10 Parent-Approved Apps for Preschoolers for Fun and Learning

Check out the best parent-approved apps for preschoolers for fun and learning with interactive lessons, games, activities, challenges, and more.
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Preschoolers need a different approach to help cultivate a love for learning and develop educational skills. It’s proven that fun and games help children thrive at learning. So, you need an interesting way for preschoolers to develop a liking for learning.

Fortunately, there are many apps designed for preschoolers and toddlers that make learning fun. And in this blog, we’ll list ten parent-approved apps for preschoolers. 

10 best apps for kids

Let’s check out the list: 

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is a free, fun educational app for preschoolers ages 2-7 to learn ABCs, counting, reading, writing, and more. Developed in collaboration with learning experts, the app offers original interactive activities, animated videos, games, and creative lessons that capture children’s attention. 

Homer Learn & Grow App

Designed for ages 2 to 8, the Homer Learn & Grow app facilitates a contextualized literacy curriculum that kids can use at home on the iPad. The app facilitates fun learning on various subjects like sports, animals, folk tales, space, and more.

In addition, the lessons and activities are personalized to the age, skill level, and interests of preschoolers. To keep your child from distractions, you can use a parental control app on your child’s iPhone and iPad. These apps help ensure your kids only access the content that you want them to.

Busy Shapes

Looking for the best shape and color app for toddlers or preschoolers? Try Busy Shapes. The app provides a fun and highly intuitive playground for little ones to learn names of various shapes and colors. It’s great for introducing technology to your kids for hands-on learning and developing their fine motor skills.

Alphatots Alphabets

Despite the importance of alphabet learning at an early age, parents struggle to understand how to best support children’s alphabet knowledge. Fortunately, there are apps like Alphatots Alphabets that can prove to be extremely helpful in teaching kids the alphabet and phonics at an early age.

The preschool app provides access to 26 different puzzles and games for all 26 alphabets, thus teaching kids the alphabet with action words for each letter. 

10 best apps for little kids

My PlayHome

My PlayHome is a completely open-ended virtual dollhouse. It encourages young kids to tap into their imagination to build a family using 15 characters with different outfits and hairstyles. Kids can choose the skin tones of the characters and decide whether the family is multi-racial, has one child or more, etc. Best for all preschoolers, the app is also enjoyed by elementary school children

Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night

Teach your kids the importance of hygiene and self-care with this fun learning app. Within the app, kids do activities like getting dressed, having meals, taking a bath, and more. In this way, Daniel Tiger’s Day and Night helps kids develop healthy morning and evening routines while interacting with a favorite character. 

Monkey Preschool Lunchbox

This app has everything you need to introduce your kid to the fundamentals of education, from shapes, numbers, and letters to identifying patterns in an engaging manner.

The app provides seven fun educational activities, each requiring kids to fill the monkey’s box with fruit. For this, they have to count fruits, learn the letters they start with, match with pictures, and solve puzzles. So, kids will learn while playing!

Hopster Saturday Club for Kids

This is one of the most fun iPad apps for preschoolers, helping them work on their emotional intelligence. The app features a game asking kids to recognize facial expressions, emotions, and emotional vocabulary. 

So, if you want to develop empathy in your kids, Hopster Saturday Club for Kids is a great app. You can use this ad-free app on iPhone, iPad, and Mac devices for free. Again, there are privacy apps for iOS and Android allowing you to lock files that you don’t want to see anyone without your permission.

Toca Nature

Suitable for older preschoolers, Toca Nature is a great platform to introduce your little ones to Nature. The Minecraft-like app allows youngsters to grow plants, create forests, pick berries and nuts to feed animals, travel around the world, befriend a fox, and more.

By dragging and dropping to create sceneries, kids develop hand-eye coordination while broadening their imaginations. The app also offers challenges that help form cognitive abilities among kids.

Kidomi Games & Videos for Kids

Kidomi features a wide range of books, games, videos, and podcasts for kids ages 3-12. The app is available for free and doesn’t require any additional in-app purchases. It’s compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Try these apps and make learning fun for kids.

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