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Zombies retreat apk latest version is available here with all unlocked premium features.
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Zombies retreat apk is a fun game full of many creational activities. It is like a mysterious game where you have to solve the puzzles, escape yourself from zombies, and, most importantly, you have to protect the survivors.

Your enemies are gigantic zombies; their mission is to turn all humans into zombies. Here, you have to play the role of a boss and save your planet from the zombie’s attack. Role-playing games are always interesting; if you have not tried any role-playing game yet, I suggest you download the zombies retreat and become a survivor in the game.

Siren’s Domain, the well-known developer of role-playing games, released the zombie retreat in 2018. Now, you can download it on any device, including the privacy terms. You can get all the unlocked characters and unlimited money.

Download the latest version free from this website and enjoy all the premium features not provided by any website. Moreover, you can get free resources. Now, it’s time to slay the zombies and save your planet.

Storyline Of Zombies Retreat Apk

A family plans a trip to a camp named Zomi. Zomi is a famous resort with gorgeous sights and is located in the heart of Zomi Woods. Family expect a warm welcome but face a horror event that turns them into zombies.

You have to save them in the war between humans and zombies occurs. You can use machine guns and other weapons; all are at your hand. Still, you have access to a hundred weapons at a time. It is pretty terrible; sometimes you have to shoot your friends.

zombies retreat mod apk

Zombies retreat will be an unforgettable experience if you love fun and action games. In the game, you will see many beautiful ladies characters. You must escape them from the invaders’ attacks as they convert humans into zombies.

Play your role as a young warrior and outbreak all your strategies to save the people. It’s up to the player; he can protect some people or all the people of the planet. Zombie retreat download is full of fun activities where you can take a shower in the pools, interact with the beautiful characters, and many more.

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Exciting Features Of Zombies Retreat Apk

Here are the highlights of the zombie retreat apk which are described briefly;

Adventurous Game With Fun Experiences

Enter into the apocalypse world, where you can go camping and do many activities such as hiking with friends and the rec center. Enjoy lovely trails and make new friends. Zombies retreat walkthrough gives you a chance to tackle a horror event. Moreover, you can customize the characters and try new outfits and dresses. Fight against the zombies as they can turn every human into a zombie.

Build Your House

Two workbenches are available; Jessie camps and the Home base basement. Talk to the characters such as Leslie and eat dinner. You can build your house and put all the items in this shelter. You can set up your home and keep weapons here. Moreover, maps allow you to explore many new areas, such as power plants and the southeast corner. But your mission is to kill the zombies and rescue the life of precious people.

zombies retreat all unlocked

Weapon System

As you pass through the game, you can get access to tons of weapons such as machine guns, rifles, and many others. If your weapon’s ammo is run out, you can use any other weapons instead of a single. Moreover, you can get all the weapons free in the zombie retreat free download. You can customize them also. Check out the updates to acquire advanced weapons in the game.

Simple Touch Controls

Controls are straightforward in the game zombie retreat apk. You can dodge, shoot and jump using the buttons present on the right side. You can control the character using the virtual joystick button on the left side. Moreover, all the controls are simple, and you can scroll anywhere with the help of a single finger.

Get Free Resources

Mod version allows you to get almost all the items and resources for free. Resources are the weapons and different push-ups that are helpful throughout the journey. You can travel anywhere anytime to explore new places. Moreover, you have access to other survivors that can help you against the zombie’s attack. Some of the quests are locked in the game zombies retreat free, but in the mod version, you have access to all these quests.

Unlocked Final Version

All of the players want to get access to the final version. You have to pay real money in the original version, but the zombie retreat apk provides you with all the versions unlocked. In the final version, five types of bosses are present to assist you.

Moreover, all the beautiful female characters are unlocked; you can use any for the trial. Natasha is the most attractive character present only in the final version. You can accompany Natasha and go everywhere you want.

What’s New

  • New features are introduced in the game, such as multiple quests and tournaments.
  • New characters are added.
  • Download zombie retreat and enjoy premium subscriptions without paying money.

Final verdicts

Zombie retreat is a role-playing game played by over a million people. Although the graphics are 2D, they offer good quality to the users. Moreover, you can travel to many places in the town and interact with beautiful characters.

In the zombie’s retreat game, you have the support of 10 companions; they will collect different types of items for you. Besides the companions, you can take help from 5 other bosses. Day/ Night and weather system is enabled in the latest version, which represents the scene of a horror movie. All this is just a click away from you, so download the zombies retreat apk and get engaged with beautiful characters.


Q. Is the global version of zombies retreat released?

Not yet. The global version is not available anywhere. However, stay in touch with our website to get updated.

Q. Is the mod version necessary for any game?

Not at all; some people prefer the original game. But I think the mod version is best where you can enjoy many premium features.


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