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Pocong hunter mod apk is an adventure game that allows you to go on a long journey and save people. We love adventures, so developers have released plenty of adventure games on the internet. This adventurous game is unique and different from other games.

You will play the role of savior and kill the ghosts with weapons. If you are sensitive about humanity & humankind, you should try this game. Bring close the people and become a hero.

You will follow the story but decide everything of your choice. Pocong hunter is created by Polo Games 16 and it is easy to install. Moreover, there are many unleashed events & fights. You will also complete the side missions, collect coins, and face the traps.

It’s worth mentioning that you can get infinite currency and equip any weapon in the modified version. This version has removed the ads and you can acquire unlimited health or lives. Let’s discover what story is behind the pocong hunter.

Storyline Of Pocong Hunter Mod Apk

The game takes you to a dark village where the ghost troops have attacked and kidnapped all the young men and children. Only a boy escaped from this catastrophe. Now, you, the only savior, will save the villagers. You will face many obstacles and ghosts in your way. Another thing is that you will receive many rewards after accomplishing the tasks. Compete with the spirits, defeat them and buy the accessories.

Pocong Hunter Mod Apk

In pocong hunters, you will go into the dark caves, jungles, and perilous tracks. Your mission is to beat as many ghosts as you can. Be vigilant because your opponents can attack from any side. The whole theme is dark, so you should take care of each step.

You are a commander who will rescue his villagers from other creatures. Pocong Hunter is a simple game, so it has, not too good but average graphics. However, the clear images and soundtracks make it an excellent game for time pass.

Salient Features Of Pocong Hunter Mod Apk

Here is a detail of some features, that you will enjoy in the hacked version.

Unlimited Health/Lives

You have limited lives when you start playing the match. Once you are attacked by ghosts, you will lose your life. In this way, you have to restart everything. This act takes a lot of time. So, we are providing the hacked version of the pocong hunter game.

This version will save you time and you can play the game until you save the villagers. In case of injury, you can quickly heal and continue your journey from that point. The modified version, pocong hunter mod apk is helpful in this exhilarating gameplay.

Unlimited Coins

In the standard version, you will watch ads to collect currency & rewards. But all of these are insufficient to fulfill the game’s needs. You will need a bunch of coins to purchase deadly weapons. If you are serious about the game, you should download the altered version which provides unlimited game currency. You can also get any in-game item, whether it is ordinary or particular. Even you can even buy expensive armor.

Watch In-depth Tutorial

The first thing I recommend to you is don’t miss the game tutorial. Whether you are an advanced player or not, you should watch the tutorial. You will get lots of free prizes and stuff. Moreover, the complete guide will help you to play the game more vigilantly.

You can also watch YouTube videos to check the styles and gameplay. It provides a sweeping explanation of the game. However, the game controls are simple & intuitive. The character can jump, or dodge easily.

90 Levels To Play

The game pocong hunter mod apk includes about 90 levels. Each level has specific missions & difficulties. So, you have to face many hardships throughout the journey. The prior levels are easy to play but difficulty increases at higher levels.

Pocong Hunter Mod Apk 2022

All of them are intriguing and will keep you busy for a long time. You are also able to unlock many things after crossing 50 levels. Your journey is not so easy, be alert at each step. Defeat all the ghosts before they kill you.

PVE And Special Events

You can play with other gamers and enjoy the special events. It includes PvP and PvE matches. Maybe your partner will make the game more enjoyable. You can start a match and go off on a journey together. Take part in the special events and confront all the rivals.

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You may have to face mighty monsters and defeat them. Pocong hunter mod apk has received about 25 million downloads in the recent survey. You are the last hope of the residents.

Collect Valuable Items

Throughout the game, you will gain many useful items and swords that will aid you in the fighting. The gameplay is straightforward, so you will not face any bugs. You can get power-ups to kill all the devil creatures. Be ready for every situation, they can also kidnap you and put you in cells. The game works smoothly on all devices like android, iPhones, and iPods.

What’s New:

  • Fixed minor bugs and issues
  • You can also check the new versions of the game. The storyline is somewhat different in pocong hunter 2 and pocong hunter 3
  • Ads-free game
  • Unlocked all weapons & cannons

Final Verdicts

Pocong hunter mod apk is an excellent game for your spare time. You will rescue the lives of villagers, and prevent ghosts from further attacks. Hone your skills and save your life from mysterious people. If you like horror movies or films, the game will satisfy you.

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The game has many intriguing stories to find out. You will meet many other characters and villains. If you feel any problems while downloading the mod version, please inform us. Invite your friends and become the ultimate savior of the town. Have a safe journey in pocong hunter.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I get infinite resources in the game?

Yes, you can get infinite resources, in fact, everything is in the modified version.

Is the game pocong hunter offline?

Although the game is multiplayer online, however, you can enable the offline mode.

What's new

  • New Multiple Features are added
  • Minor issues fixed


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