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Have you ever imagined what would happen if a nuclear war started in the world? Undoubtedly, it becomes very difficult to survive because nuclear bombs destroy the whole country. Not stopping there, nuclear war can contaminate the air radioactively and it becomes impossible to survive even for a second.

Not only humans but also animal and marine life get incorrectly affected. No doubt, it looks extremely scary and mysterious! However, you can experience all these severe conditions in the Day R Survival Mod Apk. show off your survival abilities and become a single player who can beat tough conditions and dangerous zombies as well.

Basically, this is a role-playing game where players have to perform numerous duties and increase their survival time. No doubt, blood-thirsty enemies and zombies are wandering on the earth and they can toss off your blood in one second. That’s why save yourself from the uncertain attacks of opponents and collect various resources for your survival.

Moreover, many fascinating quests and missions will take players on an adventurous journey. So don’t be late, just download the hacked version now. As you know the patched version grants all premium features & exclusive resources for free, which means you can save your cash now.

Fascinating Gameplay

This game takes the player to a fictional world where everything is destroyed after a nuclear war and no one is there to facilitate the player. However, only a few lucky players are present on the earth and you are also one of them. No memories are left on the earth and your wife & children are also dead. Become a strong player and come out of deep grief and it’s your main responsibility to save the remaining people.

Many viruses and radioactive radiation are threatening people. In this terrifying condition, discover a safe shelter for your people and look for basic resources. A huge and open world map allows the players to explore new locations as well as resources in the day r survival mod menu apk. Moreover, you are free to create various weapons, vehicles, and equipment from these resources.

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Weapons are extremely essential because mindless zombies and monsters are not going to get destroyed with a person’s hands. Simply collect important stuff and use physics & chemistry techniques to produce massive equipment. Not just that, a terrific strategy is also required to encounter dangerous enemies. Moreover, complete various missions and earn nobel prizes & awards.

Fantastic Features Of The Day R Survival Mod APK

Unlimited Money & Gems

You know money and gems are the basic currencies that are needed to purchase various high-class accessories from the store. However, the official version has locked all exclusive and top-class items. That’s why most players get disappointed with the official version and can’t enjoy full accessories.

No need to worry about that, simply download the day r survival mod apk unlimited everything from our website and accumulate free money. Moreover, there is no need to complete missions and challenging tasks, you can collect money directly.

Pro Features Unlocked Now

No doubt, the official version provides some primary features and accessories to the players but the high-class attachments and characters are locked. Not only that, exclusive weapons and luxurious vehicles such as tanks and helicopters are also locked.

However, players can unlock such items when they join a premium membership with real money. Don’t worry, just install day r survival mod apk free shopping and unlock all pro & premium features for no cost.

New & Abandoned Locations

This game is totally unexpected and dramatic because of its scary and mysterious locations. You can explore strange locations, each with a new story background. Moreover, 2700+ new cities and castles are added and each city has special features and landscapes. Be careful while selecting locations because zombies may attack simultaneously and smash the shelter again.

Character & Its Accessories

Undoubtedly, all characters in a day r survival mod apk free craft are extremely simple & sophisticated. However, players can customize their character appearance with delightful items and accessories. For example, unlock a futuristic hat, fully armed costume, backpack, heavy shoes, and many more. You have a pleasant opportunity to change clothes according to weather conditions. Besides this, players can enhance their dodging and fighting skills without any struggle.

Many Weapons and Vehicles

Do you want to show off your creativity and crafting capabilities? If yes, then day or survival is the best option for you. Feel free to collect many resources from the land and use them to create various weapons and vehicles.

Moreover, players can adjust the weapons range and increase their firing & reloading rate. Not stopping there, you can unlock pre-made weapons such as pistols, assault rifles, sniper rifles, and many more.

Unlock Essential Resources

Although monsters and zombies attack & provide serious injuries to the players. That’s why our developers have launched various healing items like injections, bandages, and others. Moreover, you can use a flashlight at night and detect incoming man-eating zombies. Besides this, some other basic items include energy drinks, food items, pans, cooking pots, axes, and many more.

Participate In Many Battles

Don’t get relaxed, ground battles in a day r survival mod apk level 100 are aggressive and contain dramatic situations. Only monsters and zombies are not your opponents but wild animals can also destroy your shelter.

day r survival mod apk latest version

Moreover, players can participate in endless fights and enjoy many twists passionately. Last but not least, you can join the Cooperative mode and deal with real opponents. Additionally, you can also chat & communicate with your friends.

Final Thoughts

This game is full of adventure and sensational ground battles. However, you are not alone in sensational battles, invite your allies and create an unbeatable strategy to demolish terrifying zombies in the Day R Survival Mod Apk. Most importantly, players’ main job is to overcome thirst, food shortages, and protective shelters. Once you succeed, you can collect many rewards and medals.


On which device, this game runs smoothly?

We recommend you play this game on PC because it provides smooth gameplay on PC.

Which is the strongest weapon in the game?

The Bardiche is the most powerful melee weapon in the game.

Is this game offline or online?

Don’t worry, you can play both online and offline game modes now.


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