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In Bitlife Mod Apk You could marry the love of your life, have kids, and pick up a good education along the way.
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Our life is like a visual story. We can’t know what will happen in the future. We make many choices and face their consequences. But real life is not the same as we want, so we get disappointed. But the game bitlife mod apk puts your life in different stages and choices. You will decide on anything good or bad. You are free to do anything as there is no restriction at all. Moreover, the game is very interactive that gives authentic experiences of life. From infancy to old age, you will take each decision.

Bitlife is the newest game from Candywriter. LLC. in the gaming industry, these publishers have earned fame just due to four games. Their games are very much popular. You can see that the bitlife mod apk has around 10 million in just 4 years. Moreover, the rating is 5.0. Bitlife mod apk (unlimited money) is a premium version of the game. In this version, we have technologized the VIP premium subscription for free. Now, you can enjoy many premium features such as God mode and Unlimited Bitizenship.

Interactive Storyline Of Bitlife Mod Apk

At the start of each story, you will select the name of a character. The game comes up with a series of events. At first, your mother holds you for vaccination. You have a choice to sit quietly or bite your mother’s hand. The game bitlife update has four basic parameters, i.e., Health, Look, Smart and Happiness. In particular, health is the most critical parameter. Having good health is a great thing. However, the outlook doesn’t matter because you have another option of plastic surgery.

bitlife mafia update

At 6, you can go to school and interact with other students and teachers. After that, you can go to boarding school for higher studies or join the army. Some events in the game are very tough and lead to the death of players. For example, you can die in military tasks. So, be careful about life events. Some choices can destroy your life. Bitlife unblocked allows you to get back in the past and correct all the mistakes that you have made.

Exotic Features

Live Your Best Life

Human life is not so easy. We face many challenges and hardships in our daily life. Bitlife mod apk is a multiple-stage game that allows you to spend a life as you want. You can freely select the family status, country, etc. You are free to do illegal activities such as committing crimes, killing people, or fighting with family members. So take the right actions at the right time. At the age of maturity, you can get inherited wealth and make more money through casinos. After playing, you will learn how to become an actor in bitlife.

Various Activities To Do

There is a lot of stuff in the bitlife mod apk ios. Depending on your choices, you can build a perfect life. You can visit many places such as schools, colleges, and universities. At some age, you will encounter many funny situations. From birth life, you will control your activities. Go to the gym and play games to become a strong person. After earning handsome money, you can open a new restaurant. Moreover, you can build your villa, buy a car and spend on a modern lifestyle. Indeed, bitlife online is the best game where you will learn many lessons.

bitlife free

Find Your Love

The most brilliant feature of the bitlife royalty update is building relationships. Be good with your parents and love them. Moreover, you can find your soul mate. If you have met a girl and think she is the best, you can marry and build a happy family. It will increase your happiness factor in the game. Having your kids is a blessing. However, you can adopt kids too. If you’re wealthy, you can live with more than girls.

Free Time Machine

Many of us want to get back to our previous days. Unfortunately, it is not possible in our actual life. We can’t go in our golden days. However, bitlife mod apk free time machine offers us to return to the past. For example, we can get back in High School and make a girlfriend. Or we can get back to university for a bright future. Just scroll back to the age button. You can enter the previous years. It is an unbelievable aspect of the bitlife apk.

bitlife movie star update

Unlocked Bitizenship

Most gamers don’t know about bitizenship. It is preoperative that you have to buy with money. With bitizenship unlocked, you will enjoy the following;

  • Clean Interface; Zero Ads. All the poping ads are removed permanently.
  • Get access to VIP features; you can equip pets and pet stores.
  • Bitizen icons and new opportunities are only for special citizens.
  • Unlimited Money: To make your life easier, get unlimited money and manage your finance. In short, you don’t have to work or earn money.

Boss Mode

Death is a hard reality that we can’t ignore. Bitlife android update resembles too much real life. In this game, players have only life. After death, everything vanishes. In this case, you have to restart everything. Don’t worry. There is good news for you. The developers have introduced the bitlife mod apk boss mode, in which you will never die. So, you can continue life once again with no mortality.

Last Words

Not only a simulation game, but the bitlife mod apk is also best from every point of view. Each player in the game has different directions in life. A positive attitude in our life can bring happiness to us. Bitlife cheats will help you to avail the of new opportunities. Moreover, the game has cute graphics and an intuitive control mechanism. If you are serious about the game, you can become a successful person in actual life.

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Can we send messages in the bitlife mod apk?

Yes, you can send compliments or messages in the game. Y

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