous journey in the forest which is full of many challenges and hurdles. On completing each mission or challenge, your difficulty level will be increased automatically. As a result, you will need more effort and tricky skills in upcoming levels.

Complete these fantastic missions and unlock hidden treasures and elements in the banana kong download. However, you can save your game progress with the help of cloud save and then start back from the previous location.

Escape From Multiple Hurdles

Moreover, your journey along the forest is full of many obstacles such as boiling lava, large rocks, massive crocodiles, water pipes, piranhas, and more. Always make sure you will never collide with these obstacles and run smoothly.

Banana Kong Mod APK 2023

Meanwhile, the developer has created many tricks and movies to overcome these challenges and difficulties. For example, attach with various rows and swing around high trees and obstacles smartly without getting damaged, using powers ups to get an instant boost during the journey.

Enjoy Ride On Many Animals

In order to increase enjoyment level, the publisher has added many fantastic features to the game. You can make gorgeous friends in the jungle and create loyal friendships with animals and birds.

For example, fast & furious monkeys will assist the gorilla in running through complex pathways, turtles in the ocean facilitate the kong in removing sharp hurdles, while toucan birds can help the kong to fly higher in the air and overcome many barriers.

Furthermore, at every location in the banana kong cheats, you can meet different gorgeous animals that will facilitate you in running and collecting bananas fastly.


How can I power dash the gorilla?

Just swipe right at your screen and instantly power-dash the gorilla

How can I win medals in the game?

Collect 75 bananas and get instant medals and prizes

Is there any Banana King 2 on the app store?

No, this version will be launched in the upcoming days

Closing Remarks

No doubt, the gorilla has an awesome appearance and cool gestures. You can customize the appearance by unlocking new hats, glasses, outfits, and styles. Moreover, colorful graphics and soft background music will appeal to the player to get attached to the Banana Kong Mod Apk and enjoy funny scenes every time.


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